Cycling On Phosphorescent Light – Poland’s Glowing Bike Path

phosphorescent light

Something very special is located in Lidzbark Warminski, on the outskirts of Olsztyn, north-east Poland.

Tucked in amongst the rural countryside is a futuristic trail that looks like it came out of a science fiction movie. But, in reality, it is actually a functioning glow-in-the-dark bike path and pedestrian walkway.

Created by TPA Laboratory, the magic lies in harnessing the power of phosphorescent light (the same stuff used in glow-in-the-dark paint) and is totally solar powered.

The path charges during the day and gives off a bright blue radiance once the sun sets. The ambient lighting makes the area safer for cyclists and pedestrians traveling at night. Not to mention a visually striking addition to the landscape.

The design was created as an alternative to street lamps and is being tested for durability to see if the concept is strong enough to expand in Poland and beyond.

For more pics, info, and a neat video (in Polish) give the coverage on EcoWatch a read here.

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