So 1,200,000 steps south of sixty is the title of my blog. I came up with this name as over the past months I have decided to hike the Bruce trail. \240The trail starts in Queenston and ends in Tobermory, Ontario and the total length is 912 km. \240I calculated to hike 912. Km you would take approximately 1,200,000 steps! \240I called it South of Sixty as I will be celebrating my 60th birthday this summer.

I first heard about the Bruce Trail. In about grade 7 when a friend of mine wanted to Walk the trail with me that summer. \240Being young boys it sounded exciting and we talked about it a lot, but in the end we were too young \240to do the trip. Years went by \240and life got busy, \240marriage, raising a family, running a business occupied my thoughts \240for the next many years, but somewhere in the back of my mind \240I still wanted to complete a major journey by either riding a bike or hiking at some point in my life.

One day a friend of mine suggested the Bruce Trail and I loved the idea. The idea was given thought over the winter and started to come into form this spring. \240I am not 100% sure I can complete the hike as at this point it feels overwhelming but I do know it will also take alot for me to give up as generally that is not in my nature.

So why am I walking?

Not sure 100% but I have a lot of things I hope to accomplish. \240The first thing is I want the achievement of a life long goal. Second, I \240want to enjoy the satisfaction of completing \240the journey with my friends and family. I am hoping at some point in the walk I am joined in the trip either in person or folowing this journal. \240I want to be satisfied spiritfully,physically and mentally of completing the trip and I want celebrate life at the point of reaching 60! I like the idea of trying something I am Not 100% sure of completion!

The plan

The general plan is to first and for most complete the trip by July 31 birthday. This is not guaranteed but only a hope. \240If for any reason it becomes to hard I will extent the trip. \240I will be starting May 7 and walk for one day only. \240This is see what I can do. \240I am hoping I will start at the southern monument \240with friends and family. \240From that point on I just walk. \240It is my wish that any friend or family member joins me at any time for as long or short as they can at any time. I am prepared to walk alone as well. \240The first bit I plan to day walk only on the weekends. \240I am lucky to have a great wife that has agreed to drop me off and pick me up each morning and night. \240This is fantastic but being realistic I do not expect this to last past the first couple weekends. \240After that and the fact I would then be past Hamilton I will start to go it alone. \240A lifelong buddy has stated he will provide a camp trailer for a bit around Orangeville is a help and another lifelong pal has accepted it walk with me the last week or so on the Bruce peninsula! \240This, together with my third but not least lifelong buddy hopefully walking when he can as he is still working hard most days. \240I am lucky to have three life long pals that sometimes I don’t talk to as often as I wish \240but I know they have my back and will always be helping me in some way! This, plus family would get anyone through life! \240In the end it is not on them but it is \240my personal ambition to complete the journey !

Only eleven days till I start. This is starting to become real to me! \240Today I walked 8 km on the beach as I have been doing about three days a week to get ready. \240I have bought most if not all of the equipment I think I need and I am ready and anxious to start. \240 I will be driving home early next week and will be starting the following Saturday. \240 I only have a couple days to get to our Canadian house up and running before the trip. I have generally been quite about talking the trip up in case for some reason I can’t pull it off. But I guess I \240can’t do that any longer. \240 I am sure I will have unexpected things happen \240and maybe some rough times. But I’ll do my best to power through them.

It’s official, \240I have stopped talking about the hike and actually started to hike. \240My first day was going to be Saturday however, excitement, plus a lacklustre forecast for Saturday talked me into starting Thursday! \240The day started with my loving wife driving me to the southern terminus marker, take a quick photo, kiss and send me on my way. \240The day featured beautiful up and down paths in forest, along the escarpment, and some walking on roads. \240I felt perfect for about 20 km and then for some reason my “good knee” decided to start to hurt. I took my knee brace off my “bad knee” and put it on the sore knee which helped . By the end of the day I hiked from Queenston Heights to the Wiley Road parking lot in the short hills. Nights today were the Southern \240terminus at the start, seeing my first trail markers,the screaming tunnel and a nice golf course. Daily total 36.80. Total hike 36.80

\240 \240 \240

I walked past the place I took Linda on \240 our first date ( we went fishing with a bottle of my dads homemade wine!)

Day 2. Wiley Road Shorthills in \240Pelham to Cherry Ave Beamsville. 24.82km. The day started out perfect. \240My kids and grandkids surprised me this morning and everyone was wearing Duliban 60 tee Shirts to support me!

I was very excited and happy to have everyone support me and even take time from they’re \240busy day to walk a couple km’s with me! They even made Duliban 60(my age soon) shirts that everyone wore!

The best part was when Paisley fell into the mud and got covered in it ! \240After a few tears she decided to walk back to the car with her mom Kelly however changed her mind and turned around to walk with the others stating Duliban’s \240don’t quit things they start! \240I was very proud of her and it made me think that it would take a lot to stop the hike in my mind as well.

Today was a great day after that great start. Felt good most of the day and walked 24.82 km ending up at The Bench Brewery! \240Total 61.72 km hiked!

Day 3.

I’m \240going to call today vineyards and snakes. \240I saw many vineyards as I walked a total of 25.38 km today for a total of 87.45 km the weather was warmer as I discarded \240my sweater by 9:30 AM! \240The route started At Cherry Ave Beamsville and ended up at Wolverton Rd in Grimsby

It was a nice day of easier hiking \240which featured walking on the edge of the escarpment but also meandering hikes through vineyards and wineries I had many views of Lake Ontario from the top of the escarpment \240and due to the warm weather I saw four garter snakes cross the path in front of me! \240In general it was an easier day and I felt I could have continued a couple more km’s \240more but we will save that for the next day.

I passed many wineries during the day and the path varied from hard packed along the edge of the escarpment to \240easy meandering past wineries.

It was a good day and I think I have found the secret to preserving my knees. \240I now have two knee braces that I will wear full time. Guess you do what you have to do to get it done!

Here are some more photos of the day!

\240 \240

I have walked the entire Niagara section of the trail and am starting the Iroquoina club section!

Day 4. I think I need to call this day \240dry river beds and the snake guardian! \240The day started out at Wolverton Rd and I was joined my my daughter in law Kelly which instantly added \240fun to the day. \240It was nice hiking with someone. Talking while hiking made the hike go by really fast as before I knew it we had done over 11 km. It was a nice morning

After lunch I continued on my own and the day featured straight well worn easy hiking trails and the kms continued to add up!

I hiked past Stoney Creek ( I had never saw the actual creek before)

Later in the hike I saw Red Hill Creek and Kings Forest Golf Course ending the hike by climbing a super huge set of stairs in Hamilton, not exactly what you want see after 28 or more Kms but I did make it up to the top where I stoped the hike at Jolley Cut in Hamilton ( A Nod to my Gramma Jolley The total today was 29.04, all in total of 115.62 km

Day 5 \240Let’s name this day “Dover day”

The day started with my Bruce trail Angel dropping me off at Inch Park in Hamilton

It was a total day of 8 hours hiking and the first 3 km or so I walked past many homeless people under the over passes. \240It was unnearving and I just wanted to keep walking. \240 The next 5km or so it was constant motorcycle noise as I was close to Hwy 403 and everyone was driving motorcycles to Port Dover. \240It is Friday the 13th today and it is \240a tradition for people to drive motorcycles to Port Dover on that date.

A Quick note to say if any future generations of Duliban’s ever consider walking the Bruce, maybe don’t walk by Hamilton on Friday the 13th!

After a few Km’s, the day changed as the trail turned into a nice quiet day! \240At one point I climbed up a large hill and thought it was the perfect place for a lunch. After the big uphill climb I set up my lunch setting and my water bottle fell over and rolled down the high hill! \240I had to climb down the hill and go back up again! \240Guess those things happen!

After that, the day was great \240 I passed many waterfalls and the trail was easy her are some photos

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240

The day finished \240at a dog park by Clapton Corners by Hwy 6. \240Hamilton is behind me and it will start to get more remote from now on. Today was a total of 30.60 km and a grand total of 146.40 km hiked! \240I am well on my way!

Day Six. I call this day. “ My friend Daniel”. \240The reason I call it that is about 2 Km into the hike I climbed up a big rocky hill and at the top I met Daniel! \240Daniel is a 56 year old guy also going to Tobermory on the Bruce however he is hiking, bike riding and sleeping in his car. \240Every 10 km or so he leaves the \240trail and rides his bike back to the car. \240He then moves the car up to the next spot and hikes again. \240Sounds hard to me! \240He is from Quebec City and was nice to talk to along the trail. We exchanged emails and he said he would send me notes on how he is doing.

Km 10 to 20 saw \240mainly conservation park hiking with probably the most people ever on the trail, lots of couples and day hikers. Waterfalls galore again and a nice hike along Grindstone creek

The next km’s \240featured unfortunately about 7 km of roadway walking with no sidewalk. I had to be careful in this stretch!

And finally I ended the day at Nemo Mountain conservation area

The last km again was a little hard to finish but I did it! \240After that I took an Uber ride back to my starting place and a bit of rest before my me.

Today I hiked 29.86 km for a grand total of 173.48 km

Day Seven. I call this the day of wood carvings!

I started the Day At Mount Nemo. When I parked the car,p I had a new friend welcoming me!

The first 3 km was a road hike. That gradually turned into a nice conservation area where I encountered my first river crossing of the day.

Around the 10km mark or so I entered another park and every few hundred feet they had a carved bench to sit on!

Later on in the day I crossed Kelso mountain and Glen Eden ski resort. Lots of people mountain biking today. I walked the ski slopes on top of the escarpment for about 5 km before winding my way down to the bottom.

Lastly I walked under the 401 Hwy and finished at Hilton Falls conservation area. This is where I will start my first three day hike on Saturday! Today I hiked 30.81 km for a total hike of 204.8km since the start!

Day 8. I call this the day with the storm!

The day started out at Hilton Falls where I left off last time. The first couple Km’s featured views from the edge of the escarpment.

After about 5 or 6 kms,the path turned away from the escarpment and I just saw forest interior for a while and saw a nice bridged river crossing.

After about 12 km I turned onto a road and encountered an old vacant gas station and I sat down and had lunch.

Just after lunch a wild hail storm with lightning came through. I was very glad that I could just sit under the porch and stay dry!

After about an hour the storm cleared and I continued my hike \240on roads and interior forest. Lots of downed trees on my path!

I was glad to finish the day when I saw my motel. It’s not the best place ( think Dunnville Motel). But it’s a warm bed and place to crash! Todays total was 27.99 kms.

Day 9. I will call it Jasper and Janet and the \240fallen trees!

Today started out with my son Jason driving up to hike with me today!

The first few km were inland forest hiking up and down followed by the odd water falls!

We had to move or walk around many trees blocking the path today from the storm yesterday!

After that we hiked down down some country roads and eventually came across a mailbox that said \240“Jasper and Janet”. \240Both of us never said anything about it but both remembered it for some reason.

Later that evening we went to the “The Copper Pub”. It \240turned out to be owned by Jasper and Janet”!

All and all it was a great day of hiking with Jason. Nice to get together and have a fun day! Today we did 28.68 km of hard hiking and good times. Good job by all!

Day 10. I \240call this day “ Down the road I go”. A nod to Travis Tritt

The day started early as Jason dropped me off for a 7 AM start, just south of the forks of the Credit Provincal park! At first it was nice \240easy hike!

However shortly after that \240the day started for real! \240The hill is called Devils Pulpit and it took me 26 minutes to get down it!

Finally the bottom, and a nice walk along the Credit River. \240A few Km later and the road! \240 I think I walked 20 km \240on dirt, paved and then busy roads today.

After that the road continued however I did have some nice views ( still seeing the CN tower)

At one point I walked under a Hwy in a tunnel!

I met a couple of nice hikers today, one guy who was a Bruce trail professional who has walked it 5 times, and also another couple that walk the trail each day, and also pick up garbage as they walk!

That last couple of kms, I was back hiking in the forest! \240Lastly a couple of nice views. A stone walking bridge I finished the day hiking 32.55 km! Grand total after 10days of hiking is 292.07 km!

Day 11 \240 I think on day 11 God made Hills and Valleys! Because I walked them all today! \240Today is first day of three day hiking trip again this weekend. \240I started today driving 1 hour and 42 munites to my starting point. Guess I’m getting far from home! \240I started hiking at a mono Mills.

The first couple of Km’s were easier but by km 5, I could tell it was going to be a hilly day!

Today I hiked through Hockley Valley. \240A beautiful golf ski resort.

Over 34 km hiked I Finished the day hoping to finish a the 29 km mark however Apparently I am \240out of range for Uber so I had to hike another 4 or 5 Km’s \240ending the day at Mono Center where I \240connected with a taxi back to the Orangeville Motel

View from taxi going back to my motel, 326 total Km ! \240That’s more than 1/3 done!

Day 12. I’m going to call today the “highland day”. For two reasons. \240The first is I actually crossed into the next section of the trail called the Dufferin Highlands and second because it was very high lands today!

I stayed last night at the Orangeville Motel and spa. The day started off with east trails and I nailed the first 10 km fast! After that the “highland part of the day started.



I officially crossed into the Dufferin Highland section of the trail today This is section number five after Niagara, Iroquois, Toronto, Caledin Hills.

\240 \240


The day ended up at Christ church in Shelburn ON! Over 30 km for the day 355.27 total hiked!

Day 13, \240 I call this day Holy Cow, where’s the beef!

The day started when my Trail Angel dropped me off and wished me luck. It was very nice of her to pick me up last night and drop me off this morning. \240As the trip gets further away from home and also further up north, it is hard to arrange taxi back to my car each night \240so the pick up was very much appreciated!

The First couple of km’s was an easy hike down a county road Then about at the 3 km mark, I turned down a path beside the Pine river, \240This river had the most water since early in my hike at Balls falls. It also had the remenents of an old mill.

Continuing along I came to a fishing pond and an old fisherman \240told me to keep hiking Young man! \240Feels \240great!

A few Km’s later it turned into a large uphill hike that turned through the forest, over a fence and then up another large hill. \240I looked up and Holy Cow I’m in a pasture! That’s no Bull! \240I hope! \240I carefully hiked past them and then over another fence to a pasture with the nicest views ever.

My Tesla was happy to see me when I finished today and had a big smile! Totals total was 24.26 ending in Lavender, ON! \240Weekend total was close to 85 km and total to date is almost 380 km!

Day 14. Lavender cemetery to Nottawasaga bluffs. 22.69 km. I’m going to call this day. Organizing day. \240I got up at 4 AM and drove 2.5 hours to the car park, \240called taxi to get me to my starting position, hiked, then charged car, and checked into my motel, \240it was a long day! The hike started at Laverder cemetery and quickly turned into Noisy River provincial park, Early start! \240The hiking trail started in the interior forest and then winded it’s way up the escarpment and down to a nice lake.

How does a tree grow on a rock?

This would be a great place to stay a couple days!

Finally the trail went down to the Noisy River.

After that, it featurered road hiking \240then back up the escarpment where I had lunch. \240After lunch the trail made its way to Nottawasaga Bluffs conservation area where I picked up the car and will start tomorrow. 22.39 km today!

Day 15. \240 The day we walked with Brent, Bailey and Ian!

The day started out at Matawasaga Bluffs and I was met by Brent and his companion Bailey!

It was nice hiking with them however they both go faster than me! \240We talked a lot and it made the day go fast. \240Even better, not to long into our hike we connected with “Ian”, A nice man and hiker from Burlington who is also trying \240to complete the trail!

Together we had a great day and pledged to do it again tomorrow!

The hike started at Nottawasaga Bluffs however we did not see any Bluffs, \240it was however nice trail walking

Eventually we crested the escarpment and saw a couple nice views today.

We ended the day walking along \240pretty \240river for a daily total of almost 27 Km’s.

Day 16 The Blue mountain Day! \240The day started out when the four of us arranged cars and met in the parking area, The start of a great day!

The hike started immediately with a huge uphill climb up a mountain , once we got on top, we had really nice views.

Many hours of walking past Bruce mountain ski resort and lots of mountain bikes to dodge today. Blue mountain is a very large village with lots of people enjoying the outdoors

We saw our first views of Georgian Bay today.

Also Bailey had a lot of fun swimming in every brook we crossed.

Eventually we said goodby to Brent for the day and just Ian and I carried on the day. It was pretty level compared to the last couple (at least the first 15 km or so) The last km’s were hard but we made it. It was nice to see the car It was also nice to hike with Brent, Ian and Bailey today. We did over 31km today! \240I am hoping to complete another 28k tomorrow but it is looking like rain. I will do the best I can.

Day 17. \240 I called this day. “ rain drops keep falling on my Head”.

The day started by packing up and checking out from the Relax Inn and Spa and charging the car so It would be ready for the trip home.

It was raining almost all morning which made for a wet slippery hike today but I was determined to push through and get the km’s in today. The day was pretty level compared to the last couple (at least the first 15 km or so).

I met a couple new friends to hike with!

About 20 km in I had to climb around a large cliff that must have been over 100 feet high.

The day also featured some nice places for a break or lunch.

\240 \240

The day ended with Buddy Brent and Bailey picking me up again to bring me back to the car.Thanks Brent!

Day 18. I call this day. “ it is never a good idea to eat a porcupine “

The day started early as I was on the road by 5 am to drive to my starting position. Beat the traffic and started to walk fairly early. I had nice high views and rough terrain early.

Later on, I came across views of what looked like Russian missiles but they turned out to be old silos.

Later I looked across the valley to a ski resort. I would be walking up tomorrow.

Later in the day, I hiked by two beautiful waterfalls (Hoggs falls).

Eugenia Falls

Towards the end of the day, I came across this sign. I think it is encouraging and does show I’m over half way.

Brent and Bailey pick me up and met me hiking the last 2 km or so and Bailey chased and caught a porcupine only to get about 40 quills in her mouth. We had to go to a general store to get some medical cleaning alcohol for her. She turned out to be ok!

We finished the day with a bbq at my cabin for the next three nights.

Day 19. I will call this the muddy day!

The day started early as I was on the trail before 7 am. I caught a nice sunrise through the forest and also scared up a large deer. It scared me as well.

The day was mostly forest trails early and all was going good until about 10:30 when I slipped on a Muddy section and was covered in mud from head to toe. Of course the next three rivers I hiked by were dry and I could not clean off until about noon!

Later in the day I hiked up Beaver Valley ski resort. These hills were hard to climb!

The day finished in Epping ,ON where my trail Angel Linda picked me up again. We had a nice dinner in Kimberley at Justin’s Oven Todays total was 30.68 km with a grand total of 547km’s.

Day 20. In think I will call this the tale of two different days. I started the day leaving my cabin and saying goodbye to the lake.

Then drove to my starting spot in my taxi as my car was at the finish spot. The first 10km’s were road walking it was fast and easy but a little boring

Finally I walked into the trail and boy it was a hard trail to follow. At times I could not find it and was unsure of where to go

In the end it was a half day of easy roads and a half day of hard trails

I finished the day at Woodfort community Center and did a lot of Km’s. I think almost 32.

I checked into the KOA campsite and spa and set up my tent for the next five days. Nice place again, it will suit me just fine.

Day 21. Woodford community Center to Bothwells corner. The day started early as I was on the trail by 7:15 after being dropped off by taxi again. The first couple km’s were interesting and even a little scary.

Reminents of an old house.

And then I come across this sign!

It was dark and a little scary that early in the morning. I did not want to disturb a critter.

At about the 10 km mark it turned to road and I walked them for 20 km today.

During the last couple km I was back in the forest and came across the tree that was carved during WW2 by a polish solder!

Today I hiked a total of 33.14 km another long day. Time to sit by the fire and have a Bobby Margarita!

Day 22. \240I started the day late as I was a little worried as a big thunderstorm came by. But after waiting in the car for 45 minutes, it went away! \240After a couple km’s, I actually walked past my campground as it is on the trail.

After that, today featured lots of cliffs and a beautiful falls that was not much less than Niagara. The first km’s were hard hiking, very Rocky and I had again had to walk through narrow caves!

I think the hiking even got harder and rockier as I walked on the bottom of a cliff.

How can a tree grow like that?

I eventually found my way to Inglis falls where I met a couple older guys sharing the day,visiting the falls. They were nice enough to take my photo.

Onward I hiked. The last 10 km’s or so I had to step over very deep trenches that were are least 100 ft deep and about 2 feet across.

A taxi ride back to my camp and now I pack up for tomorrow again,Todays hike is 30.66 km. Instead of saying how far I have hiked in total, I am now looking at the remaining distance which by my app is 230 km’s.

Day 23. From Owen Sound to Kemble. The day is \240called me and my shadow!

The day started with a nice breakfast. As I waited for my trail Angel to get moving for the day!

Finally by about 9 am on my way starting the day with urban walking that turned into a road allowance!

I found an old homestead that I’m sure a family lived in years ago.

After about 10 km’s, I started in the forest and saw some nice views.

I decided to call this day me and my shadow as I never saw another hiker the entire day.

The day ended with my trail Angel Brian and his wife Karen inviting me for supper. It was a nice gesture and they have really helped me along with some rides and pickups! \240Nice people!

They have a dog named Paige and get wood delivered each night by Sonny from the K O A campground, Thanks for your help!

Day 24. The climb up Kimble mountain.

Today is my eighth day hiking in a row and the feet are getting sore! \240The day started with Brian. My current trail Angel dropping me off again.

Shortly after that, I started up the road and found a hugh marsh about 4 km’s \240in.

Then I climbed up the mountain. It started \240slow and was fairly gentle but a long slow climb. It started through farmland and then upper fields.

I came \240across a slightly scary sign, at least it sounded like only one bear the way it reads ? \240 \240 \240( I hope)

Next up was a long series of narrow walled trails.

Finally up at the top I got some nice views.

Todays hike was a total of 22.05 km’s, That’s leaves about 178 km to the finish line!

Day 25. The hike to Wiarton, \240 The day started early as it was freezing cold in the tent last night! \240I got up about five AM. I took down the camp site and was on the trail by seven. The Hike started in a road allowance

On top of the bluff, I got my first look at Colpoy bay in Wiarton.

I walked \240right along the edge of the escarpment for quite a while.

After some road walking, I ended up at the Wiarton airport.

One last dramatic climb and I was in Wiraton.

Todays hike was over 14 km’s. In the last nine days I hiked 251 km’s.Today, I drove home to rest and enjoy the summer and family for a couple weeks and rest my feet. \240I plan to finish the hike starting and July 6 when I continue the adventure from Wiarton to Tobermorry!

I had my car parked by the pier in Wiarton and I was met by Wiarton Wille the ground hog!

Well at this date I was hoping to have the hike \240completed , but sometimes life changes things. \240Shortly after coming home from Wiarton, I started to notice strange things with my right eye. \240I decided to get it checked out and by the next morning had to have surgery for a detached Retina! \240Following the surgery I had to lay face down for ten full days, followed by no physical excertion for another six weeks. \240Currently, I am on week five. \240I do feel like I’m on the path to a full recovery however at this point, I am not sure when the hike will resume. \240 I do know that as Paisley says Duliban’s finish what they start so I will definitely complete the hike but it will either be in the fall or next spring,

Annabelle and Weston came to visit me while at home!

It is now about ten weeks after surgery and I have been cleared to resume all activities so the hike is on again!

My plan is to drive back to Wiarton \240this Tuesday and start the hike again on Wednesday. \240I am both excited and a little scared. \240When I left Wiarton, I only had 160 km to go and not much left. \240When I go back on Tuesday I feel like 160 km is a very long hike again! \240 Today is Sunday but the car is packed already and I’m ready to go. The plan is to hike two days and then be joined by my buddy Tony for a weekend, then finish solo the last two days.

On the Road again! \240Today featured a 4 hour drive \240to wiarton that included a \24045 charge for the car so I would have a full charge as it is remote here!

Today I hiked a short 8km loop of the trail just to get some confidence back. I forgot how beautiful the trail is.

Here I go. Ready or not!

Easy walking first couple km’s.

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240First water view

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240Wow. Nice water colours

\240 \240 \240

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 Looks pretty remote to me !

After a short hike I checked into the mile Inn Motel and Spa for the first night. I hope to have to have a good sleep as tomorrow will be 24 km plus.

First full day of hiking from Wiarton to Cape Crocker Indian Park \240 \240For a combined two day total of over 33 km! \240Good start but I’m feeling it a bit.

I think I beat Kelly’s iPhone challenge today with over 34,000 steps! \240The day started off where I finished at Father’s Day. Starting where I left off with Wiarton Willie.

Couple of Km’s along Colpoys Bay along a beautiful road until turning up the escarpment.

On top, I saw an old homestead. Can you imagine living here?

Lots of beautiful views along the waterline today. Most of the day, I walked along the top of the escarpment looking at it!

Great place for lunch.

The afternoon was all forest hiking with lots of rocks to step over. It was tiring.

Nice to get to my motel in Lionshead for the next couple of days. My backyard view great \240as I hear kids swimming in the bay. Just over 128 km’s to go!

Another perfect weather day! \240I started early as I had to meet the “Crabby \240Cabbie” Rob who was waiting again at my pickup spot for me at 8 am. Rob and his wife pick up a lot of hikers and do a great job!

Todays hike started at Cape Crocker Indian park and ended rush Cabe Rd. for a total of 24.91 km’s.

The day started fast and furious as I had to climb the bluff immediately.

However once up top the morning views, were worth it.

Once up however the trail decided to go back down. It was very steep.

And finally after hiking a couple hours, I saw Hope Bay, well worth the wait.

What a quite beautiful bay.

Around the town and back up the bluff. Once up, I had the best lunch spot ever!

Spent about 20 minutes here resting and \240having lunch! Great Day To Be Alive! I had to do a panoramic shot!

Lots of interior hiking in the afternoon \240to my finish spot for the day.

Just over 100 km left! \240Tony is coming tonight so I have a guest hiker for a couple days! \240Looks like good weather tomorrow as well so that’s great!

Great day with Tony today. We hiked Lions Head Park from bottom to the top. It was a hard day. Finishing 9 hours after the start!

We got the cars arranged and took off for the adventure. The km’s don’t seem long but it was rough hiking. Maybe the hardest day of the hike! \240It did have some great views however!

We stopped for lunch not at any lookout but we were choosey and only picked the best.

But the day got hard after that. With several trips up and down the bluff.

We were both sore and tired but the beer and bbq at the end of the hike was worth it, back at the Lionshead beach motel ,Under 75 km to go! Thanks for the great day Tony!

Wildlife day today as Tony and I saw a coyote, two cranes, a raccoon, two porcupines, Rattle snake, garter snake, turkey vultures, two turkeys and a frog. That’s enough for one day. The hike started just north of Lionshead and we hiked to Dyers Bay, the top of the Bruce peninsula.

Lots of lookout views, \240Tony and I took the opportunity to do some selfies.

This was our lunch spot.

We found our Rattlesnake friend in front of us on a side road today.

Later, lots of views of very clear green coloured waters.

Along the trail we came across Devils monument, it looks like the flower pots in New Brunswick.

The last and hardest part in the day was at the end.

I have less than 50 km to go!

Last day hiking with Tony as he left to go home at lunch. We started the day arranging a car at the half way point and we walked almost 10 km’s on back roads to the mid point.

Finally reaching the Bruce peninsula National park boundary by about 11.00 AM.

After that we moved my car to the end point and Tony took me back to the mid point and we said goodbye. It was nice to have him hiking with me.

On my own again!

The afternoon walk featured about 10 km’s down a snowmobile trail.

Then I reached the corner at the top of the peninsula and was back to the rocky paths and views.

The rocks were slippery today as it rained last night.

This was my lunch spot.

I’m excited that tomorrow could be my last day. At this point I’m all arranged for the finish but the weather looks bad. I hope the forecast improves as it would be nice to finish on a nicer day!

I have talked about this trip a long time and I have many memories coming to me from different days on the hike as I look at the photos.

This is my cabin tonight at trout Mountain camp! If the weather holds, it will be one night. If it’s pouring tomorrow,then it’s two nights I guess.

Is it the last perfect night or the calm before the storm?

The weather was against me today. I woke up early hoping the forecast was wrong. \240I was not sure what to do. \240The forecast was 3 cloudy hours in the morning \240followed by rain and then thunder storms by about 3 pm \240 I decided to hedge my bet and get a ride about 17 km up the trail \240leaving about 7 km after that. I hoped I will \240make it to the car park before the rain and I left early!

The trail started out nice for a couple km’s.

Interesting rock to walk under.

A couple nice views followed.

A bit further walking and the trail had me walk on the beach!

It was actually hard hiking.

More dramatic views followed.

This was the Grotto which had lots of day hikers coming down to look at the water. It actually felt better when I passed the area and had the trail to myself again.

Unfortunately, it started to rain hard. The trails got wet and it was becoming dangerous slippery rocks that lead to the falls.

I decided to stop the hike at the car leaving about 7 km’s to go. I will go back to my cabin for one more night and look at my trip photos. Tomorrow, I will finish rain or shine! Today I did manage to walk over 17 km’s in threatening rain and still enjoyed it. Tomorrow, I’m done!

Today is the day! \240I don’t care about the weather sunny or rain, I’m going. I’m waiting for John from the park to help me set up the car as I write this.

After talking about this adventure for nearly a year today, I’m at the finish line with barely 7 km’s to go. During the hike I’m sure my mind will go back to the times that I was unsure of completing it which was more times than I admitted!

I just packing up my cabin again and this time I know it’s the last time

Todays \240hike will start out wilderness but end up at the ferry dock and the Northern Terminus ! \240It feels like a long time ago that Linda dropped me off at the southern Terminus shaking her head as I started the hike!

The Southern Terminus on May 5. 914 km’s,33 hiking days and \240one eye surgery later, I hope to be standing at \240the Northern Terminus in a couple hours!

John my camp buddy dropped me off for the last leg. I’m ready !

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 The trail started easy

Are these my last views of the Bay from the trail?

If they are, they look beautiful.

I think this was my last harder section on the trail.

I made it to the welcome Center and they had an observation tower I climbed.

My last trail marker.

\240 \240 \240

\240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 \240 I made it!

I started by calling the hike 1,200,000 steps south of sixty but it turned out 1,000,000 steps south of sixty and 200,000. Steps north of 60 as I am now over 60!

Thank you to all my drivers and friends I made along the trail. Thank you to the hikers that joined me for sections. Including Tony,Brent, Jason and Kelly.

Special thanks my family for all the positive support.

Lastly. Most special thanks to my trail Angel who picked me up and dropped me off when I needed it. Never complained when I was gone, came up to visit me in what ever motel spa resort I was staying at \240and welcomed me home.