Acropolis of Athens

#17: Ancient Greece: Day 2 in Athens

After our most amazing dinner above the city lights of Athens, we awoke early the next day ready to explore ancient Greece.

We planned to arrive at the Acropolis when it opened at 8, in hopes of beating the heat and the crowds - no easy feat for a group of seven, still adjusting from different time zones.

But we did it and our timing was great. We walked right in, and explored the sights, with comfortable temps.

It was incredible; so hard to imagine how they built these massive structures without the modern equipment we have today.

Now with a little attitude...

We then climbed Areopagus Hill next door, which provided another great view of the Acropolis.

We continued exploring the city, finding more evidence of Ancient Greece.

The one below was hidden away, right in the middle of a market.

There were several markets that were fun to explore.

We tried to convince Glenn to buy this hat for our upcoming catamaran tour in Santorini, but he was only willing to oblige us with a picture:

And once again, we had delicious Greek food for lunch.

Amanda and Taylor are foodies, and always manage to find great places.

We squeezed in an early evening visit to the Acropolis Museum, rich with history and artifacts.

The coolest thing about the museum is that it is built over a working excavation sight. It had signs labeling the different areas, helping you to imagine what they looked like at one time.

We finished the day with ANOTHER delicious meal - we have eaten well!

Followed by a quick trip to a bakery for a couple of late night treats.

Exhausted, we quickly went to bed, for a few hours of much needed sleep before our 4:15am wake up call. Next destination - Santorini!

Here’s a sneak preview: