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Sariwon Korean Barbecue (BGC) 사리원 뢈고기


Hello, 2018! So far, so good! Let's keep this up!

Forbeswood Heights

I just continued to escape and joined a new family. I'm their 4th daughter.

BGC Bus EDSA Ayala Terminal


Stuck in the middle

Night and day


Stuck in a twiddle

To move or stay

Shangri-La Plaza

Yay for 2Elevens Entertainment!

I'm excited. I'm worried. But I'm thankful.

I hope everything goes even much better than whatever we plan :)

Forbeswood Heights

Escaped. Once again.

I'm grateful for this black flat top for taking my worries away even just for a little while.

Forbeswood Heights

I was just at home the whole day. Continued to watch 아버지가 이상해 and I'm loving it even more now! Even my sister started watching it with me!

How I wish I had many days like this! (With less grease on my hair haha)

Uptown Mall

아버지가 이상해 in the morning, shopping part 2 in the afternoon, mani pedi at night. Best part of it all - I didn't pay for anything! ㄴㅇㄴ

But there's no such thing as free lunch, right?

Tolerance is expensive these days.

P.S. Timehop reminded me that it's been a year since our shoot with Kean!

Makati Stock Exchange

How to break in new shoes 101:

Walk from the new KTO office (my 2nd unsuccessful attempt in trying to set a meeting with them) > condo > Manam (thanks Jinho for the dinner!) > Uptown Mall > High Street > Starbucks Reserve > condo

How to break your whole being 101:

Listen to your sister retell your heartbreaks and drama during the 'walking tour'


Blue Bay Walk

This shirt you gave me is much like you...

It gives pain that I'd rather tolerate than be without.


^ not entirely truuuu hmmmmkay! Hahahaha

Oan, 생일 축하해 진호야!!!

Net Park

I keep thinking that I don't belong anywhere. I can keep tolerating but I can't bear thinking I'm a burden to others.

I'm too sensitive, empathetic, and paranoid for this world.


Me to a depressed friend: Don't skip meals!

Also me: *@ 3pm, still hasn't eaten anything*



My heart was happy(아버지가 이상해 30회). But then I got snapped back to reality and I was broken again.

I wish Axel is safe and gets to return to his home soon.

Forbeswood Heights

I'm a useless potato who's been living with another family for about 50 hours in the past week (or more) thanks to fiction.

Their reality is harsh as life tends to be that way for everyone. But I envy them on a lot of things.

Dear life, can my reality have a taste of a full heart too? Not just all bitterness, paranoia, and pain?

Okay I take that back. I've had a taste of it many times, for sure. It's just that some of it were fueled by excitement caused by every what ifs made up in my head, a lot of times they were due to fiction, and most of them were just fleeting that they were easily clouded by the downs of life. And in many ways, most stories I escape to are like those fleeting moments. I didn't want them to end, but when they do, I'm left in the dark wanting to escape again.

I know what I want but I'm too scared and undeserving to even say it here.

Makati Stock Exchange

A 'no' is better than just silence.

Please spare the people from the unnecessary agony of waiting.


I felt like I was dying.

Fortunately, I was able to sleep through it.


Finished watching 아버지가 이상해 after waking up and spent a few more hours on a tumblr liking spree.. then a few more hours replaying some of my favorite scenes until 5am.

Forbeswood Heights


Still not feeling well.

Still not over the drama. It's the longest I've watched and it'll probably be the hardest one to let go of. I still spent most of today replaying some parts.

Ahn Joong Hee is boyfriend/husband goals.

And the Lee clan is family goals.

I'm both happy and sad. Mostly envious.