17 Robina Dr, Lake Echo, NS B3E 1A7, Canada

Layle Well, we’re pretty well all packed and ready to go!! Woohoo!! I’ve got lobster in the fridge ready for sandwiches in the morning. My kitchen is full of pots of outdoor \240plants because it’s so darn cold!! Hopefully temperatures will turn around soon. Thank goodness for great neighbours to look after things while we’re gone!

I’ve never done this blog thing before when travelling, so we’ll see how it goes...

All my plants...trying to keep warm. LOL

Veteran's Memorial Hwy, Stewiacke, NS B0N 2J0, Canada

The day has come!! We are officially on our Cross Canada Expedition!!! It’s been in the works for awhile as you know. Our goal is to stop in Edmunston for the night. A relatively easy drive day. Should be anyway. Leaving in rain and cold temps of 5 degrees!!!

First fill-up-$100.92 Porter’s Lake Odometer says 11105 kms

509 NB-165, Woodstock, NB E7N, Canada

In Meductic NB. \240The van wasn’t getting good mileage so we decide to strip it down to bare bones and Layle took over the driving. lol

First fill-up since we left-$102.67 Odometer reads 11673 kms.

2-4 Rue Roland J M, Saint-LΓ©onard, NB E7E, Canada

Someone is finally settling in the backseat!

5 Avenue Bateman, Edmundston, NB E3V 3L1, Canada

$143.35 Checked in at 6:15 in Edmunston at the Comfort Inn for the night.

Trans-Canada Hwy, Saint-Jacques, NB E7B, Canada

Just left the comfort inn at 10am, Terry grabbed a quick coffee at Tim Hortons, we checked our map for the day and we’re headed towards Pedawawa. Mileage is 11,875 km it’s a sunny day and the temperature is 12°.

Trans-Canada Hwy, Edmundston, NB E3V, Canada

Had a wonderful evening last night in Edmonston. Stayed as you know at the comfort inn. Nice clean rooms and close to the TransCanada highway! And, to make it even better, there was a casino next-door!! Like always, no luck! However, Terry and I had a lovely meal upstairs. We really enjoyed it. Meal cost $36.02.

Just passed Rivière du Loup!! Road Warriors we are!!!!

Kirby is embracing the van and settling well. Daddy’s sook!!!

Autoroute Jean-Lesage, L'Islet, QC G0R 2C0, Canada

Just Filled up the tank at L’Islet Quebec total $87.09. Kilometre reading is 12,095 . Turning out will be a beautiful sunny day 18° at noon. Kirby had a lovely tour of this little town. A nice walk!

Autoroute Jean-Lesage, LΓ©vis, QC G6V, Canada

Just passing through Levis!


Montreal in the distance. Highway 30 bypasses all the traffic of the city. Highly recommend this route...less stress! We’ll be in Ontario soon! Focussed on getting to BC then making more stops on the way back. 😊🚐🇨🇦

Autoroute de l'Acier, Saint-TimothΓ©e, QC, Canada
Trans-Canada Hwy, Chute-Γ -Blondeau, ON K0B 1B0, Canada

Terry’s happy now!! #ontariohomeboy#backincanada lol

5697 Ste-Catherine St, Saint Isidore, ON K0C 2B0, Canada

Stopped for gas. 5:30. Took Kirby for a walk. 12583 kms $80.87.

Cloudy and 18°.

Best Western Pembroke Inn & Conference Centre

8pm...Staying at the Best Western in Pembroke. They welcomed Kirby with a “doggie bag”. We’ll be back!!

Also, just gassed up at The Irving big stop across the street. Odometer reading is 12787 and gas was $33.90. Gonna try out their food as well. Best Western gives it rave reviews. We’ll see...

Update… Food was fantastic! Bill came to $32.04. I had all you can eat spaghetti and meatballs and Terry had a hamburger. Our motel bill for the night was $195.48.


9:15 am- Very nice stay at this hotel. The Road Warriors attack the roads for another day!! It’s a beautiful sunny day and 16°. Better than snow eh Glenda!

Can’t take selfies for you know what!! 😂

North Bay

Just noon and we’ve arrived in North Bay. Just passing through....gonna have a late lunch in Sudbury.

Trans-Canada Hwy, Sudbury, ON P0M, Canada


Sudbury was not too hospitable!!! First casualty of our trip!!! Luckily it’s on the high side of the windshield.

220 Hwy 17, Nairn Centre, ON P0M 2L0, Canada

Just filled up in Nairn Centre Ont. 2:06 pm $74.36.

2:30- stopped in Espanola at Wendy’s for a quick bite and a Kirby walk. Warm! 28 degrees!

Just booked a cabin in Montreal River Harbour for tonight.

2600 Trans-Canada Hwy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5K7, Canada

6:15 pm -Just gassed up in Sault Ste Marie heading north to Montreal River Harbour for the night.

Gas $48.57 Odo 12450

Sunny 16 degrees

Twilight Resort

Well what can I say! Another great day that ended in this amazing place...The Twilight Resort. We’re sitting out on the deck soaking all this beauty in (I’m so pping on a glass of Diablo Rojo!) This by far has been the best evening! We all love it! Especially, Kirby! A little piece of Canadian heaven. We are so fortunate to call Canada our home. More beautiful pics to come.


Unnamed Road, Montreal River, ON P0S, Canada

Enjoyed a fabulous night at the Twilight Resort. $120.08

Enjoyed a great breakfast that the owner, Dan prepared for us.

The road warriors are on the road at 11 am! 14 degrees and sunny!

More adventures to come!

22 Trans-Canada Hwy, Hemlo, ON P0T, Canada

Barrick Gold Corporation- this is one of their mines here in Hemlo.

Hit gold today with a precious pic! LOL

Speaking of gold, don’t forget to buy your lotto Max ticket for this evening’s jackpot! It’s a biggie!!😊🙏🏻💰

16019 Trans-Canada Hwy, Schreiber, ON P0T 2S0, Canada

3:20pm-Stopped for gas here in Terrace Bay odo 13935. \240$103.39 14 degrees and 😎. Nice walking weather for Kirby.

Powerwashed the van; needed a cleaning badly.

264 ON-17, Nipigon, ON P0T, Canada

Quite the unique looking bridge don’t ya think?

Trans-Canada Hwy, Ignace, ON P0T, Canada

8:16pm (cst)- gassed up $90.39, odo 14393

24 degrees.

Stopped at the nearby Lone Pine Resort but they has no AC!!! Needless to say, we’re back on the road!! The motels in this area don’t seem to present themselves very well. Well try Dryden.

658-700 Trans-Canada Hwy, Dryden, ON P8N 2P6, Canada

11:20pm (CST)-Long day of driving. We are all pooped! Ordered pizza and wings from Pizza Hut and calling it a night!

Got the very last room here in Dryden at The Hideaway Inn. ($123.17)

Hope to be out of Ontario soon!!!! It’s one big province.

Good night all!

658-700 Trans-Canada Hwy, Dryden, ON P8N 2P6, Canada

Good Morning!!!!

10am-And the road warriors are off again!! Great night’s sleep! Sunny and warm!! 23 degrees. Odo 14504 kms.

317 MB-1, Whiteshell, MB R0E 2H0, Canada


Woohoo! We made it to Manitoba!!!!

333-341 Home St, Winnipeg, MB R3G, Canada

We have arrived in Winnipeg!

2:10pm-Gassed up. $71.88 Odo 14865

Winnipeg city centre just ahead.

Legislative building

100 Highland Ave, Brandon, MB R7C 1A9, Canada

Enjoyed a nice meal at Humptie’s! Great quesadillas!! The day is going at a nice pace. And better options for food and lodging! Kirby is searching for a lake but no luck!!

Gassed up $33.82 Odo 15075

Partial clouds and 26 warm degrees! Kirby is panting. LOL we are now on our way to Regina. Time is 5:50 PM central standard time.

Kirby is searching for a lake but no luck!!But he did find a tick! 😠

Update: 15 ticks!!!!!😠😢😡

Long and flat roads already!

Trans-Canada Hwy, Fleming, SK S0G 1R0, Canada

In the blink of an eye we just crossed into Saskatchewan.

We drove asa far as Regina tonight. Nice drive today. The only downside was Kirby had 15 ticks on him tonight. Manitoba was not kind to our Kirby. Tomorrow we’re taking him to an off leash park that has a creek so he’ll love the water. He may even go for a doggy shampoo after that. Terry and I plan on having a very relaxing day tomorrow. Our plan is to go to Saskatoon to meet up with Kaleigh and Khelsea, PJ‘s daughter’s, and have a bite to eat with them. We will play it by ear after that.

We are snug as bugs here at the Country inns and suites in Regina. We have a beautiful room we’ve got the air conditioning going, Terry is having a bite to eat, I had a wonderful shower and I’m sipping on a glass of wine and Kirby is stretched out on the floor enjoying the air conditioning. Good night all!

4900 13th Ave, Regina, SK S4T 4W8, Canada

Had a great night stay at the Country Inm and Suites. $150.20

Odo-15475 21 degrees and cloudy/windy. Very nice!

When we arrived at the motel, we thought we should check Kirby for more ticks. Wow! We found between then and now approximately 30 ticks on him!

So, this morning we took him for some quality doggie time at a wonderful off leash park then we took him to a doggie wash at PetSmart. More ticks!! The hair dryer at the shop was great for spreading his fur to look for more. And guess what! There were more. Terry says Kirby hit the motherload of ticks.

While I was bathing Kirby, Terry got the windshield repaired! It was right out in the parking lot of PetSmart!

Louis Riel Trail, Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0, Canada

So long, Regina, we were really impressed with your city!

The Road Warriors are off again! We’re on our way to Saskatoon to see Khelsea, Kaleigh and Raff.

259 Louis Riel Trail, Chamberlain, SK S0G 0R0, Canada

Just gassed up in Chamberlain Saskatchewan

15565 kms-$85.98

309 SK-11, Chamberlain, SK S0G 0R0, Canada

2 pm- So, just got pulled over by the RCMP for me not wearing my seatbelt as a passenger. Luckily, he was a really nice officer and let us go. And, he stated that it was all Terry‘s fault! LOL

Leopolds Tavern - Rosewood

Had a great time with these guys!!

5615 46 St, Lloydminster, AB T9V 0E6, Canada

9:30 pm-Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Just arrived from Saskatoon to Lloydminster. It is freezing here! Apparently they had a big storm here last night lots of wind and rain falling trees and even hail!

We had a great, easy drive from Saskatoon to here. Terry played the tunes, I looked up the lyrics and sang \240as we drove. Time flew by!!

I think Kirby wants to stay here because it’s so cold. He loves it!

We are staying this evening at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Lloydminster. Nice hotel!!

Night all!!

5608 44 St, Lloydminster, AB T9V 0B6, Canada

10:15am-The Road Warriors are off again! Cold and damp. Showing 9 degrees. Brrr!

Had a great stay at the Holiday Inn and Suites here in Lloydminster. ($124.25) Had a great breakfast at Smitty’s.

Gassed up and ready to go. Odo-16025kms $97.95

Just shortly after leaving our hotel in Lloydminster, we entered Alberta!!!

Somebody’s happy! His first Tim Hortons in days!

2514 Trans-Canada Hwy, Sherwood Park, AB T8A, Canada

12:45-Just reached Edmonton! 13° and cloudy. Just passing through. Our goal today is to make it to Jasper. We figure we’ll get there between five and six this evening and stay there. Perhaps, even spend the night in the van. That way, when we get up in the morning we’ll l be able to see all the beautiful scenery as we travel south to Lake Louise.

5021 47 Ave, Entwistle, AB T0E 0S0, Canada

2:15-Windy, blustery cold damp day! Great for driving except the wind is making it very hard on gas. Not as cheap as we thought ...$1.32 a litre. Gassed up $80 Odo 16378 kms. 13 degrees.


3:30-Just stopped at your friendly Wal-Mart for some things. 160 kms from Jasper.

We got our first view of the Rockies!!


And so it begins....

Yellowhead Hwy, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, Canada


Only $19.60 to enter the park!

Maligne Lake Rd, Jasper, AB T0E, Canada

Well we are taking a little detour to a place called the Maligne Valley. Spectacular scenery!!! And, we saw a black bear!! Took a video.

More spectacular photos...Terry said if Da was here, he’d freak because of the fantastic fishing here! We saw sooo many large fish! Lots of guys come here to fish!

Filled up out tank...$71.14 at 9:40pm \24016 750 kms. $27.40 for campground. Deal!!!!!!!

See the elk!!!??? I do!

Wapiti Trail, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, Canada

Our first night camping!!!! Not by choice but it worked out. We had supper at the Dead Dog 😢Tavern. Great food!

We then searched out some pet friendly motels and there was no vacancy. Perfect opportunity to camp!! So. we stopped at The Wapiti Campground. Amazing facility!! It was late by the time we arrived there so we went right to bed (after an episode of Suits!!)

Its 11:00 and we’re on the road for another day of adventure!! Lake Louise here we come!

More stunning photos...

Tramline, Lake Louise, AB T0L, Canada

Lake Louise...

Some photos enroute to Lake Louise...

Mountain goats!!!!

1319 Hwy 1 Frontage Rd, Golden, BC V0A 1H0, Canada

Just stopped in Golden at the Golden Arches!! Mmmmm McDonald’s!!

Just filled up $66.79 \24017080 kms (roughly)

418 1 St W, Revelstoke, BC V0E, Canada

Just checked into a motel in Riverstoke. Bought Kirby some burger at the local grocery. Now, we relaxing at a restaurant called Emo’s.. Terry ordered his pizza and I’m having liver and onions. Can’t wait to go to bed. The bed in the van has to be made into a double!!

Kirby says, “Night all!”

2100 Oak Dr, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S1, Canada

Good morning!! Had a wonderful sleep at the Coast Hillcrest Hotel in Revelstoke. ($155.25) Beautiful place; a ski resort in winter surrounded by you know it! MOUNTAINS! LOL

It’s 11am and the Road Warriors are off again! We are going to Abbotsford to meet up with a childhood friend of Terry’s.

We’ll probably not make it to Bear Mointain tonight. That’s okay cuz we have all the time in the world! lol

Our hotel...

Just leaving Revelstoke... nice day, cloudy and 12 degrees.

Coquihalla Hwy, Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0, Canada

Just stopped in Kamloops for a bite to eat. Nice city!!

Should be a rather quick trip to Abbotsford as the speed limit is…

Coquihalla Hwy, Merritt, BC V1K, Canada

Just gassed up...$84.17...Odo...17565 Rain and 15 \240degrees.

Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford

Had a great meal at the TownHall Restaurant in Abbotsford with Terry’s friend, Jim, \240that he hasn’t seen in 42 years! After that, we booked a room at the Sandman Hotel and Suites here. Beautiful room!! Kirby likes it too!!

Tomorrow, we get to see Chris and Jenn!!!! Yeehaw!!!

Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford

Great night stay in Abbotsford! Beautiful hotel. Nice and close to the highway.

Just about there!!! On the ferry!

2002 Bear Mountain Pkwy, Victoria, BC V9B, Canada

Let the games begin!!!


2830 Millstream Rd, Victoria, BC V9B, Canada

Waiting in line for breakfast at Floyd’s. The food was fabulous!!!!

Goofin’ around...while working on their quads and hamstrings! 😂

2001 Bear Mountain Pkwy, Victoria, BC V9B 6R3, Canada

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad to our fur baby, KIrby!

Off they go for the mountain hike!!!

Here’s the mountain!

They made it!!

1289 Bear Mountain Pkwy, Victoria, BC V9B 0B7, Canada

Chris gave us an amazing tour of Bear Mountain this morning!! I can’t stop using the “stunning” word!

Gassed up —-18031. $48.05

2002 Bear Mountain Pkwy, Victoria, BC V9B, Canada

You guys sure made us feel welcomed!


As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. What a fabulous time we had here with Chris, Jenn and the kitties! They certainly made us feel at home here in this paradise. Chris...Jenn...you outdid yourselves! Terry and I appreciate everything you did for us making your casa our casa. Until next time...Love, Terry, Kirby and me. Xoxo

Bear Mountain Resort

Left Jenn and Chris’ Odo 18037kms. 10am

4:37- just entered Washington!! No prob at the border! Yay!

Some photos along the way…

Very pretty country!

1404 N Dolarway Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926, USA

Stopped for the night in Ellenburg Washington at the Econo lodge at 8 PM. We were very very fortunate to get the last room here. all hotels in the area were full.

Kirby says “Good night!” ( He’s got his own bed tonight and he’s loving that air conditioner behind him!

1390 N Dolarway Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926, USA

What a great sleep at this Econo Lodge! Kirby had his own bed and slept on it all night. He certainly enjoyed the air conditioner that was next to him. our goal today is to make it to Bozeman Montana. We have already made reservations at a Motel 6 there. It’s crazy how the hotels book up so fast.

1390 N Dolarway Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926, USA

What a great sleep at this Econo Lodge! Kirby had his own bed and slept on it all night. He certainly enjoyed the air conditioner that was next to him. our goal today is to make it to Bozeman Montana. We have already made reservations at a Motel 6 there. It’s crazy how the hotels book up so fast.

Hotel $94.88 usd

10:30 on the road. Gassed up $61.14 odo18546 in Ellensburg. Great night at the econo lodge. Heading for Bozeman tonight. Made reservations at the Motel 6.

Sprague Lake Rest Area EB

1:00-Stopped at a rest area to walk Kirby. A nice lady turned on the hose for Kirby to get refreshed!! So nice!

Just entered Montana and gassed up. Haugan is the community. $53.81 19012kms 26 degrees

810 Mandeville Dr, Bozeman, MT 59715, USA

We had a great day of driving. We drove about 900 km from \240Ellensburg Washington to Bozeman Montana. We also passed through Idaho which took us about an hour. We made several stops and took some pictures along the way and I’ll post them soon. We are now snug as bugs at the Motel 6 in Bozeman Montana. The room is great and air-conditioned! Kirby especially loves that.

Because we’re not using our data down here as we travel through the states, my pictures for Journo don’t get posted as quickly. I will get things fixed up soon. Good night all!

Oh, and by the way, we have made reservations at a hotel in Bismarck North Dakota for tomorrow night. That’s about an 8 1/2 hour drive for us tomorrow. Should be fun!

810 Mandeville Dr, Bozeman, MT 59715, USA

Happy summer everyone!We are off to start another day! Had another pretty good sleep. All is well. Thought I’d snap a quick picture while Terry loads the van. Pictures still need to be uploaded from previous days.

We have a 900 km journey to Bismarck North Dakota today. We also lose another hour because of the time change. Brenda, still not certain when we’ll get to your house.


Fill up @ 930am- $57.12 Odo 19487

Hotel-$147.51 motel 6

Just stopped in to Terry, Montana for gas. Had to ! LOL

Odo 20019. $61.67

1003 Gateway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58503, USA

Long day of driving through mountains! Terry and I feel like the “City Slickers”! LOL

We got to Bismarck earlier than anticipated but it was really nice. I looked like the wreck of the hespress today and couldn’t wait to clean up!! So, out came the rollers and baby powder! \240😂lol

Before that, we took Kirby by for a long walk and I went to Kmart!! Nothing there but it was nice to get some retail therapy! We ordered a pizza and I’m sitting in a lazy boy with my nifty hair dryer from Sally’s.

Thought you guys might like a laugh!

Terry’s busy planning our route for tomorrow.

And.here’s the boy...dead to the world!

Gonna watch a couple of episodes of Suits and hit the sack. I will post our itinerary tomorrow morning before we leave the motel. It’s taking us longer than we thought to get to Brenda’s!

I-94, Sterling, ND 58572, USA

Just leaving Bismarck @ 8:56 am. Had a \240great stay. Planning to make it to Ironwood Wisconsin which is on the border of Michigan. Pretty long day ahead! And, I just learned that there is major flooding enroute to Ironwood and there are detours. Not great when it’s the last leg of the day and we’re both tired. Wish us luck!

Motel $80.49

Gas $51.15

Odo 20400

On the road again!

US-52 & I-94 & S University Dr, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Just passing through Fargo. Looks like a big city. Stopped for a coffee for Terry and a nice long walk for Kirby and a hose down!

US-52 & I-94 & S University Dr, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Just passing through Fargo. Looks like a big city. Stopped for a coffee for Terry and a nice long walk for Kirby and a hose down!

311 State St NE, Glyndon, MN 56547, USA

We’re feeling the spirit of Mary Tyler Moore as well as Bob Dylan and Prince as we warrior through Minnesota!

And for the record, the scenery is much better here! Somewhat like Home.

29101 MN-210, Staples, MN 56479, USA

Just passing through Staples, Minnesota. Adding entries for our map. Going to make a stop within the hour in Baxter Minnesota for some Kentucky fried chicken. We’re getting a little tired of burgers at McDonald’s.

29101 MN-210, Staples, MN 56479, USA

Just passing through Staples, Minnesota. Adding entries for our map. Going to make a stop within the hour in Baxter Minnesota for some Kentucky fried chicken. We’re getting a little tired of burgers at McDonald’s.

Just filled up in Baxter total cost $52.02 the odometer reading is 20948 temperature is 27° now we’re going to have Kentucky fried chicken! Yeah!

1200 State Hwy 13, Ashland, WI 54806, USA
Days Inn by Wyndham Hurley

Well, when we woke up this morning, we felt we had a very difficult day ahead. Mainly because there was a flood around the area where our next hotel stay would be. Roads were closed and being rerouted because of three days of steady rain. We weren’t sure what that meant for us getting to our destination. Anyway, thanks to Brenda helping us out, we had a very enjoyable drive today. We are now snug as bugs in our hotel room. We are ready for a couple of episodes of Suits! LOL \240Brenda, we will keep in touch with you now that we have data. We are thinking that we may be arriving around 6 PM tomorrow! Yay!!

Someone’s waiting for us to unpack the car and get into our hotel room!

Waiting for his KFC!!

Temperature in the KFC parking lot!!!

Had to stop for an ice cream.

Good morning! Yes, it is a good morning! We are off to see Brenda ,Terry , Amanda and Clark and Trooper!!!! Can’ wait!!The road warriors are off at 10 am. Beautiful sunny day 30 balmy degrees!

Just gassed up 12:50 EST at Covington Mich.



Ishpeming, Michigan

1030 US-2, St Ignace, MI 49781, USA

Just stopped at McDonald’s for some Wi-Fi and a burger and also to gas up.

Gas $46.51 Odo 21853

2400 Wheeler Street, Midland, MI 48642, USA


2404 E Wheeler St

Arrived at Brenda and Terry’s last evening. Had a wonderful night. Amanda , Clark and Trooper came to visit us. Jenn, they gave us a couple of Yeti mugs!!!

We even got to help celebrate Amanda’s 40th birthday which is arriving on the 26th.

2404 E Wheeler St

What a fabulous week we had here at Brenda and Terry's...Shopping, playing cards, story telling, a little plumbing lol, \240drinking, eating waaaay too much and lots of laughing. What didn't we do??!!We will definitely be back to this hotel! Terry K. had the best sleeps! (wink, wink) Can't thank you enough, Brenda & Terry! Xoxo

Now, we are off today to Terry's sister, Jan's in Port Rowan, Ont. We will be there for probably five days and Terry will get to see his mom each of those days. We're hoping he will be able to take her for some drives that she loves sooo much!

Gassed up at exit 196 /7 kms from the border. $38.00 3pm


Just approaching Tillsonburg where Terry’s mom lives. Gonna grab a Harvey’s 😄 and then we’re off to Jan’s.

110 Balsam Trail

Arrived at Jan’s at 7 PM. Great day of driving! 28° and sunny. A glorious evening.

110 Balsam Trail

Another great week gone by! Thank you Janice for a wonderful stay with you! We got to visit Terry’s mom in Tillsonburg and spend some time with her. Boy, she loves her drives and we were so fortunate to have the van to take her in!

The Road Warriors are off again! 10am-This is the last leg of our fabulous trek and we are looking forward to getting home soon. We are off to Drummondville tonight!


Just Passing through Hamilton. Gotta love the 407 ETR!!! Next check in...Toronto!

Express Toll Route, Woodbridge, ON L4L, Canada

Moving right along! This Express Toll Route saves a lot of sitting in traffic. Well worth the $70!!!!

Express Toll Route, Markham, ON L3P, Canada

Wonder what this guy is up to today?!!

Hell’s Angel Ontario Chapter.

Hwy of Heroes, Port Hope, ON L1A 3V7, Canada

Just gassed up at Port Hope. Approximately $73 odometer reading 23499 km it’s 10 to 2 and 32° and sunny! Having a little lunch...pie squares...Terry is having steak and egg and I’m having chicken pot.

Update: They were delicious! 🥧

ON-401, Joyceville, ON K0H 1Y0, Canada

Just passing through Brenda’s old neck of the woods...exit to Smiths Falls.

108 Brockmere Cliff Dr, Lyn, ON K0E 1M0, Canada

Just stopped to stretch our legs here in Brockville. 38°! Wow!

Stuck in traffic the past 30 minutes. Not sure what’s going on or when it’s going to end!

2 Route Terre Rouge, Saint-Apollinaire, QC G0S 2E0, Canada

Long day yesterday. Spent 2 hours in traffic (bad accident). Then when we got to Drummondville, the hotel’s air conditioner was not up to Kirby’s standards so we trucked on to Apollinaire. We had a lovely stay at the Econo Lodge.

Unsure of how today is going to go, whether we’re going to be home tonight or not. I’ll keep you posted!

9:30-The Road Warriors are off again!

10 minutes on the road and we see Quebec City...

Autoroute Jean-Lesage, Saint-PacΓ΄me, QC G0L 3X0, Canada

Just doing a check-in for my map.

Autoroute Jean-Lesage, Saint-PacΓ΄me, QC G0L 3X0, Canada

Just doing a check-in for my map.

17 Rue des Vinaigriers, Rivière-du-Loup, QC G5R 5L7, Canada

Another check-in...Rivière du Loup!

Little Falls St, Edmundston, NB, Canada

Made it to New Brunswick. I remember stopping here in Grand Falls McDonald’s parking lot \24017 years ago with Ma and Glenda. We were on our way home from Brenda’s in Michigan and met up with Jason here. He was working for a telephone company I believe.

236 NB-16, Aulac, NB E4L 2M5, Canada

Can’t go by without paying Glenda a visit!

Here’s the text message....

Me;(inquiring about her colonoscopy)How are you feeling? Making up for lost meals?

Glenda: Feeling good, had fish for supper. Tired, going to bed after the Wheel. Where are you?

Me: On or way to your place. LOL

Glenda; Really? Good-see you in 1 1/2 hours

Me: Yup. You can go to bed if you’re tired. I’m tired too!

Glenda: I just got a new life!!

Me: See ya soon!

Glenda: For sure!

TOO FUNNY!!!😂😂😂😂

Confederation Bridge, Trans-Canada Hwy, Borden-Carleton, PE, Canada

Confederation Bridge at dusk.

397 Capital Dr, Charlottetown, PE C1E, Canada

Our last stop before Home!! Had a great time at Glenda’s as always!!


Just had awesome fish and chips at Masstown Market!! Delish! Last meal on the road!!!