7 Gull Ct, Patterson Lakes VIC 3197, Australia

Preparation Day

A day with paper and a calculator is crucial for a great road trip.

So, my road trip to Perth from Melbourne should be a culinary experience with fresh local produces and some fun with fishing lines and some bait.

From my researches I have decided it is best to travel light for this road trip meaning there won’t be any gas cooking butane stoves or any camping gear. Just a rice cooker, a wok, three eskys (one for dry food, one for ice, one for drinks), one crab net, one fishing rod, some spices and plenty of water for the trip. My fail safe is instant noodles and some rice.

I have decided I will travel with a touch luxury by booking into exclusive resorts and some lovely villas or spa suites.

My total budget with accommodation for two and petrol is resulting to about $7200 to keep in mind that doesn’t include about $1000 of cigarettes for two for 16 days.

I have double checked all weather and decided it’s going to be a pretty heated trip therefore the esky with ice just incase my air conditioner decide to fail on me again.

The trip will officially start tomorrow. First stop will be Port Augustas, South Australia.

587 State Route 14, Clayton South VIC 3169, Australia

The day we took off

Cloudy, 35 deg c, Melbourne

First stop is for ice at a petrol station for filling up our esky for the trip.

37 Katherine Dr, Ravenhall VIC 3023, Australia

The journey starts

Second \240stop, Port Augustas, South Australia

Air conditioner stopped working at 35 degrees c

So, the air conditioner stopped working and Laurie is swearing again.

116 Main St, Great Western VIC 3374, Australia

Third stop, Great Western, toilet break

A8, Dimboola VIC 3414, Australia

Pink lake

A bit cloudy in pink lakes. Not nice on reflections so decided will come back and take photos on the way back.

A8, Lillimur VIC 3420, Australia

Passing Service town , South Australia

Passing border town with lots of flat land and tree. That’s the entrance to Australia wheat country.


Border town drive by

27 National Highway A8, Coonalpyn SA 5265, Australia

The grain transfer station

Dukes Hwy, Coonalpyn SA 5265, Australia

Some where in the middle of no where

Murray Bridge

Murray bridge


Into Adelaide

National Highway A1, Virginia SA 5120, Australia

Getting Dark, on the way to Port Augusta

Cloudy, light shower, almost non existent shower

Crossroads Ecomotel

Arrival at port Augusta

Cross roads Ecomotel

For dinner we ate shin ramen and Jin tang fei Niu and some tree fungus salad.

Saw an interesting poem. As they say. Ask for lemons and life will really give you lemons.

43-45 Eyre Hwy, Port Augusta West SA 5700, Australia

Day two

Heading to Ceduna by passing streaky and smoky bay.

Leaving Ecomotel, rested nicely and heading out to a caravan park in Ceduna

National Highway A1, Katunga Station SA 5600, Australia
5 Nugent Rd, Kimba SA 5641, Australia
Streaky Bay Rd, Poochera SA 5655, Australia

First detour of the trip- streaky bay

Streaky Bay Marine Products Pty Ltd

Went and bought marine products and local fish and chips

1 South Terrace, Smoky Bay SA 5680, Australia

Smoky bay

Ceduna Shelly Beach Caravan Park & Beachfront Villas

Checking in at Shelly’s beach caravan park Ceduna

Caravan Park Shelly Bch, 178 Decres Bay Rd, Ceduna SA 5690, Australia

First decent dinner on the trip

So for dinner today we prepared :

Smoky bay oyster:

Freshly shucked

With wasabi and soya sauce

Freshly shucked streaky bay oyster steamed with ginger and spring onion with a sprig of coriander

Prepared abalone with wasabi and soya sauce dressing

Prepared abalone with soya vinegar sauce and a home made spicy oil

Tree fungus with coriander and soya , garlic and home made spicy oil

Green banana prawns local oven baked with garlic, chilli and numbing pepper sauce

To top all this off

Melbournes own mountain goat pale ale.

Hopefully we would be able to feast off on fresher and better ingredients tomorrow.


Trip started to border village


Laurie’s food poisoning supply


So we are going through the Nullarbor

Head Of The Bight Lookout

We went and saw the great bright

Border Village Roadhouse

Then we arrived at our accommodation for the new year eve

Went and visited the sand dunes and the beach and nearly got lost at the dunes.

Cooked food, killed the electrical box due to dead rice cooker

Weebubbie Cave

Decided to do something adventurous today

But I believe Laurie really didn’t like it. Going to visit the lovely caves around the place.

Did a bit of old school navigation borrowing Trevor’s map.

Walked the last 2km.

After the trip

The best thing is a bottle of cold ale.


Arriving at cocklebiddy

A pretty flat town

Madura Pass Oasis Motel

Heading out to Kalgoorlie today

Getting bug attacked on the way to caiguna

National Highway 1, Caiguna WA 6443, Australia

The straight road (longest )

It’s pretty tiring to drive straight under bug attack.

BP Truckstop

After bug attack, it’s rain. But didn’t really help in rinsing the car down.

Laurie Washing the bug attack

Kalgoorlie - Boulder

Filling up at Norseman


Heading to Perth Western Australia


Finally at Perth

As per normal.

State Route 2, Connolly WA 6027, Australia

We are going to the pinnacles today. Haven’t been there is about 10 years or more now. Lovely Perth weather of 25 degrees. Always cooled down by the Indian Ocean.

Lobster Shack

Arriving at lobster shack , after lunch heading out to the pinnacles

Food at lobster shack is pretty average but it is presented in a summer breeze.

477 State Route 8, Welshpool WA 6106, Australia

Leaving Perth today heading to Esperance, 710km drive

Strange Rd, Jelcobine WA 6306, Australia

Really meandering drive

Rotary Tourist Park

A village town toilet break

And also an interesting way of passing toilet paper

The brick wall is about 2 meter high


In a town of 400 population

Really interesting fuel station

State Route 40, Mount Madden WA 6356, Australia

The huge wheat belt hwy showing that Australia is not lacking any food.



The biggest town so far

The Jetty Resort

Arrived at Esperance

Twilight Beach Rd

Did the great ocean drive visited twilight beach, didn’t see any skippys. Better luck tomorrow maybe.

Eleven Mile Beach Rd, Pink Lake WA 6450, Australia

Went and saw the not so pink pink lake

Cape Le Grand Rd, Merivale WA 6450, Australia

Went to a national park that is suppose to be one of the least walked on.

Lucky Bay

Then went to the worlds whitest beach

But with a lot of seaweed

Coastal Walk Trail, Cape Le Grand WA 6450, Australia

Then went to a stone that is 3km walk to the top of 265m high. I gave up in my lovely sandles

Coastal Walk Trail, Cape Le Grand WA 6450, Australia

Further to that we decided to really go on a walk with a 40min return.

White sand blue aqua, green fringe it is a dream location to day dreamers like me. Need to spend more time on my next visit


Heading back to border village

National Highway 1, Mundrabilla WA 6443, Australia

Went across the Nullarbor again and did a bit more on the journey back. Tomorrow will be at streaky bay for some nicer food. So far so ok.

Balladonia Hotel Motel

Went by a real interesting town were the space ship dropped during the Western Australia pageant was held

7 Wharff Dr, Perlubie SA 5680, Australia

Had a lovely day driving, went pass Ceduna without regrets and went and bought smoky bay oysters again. Then went and bought abalone from streaky bay and finally rested at tonight’s stay for the next three days. It’s a lovely black villa in Perlubie seas

Saw sunset finally