Many of you have asked why I don’t have \240a blog.  The truth is I started a \240blog years ago.  When blogs were actually popular and people followed them.  I just didn't do a very good job of keeping up with it.

My introduction from almost a decade ago when I started my first blog is still how I feel. \240I love that God has a sense of humor. Here it is:

“Some people say when God made them He broke the mold. \240I think we are all special and uniquely different, no molds needed. \240What my family is known for is making God laugh. God sees all the disasters and craziness in the world going on, and then He looks over at my little corner of the earth...and grins.”

I called it “Making God Laugh”. Appropriately enough.

I love writing and sharing stories and photos.  Reflection is so powerful and meaningful.  And having a place to share it all is therapeutic for me. \240It’s a way for me to look for the good in each day, the funny, the silver linings, the things that might relate me to you. \240And I love to look back and see where God has brought me from. From sweet memories to embarrassing moments... from first times to last ones. \240They make up this life of mine. \240We only get one life and my memory is not the greatest. \240So, writing and taking pictures is my cure.

I’m not advertising advice or influence. I’m not selling anything or giving you recipes. \240I’m just here, writing down my life. One day at a time.

Anyway, I'd love for you to follow along \240with me on this journey, and I hope you'll share some of your stories along the way, too.  

These are our latest family photos. I didn’t post the “good” ones. \240Just the ones that describe us best. ❤️

These 3. \240Different as the sun, moon, and stars. \240But they make my world go round.

You can clearly tell whom the rebel of the family is.

A few years ago we started taking road trips on New Year’s Day. \240Just day trips, nothing major, but somewhere new and fun to take the family. \240This is probably the last one we will actually do on New Year’s Day, though. \240Everything is closed and we lose out on some fun stuff because of that. \240So next year, we will still take a day trip on Christmas break, just on a day where most normal things still stay open.

Today we road up to Mt. Airy, NC. The place Andy Griffith called home.

Selfies with 5 people are ridiculous. Jett pretty much always has the RBF going on. \240I jokingly say she gets it from her daddy.

My boys were all sad because this is where they’d planned to eat lunch. And it was closed.

Seth has watched a show about these conjoined twins. \240He was very fascinated.

We visited the museum, which was basically the only thing that was open and there were lots of fun photo ops available. \240Although sometimes it’s hard to get Seth and Jett to completely cooperate on posing. Their motto: “you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.” I’m normally too tired to argue that.

We did walk downtown, grab some candy, and enjoy the views. \240

We also visited the worlds largest granite rock quarry.

It was pretty cool, but their poses were cooler.

And just because we could...we drove an extra 20 minutes to the Virginia border. \240Just to get this photo, let the kids say they’d been to a new state, and a potty break.

Now everyone is passed out in the backseat. \240I’m hoping I get a few minutes of 😴 too.

Happy new year, everyone!

We have a jail breaker! Don’t just stand there, go get her!

Getting Jett to take a nap every day is my favorite time of day. It’s also my least favorite.

We go through all the feelings as I try and get her to sleep. \240Joy, frustration, laughter, boredom, insanity.

At bedtime we place her in her crib and she’s out in minutes. \240It’s glorious. \240She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 18 months I feel like \240it’s our reward for surviving that.

I could probably train her to fall asleep there for her nap too... but I don’t. \240I haven’t.

Having older kids I know how fast this stage goes.... and I do catch myself trying to soak it up more this time. So nap time is my cuddle time. And it lets me have an excuse to slow down for a bit every day, too.

Don’t get me wrong, some days I NEED her to sleep in her crib so I can get stuff done. \240And some days I just want time completely to myself...with no one touching me. Right now I’m sweating to death because she insisted on two blankets. Add in her body heat and it’s a sweltering 134 degrees in this living room.

Today she was exceptionally hard to get to go to sleep, for no apparent reason.

At first it was cute because I’d fuss at her and she’d squeeze my neck. \240One time she even reached up and gave me butterfly kisses. \240She knows how to play the game. She’s expert level rotten. \240And she’s only two.

Then she begged to lay on the couch. \240I knew it wouldn’t work but I let her try anyway. \240This was comical, but it obviously didn’t last long.

Next, I threatened with the crib and then followed through with that threat. She screamed and cried for a good 15 minutes.

I caved and went back for her. \240It was still another 20 minutes af wrestling with her but I finally hour and 52 minutes after I began.

Sweet victory.

Next week we all go back to reality. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get our nap time together, I’m hoping being back on a schedule helps!