Loaded and ready to roll

We might even throw a few shapes out on the way

All tested

19 Meadowlands, Charnock Richard, Chorley PR7 5QH, UK

Well we finally underway after what seems like a lifetime.

Only 300 miles to our first stop

Here we are 😊 we just need to keep trucking and hopefully we will get to Italy in \240time to catch our ferry.

Not the chilled out trip we had hoped for but we will make the most of it when we hit Greece.

Up early off to fill up.

Booked in parked up having breakfast laughing at people buying a coffee and food for tons of money.

We are brewing up having toast all very nice.

French total tosses at passport control should have let the Germans keep them.

Chez nailed the paperwork so where through.

This is tight about 4” each side of the wheels but we are on :)

8 Rue du Port, 51240 Pogny, France

Eurotunel spot on out the other end in no time straight onto empty roads sweet.

Stopped at a rest area to have a chill and watched England on the fire stick, then all fed and watered headed to Pogny a great little spot for the night.

Free pitch water and waste free, living the dream.

Stellplatz an der Reuss

Left our great little camping spot this morning wishing we could have stayed a little longer but Switzerland calls. Hit a bit of heavy traffic but ploughed on throu, located what looked like a great spot for tonight at the base of the Alps.

Wasn’t wrong.

We got settled in and had a chill but the road up to here was well tight in our bus.

Each day weather getting hotter :)

Verona Italy tomorrow we have broke its back this trip put some heavy miles in but seen and found some places to re-visit.



we had a steady start today due to the fact we where up the mountains. These roads would be so much more fun on my bike.

But once we got on the highway we where trucking. Never been through as many tunnels, the drive through Switzerland is something else. When we come back here we will be staying a lot longer.

We got to the Italian border it was rammed with police and border officials so we expected to be grilled.

Nod and straight through no point filling our PLF in but it saved us a load of paperwork grilling, we decided to run on so tonight we are camped up at Monza next to this little race track.


Area Sosta Camper NaturAmica


We had the maddest travel to date Italians can not drive for toffee fact. We where in traffic jams cars crashing at the side of us, lost my Fiat badge off the front due to flying bag 😩 will have to locate one soon.

But we got here in the end.

Sun mad hot and expected to get hotter.

Settling down to some fodder now cheers.

Off to find a beach tomorrow need a swim.


Sunset Just in time to watch footie


Hello campers

what a start today we thought we would be tracking on to get a chill out at a beach 🤔 no didn’t happen hit roadworks only moved 30 K in 2 hrs gutted, but nice scenery.

That’s the sea I was supposed to be swimming in 30mins ago 😩

This was our detour option but didn’t put in the skies so opted to sit and wait.

Eventually got to our designated pitch for the night only to discover it was closed and looked a sh*****le, so happy about that tramped on and stumbled across a little pitch across from a busy beach.

Handbrake on 15 mins later

4 beers later

Beach bar 6 Peroni 10€

Where moving here 👌

Love the sea will try to get Chez in next time

Off for our tea now bye

🤛 boom



Set off on ferry today \240we should be arriving in Greece early tomorrow, we won’t miss the Italian traffic or drivers.

Bye bye Italy 😎

Hello Greece

Roll on down to Preveza


What a beautiful start to our day sun shining blue skies heading down to Preveza.

Cheese pasty and strong coffee

Landed Chez on auto pilot setting up just unloading before it gets too hot.

So happy to be with my boat ❤️❤️❤️


Looks like food time followed by chillax.

All set for our next few days got beach bag packed cool box, scoot loaded.

Great evening with some old mates down at the marina.

Off to bed.


Hi all

nice lay in this morning a few coffee’s then work to do.

Up the ladders and got a lot of dirt to clean off our boat.

4 hrs later still on it suns getting hot now 30+ today, soon be time to chill.

She’s looking better now she’s all washed off, put my canopy up coz I’ll be inside tomorrow and it’s gets too hot.

Plenty reading and sun and a bit of footie with out tea.




Early start this morning had some deck work to do got a little carried away and didn’t come down till 14.00 oh.

Chez has been soaking the sun up today as it’s a public holiday today in Greece.

Managed to have a wander to where we unusually launch our boat to see some happy sailors setting off.

A bit jealous but eh

Looking out over the marina looks great.

Well I add some more later if we venture out.



Bit of a lay in this morning but eventually got up and finished my solar panel and paddle board frame on the boat.

It all ready now for panels n board.

We had a run into Preveza today to sort a bit of paperwork out regarding our residency.

In other words handing more money over.

But we met up with some friends for a beer n chat.

Chez getting better on the scooter.

Heading back now for a chill late tea tonight then off to marina for footie.

A cool 35 here today hotting up, looking to finish work Thursday and head off to the island of Lefkada for the weekend.


Another beautiful day here today, I don’t think it ever rains here.

Only going to work on the boat till 11 ish from now on it’s getting too hot, had to take out a seacock today it must have been 40 plus below deck.

Got it out ok but need to wait for replacement, got cleaned up and went for a swim with Chez.

After a cooling off I joined Chez for a cool one.

Scooting into Preveza tomorrow to pickup some gear.

Spending this evening planning our road trip at the weekend looking to go over to Lefkada for few days.


Hi all

Much 5he same today cracked on with some work on the boat, met a few new people passed a few hours chatting so sacked work off and had a beer.

Chilled out day really it’s getting hotter each day.

Chez knocked another feast up for tea.

Showered and then off on a walk along the coast.

And another beer.

And a cheeky free pudding.

Nice end to another chilled out day.

Ta da


Hey all

My word even the Greeks are saying it’s hot probably 40 today.


title less work today just the easy stuff electrics.

But still had plenty time to swim.

We scooted over to Preveza tonight for a couple of beers and to see some people we haven’t seen for ages, they where well happy to see us back, especially the guy at Mermaid bar/ restaurant where myself and John got wrecked the night before we set off to Crete.

John he would love to have the same night again he said it was the best night they had in there for years and we can’t remember it. Round two John next time.

We had a beer whilst there.

His beer still good.

It’s really nice here.

Bye for now.

Nidri Parking


Off on a little road trip today, Lefkada island.

Sun shining blue skies.

Off to the beach for a good swim.

And a cool one.

Shower chill n changed sun down cooling off nice now.

All bars open but still very quiet, they will survive the season but won’t stand another bad one.

We are doing our bit for the locals.




Busy old day today we going looking for good camp site that we might use for a set week.

Made it to Desimi beach

This is one of our fav places for chilling

Chez checking the sand out ? Or heading to a bar ?


Had a few hours there then headed back

And just by chance we happen to find out that two of our great friends from Windermere where arriving today.

So we did meet up

And this was the start of a great night

Happy days



We headed back to the boatyard after a late night.

Got packed up in about 20 mins then off.

Driving back we said this has got to be one of the prettiest islands around here with the sun shining again it’s ace.

We thought we had timed it well but the bridge was late opening so we had to wait, not a bad place to be stopped for 15 mins.

Last few through off again soon.

I sat reading all afternoon whilst Chez was enjoying herself ironing.

T ra


Had to scoot into Preveza today to sort new passport photos and phones out.

Got back about 1-30

Joined Chez for a chill and lunch

Freezer door hadn’t been closed so I had to de ice the thing and Chez found some water melon lollies had defrosted so she made a Gin with them.

Early tea off to watch footie

Panos for footie n tea

Ended up watching both matches and only leaving gone 12

Bye for now


Quiet day today plenty jobs and cleaning up

Was looking at our trip detail on the tracker.


Another day another job done boats seem to be never ending.

Managed to fit a swim in and had afternoon home made iced coffee.

Seemed to have ended up with our own cat not sure why but maybe if there are any furry friends out there it will get them

Going on a weekend road trip tomorrow to Vanitsa a little town on the inland sea.

Nice wine beach location so looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

T ra

Tzortz, Vonitsa 300 02, Greece

Hi all

Today we had a little run out to Vonitsa a town on the inland sea.

Got set up and needed a swifty to cool us down.

Got our provisions in then went to the beach for a few hours.

Cheap as chips here free parking free umbrellas.

Love it.

This guy pulled up we said jog on pal it’s full.

Just going to have tea then off out on a reccy to find best football bar tonight for tomorrow.


Taverna Marina

Hi all it’s a chill out day today again at the beach.

This not so little fellow joined us today for a swim

We will deffo be coming here again in the boat or campaign van.

Had a great tea to set us up before the footie. Chez can knock some ace food up in that little kitchen, I just set the fans up to cool her off.

Showered and out for about 9 .15 ish

And had a great night watching footie with plenty drinks.

Night night

Barcode all day espresso wine bar

Ohhh only got up at 10 today, sun up big decision to make beach or beach 🤔😎

Cabbaged till about 2 then Chez asked about sharing a Greek Salad I said ye why not.

Our salad

But got chatting to locals they said this place is best sea food about.

So Mussles in Ouzo

Then more beer before we met some friends on their boat for drinks.


After a busy mixed up weekend we left Vonitsa back to Aktio.

Got settled back in start a bit more work tomorrow. Only a bit.

We got all the chores done then.

A cool one

Nice breeze today.

Had a little walk then.

It was just to hot not to

See ya tomorrow

Aktio Marina


had a shopping day for the boat today loaded up like a pack horse.

Lucky no rules around here for travelling loaded up.

Chilled went for a swim.

Went out to Preveza with Chez on scooter to meet Alan n Eileen for a couple of beers.

Got back watched footie till full time, then bed.



Well busy day today fitted new waste tank, bloody hot on that boat.

Then had the afternoon off.

Booked a table at Panos for food and footie.

On our way great looking evening tonight.

Starter 👍 missed a pic of the Greek salad that was massive.


Octopus 🐙

Delicious Chez not like at all.

She had a bit more traditional

We drank more and we won football, all is good.


Aktio Marina

Lay in this morning after our late night, got on with a few more jobs.

Had a mate call to pickup one of my folding bikes.

We don’t use two so I said he could have one.

Read in the sun chilled, talked to Gabby she is coming out week after next yippee.

So just planning where to take her where picking her up in Corfu and dropping her off 10 days later Preveza.

Should be a great 10 days.

Sun setting drinking a real ale Chez on wine.


Aktio Marina

Hi all

Been a proper hot day today I’ve been sorting boat out Chez been sorting paperwork out.

Got my anchor all minted up ready for the water.

Finished and tested new wate tank it was a right git to get in but eh it’s done.

And hopefully tried out a couple of new solar panels on my new frame.

Need to get Mick the fish to do a bit more stainless for next year.

The days are flying by, off on a road trip tomorrow back around the inland sea seen a nice little port that looks cool.


Andrea Stratou 693, Amfilochia 305 00, Greece

Hi we arrived after a steady drive of 26 miles ish.

As we expected the inland sea is full of amazing coves and beaches we could have stopped 4 or 5 times and stayed however we arrived in Amfilochia a small harbour town.

Found a random spot parked up

Got running water on tap and solar so where good to go.

Got a couple of new mates joined us they just seem to be waiting for something.

There are several of them some little some massive.

Headed off for a look round. And a Freddo coffee.

Oh and a pie

Nice place suns up getting to about 1

They always give you free food when you drink.

Had a few headed back to the van.

Sat read chatted nodded chilled.

Didn’t eat had too many nibbles at lunch.

Shower out, had a long walk round the bay.

A couple more drink with snacks of course.

We at the first one with pasties on before I could take a pic 😊

Night night


We started the day chilling knowing we would have a late one.


With some swim mates

Lounge around day swimming chilling getting ready for the game.

Got out for a couple in the afternoon.

Then we lost footie

Glass of port bed 😩

Night night


Early start had to go to Agrinio to immigration to sort out bio cards out.

Gave our paperwork to the official and sat for an hour and a half waiting to be grilled.

Lady came out and said all paperwork in good we will call you in 10 days to take your fingerprints.

So happy that sorted but not great go to go back there twice more.

A good old fashion Greek road crap.

Then these will be exchanged for our bio ones.

Back to boat then scooted into Preveza for a beer with Bonnie and Clydeoss our mates.

Night night


Not so good start to the day, Chez her back is not good we don’t know why but hope it passes soon.

My multimeter is broken so my job list is out the window today.

So went for a spin down the coast to fill the scoot up.

Decided today after a chat that wher3 getting a new fridge unit on the boat, we are fed up of power management and warm beers when we get it wrong.

Home made curry tonight lovely, having an early one tonight.

Only 5 sleeps before Gabby gets here ❤️👍

Night night

Aktio Marina

Hi all

quiet day today Chez’s \240back still not fully sorted.

So Chez pottered and I got loads don’t just finishing things off.

Temp fitted solar panels.

Wired them in with new control box.

Getting loads of power now gone from 100w to 480w.

So now to make Chez’s day I fitted an inverter.

So she can have her two favourite items working from the sun.

Coffee pod machine 👍

And her Iron

I don’t need the latter.

Anyway off to Panos for our 1/2 litre of red and white before bed.

Night night

Aktio Marina

Steady away day today sat in the sun reading and chatted about our return trip route.

It keeps changing due to COVID restrictions.

But it don’t matter till August coz Habby coming on Monday for 10 days of beaches bars chillaxing.

Had a great chicken dish Chez made watched a movie then bed.

Night night



Had a run out today to get a bit of gear n stuff.

Ready for our road trip tomorrow, been sorting boat out ready to leave it for a week or so.

Where heading up to Nissos tomorrow setting up for when Gabby arrives.

Checked out a few places to stop overnight in the camper this looks a good one.

Had a beer too whilst there.

Had a good scoot back to the campa


Hey chilled out start to th3 day then we got rolling.

Got our provisions for the road. Then set up at our new pitch.

30ft walk the beach

Had a chill for a few hours then setup for the Challenge cup final

What a game great to watch.

Thought about looking around no rush found a bar 2 mins away perfect.

Large beer right money stayed till sunset, why not.

Back for supper then bed

Night night


Chilled out day today sun sea sand, got the van ready for Gabby arriving.

It’s so hot here and no masks 👍🍺👍



Big day going for Gabby picking her up today from Corfu.

Shot off on the scooter at 7.45 to Preveza.

Picked car up, cam back to Nissos beach to lift Cheryl then off to Igoumenitsa to get ferry to Corfu.

Double Greek coffee to start my day strong ain’t the word.

Then on the ferry

Again a beautiful day calm seas

The old port Corfu

Hour n half arrived Corfu. Had a beer thought better to wait at a bar than airport for an hour.

Lifted Gabby back to ferry via a bar.

Ferry back hour n 10 back to Nissos beach by 7 dropped the girls off the I shot off to take car back.

Girls settled in.

Few beers and a sunset before showers n tea.

We where all starving but as usual over ordered but food was great.

So was the Red wine.

Night night

Unnamed Road, Pidima Kiras 481 00, Greece

Hi great day today beach beach beach.

Swim swim swim

This place is very good

The sea is the cleanest yet

Only got back to the van at 9

Food and a chill with a beer

Night night

Camping NISSOS

Beach beach beach again today

Then into Preveza to lift a car to Agrinio tomorrow for finger prints at cop shop.

Called into our mates at Mermaid for a beer and some food tonight he was in good spirits showing off his new BBQ in his kitchen

Finished off with lemonchello slammers


Another great beach day today after going to Agrinio to get our finger prints taken for our residency.

Thought these where cool beach safe boxes, not sure needed here but eh

Early night after the biggest tossed salad this side of Texas Chez made there was some left.

Night night


Well we left our last pitch this morning hopeing it would be as good at the next one.

So we hit the road

The steepest hill yet in our bus.

Then hit the open road. To our new destination. Poros.

Stopped at the bridge at Lefkada to let the boats throu then on

Poros nice place great tavernas sea mint.

Beer cold

Chez doing a curry tonight so I’m off

Night night

Poros Beach Camping Bungalows


This bay is getting a bit busy so where moving on tomorrow, had a chill out on the beach.

Gabby keeping herself entertained.

We went up to the pool bar about 5 ish for a beer.

And a chill it see,s to be getting hotter again here.

Having a late tea and a couple of drinks.

Night night

Nautilus Diving Club

Early start to the day but the road is so narrow we need to get out of Poros before cars start to arrive.

Landed at Vasiliki parked up on the beach road, sun was up and the day looked to be a hot one. I opened the awning to keep the sun off the van a little. Then went to the beach.

Found a shaded area to chill for the day with a few beers.

Gabby on pints of Mythos.

About 6 sat in a bar near the van, police turned up at the van so I went over they said we where illegally camping on the beach because our awning was on the beach by 4ft.

After a bit of discussion we got a 300€ fine, yes 300€.

No debate needless to say we moved the van stayed the night and looking to move on more educated on the law and the police where jobsworths.

Had a great night out with Alan n Eileen last night they turned up on there boat.

Best Pizza in Greece that’s why we came now the most expensive pizza in Greece 😊.

Our new parking spot was very busy all night with traffic, deffo moving on to new pitch.

Night night


Had our second night here after our shocking day yesterday, been and paid my €300 fine no discount.

Then headed off to the beach.

Snacked all day so we thought late tea.

And cocktails

Then some great Seafood Chez shot throu and had stuffed peppers.

Calamari grilled


Half litre red then bed.


Get away early to make most of the day.

Steady drive over the hills only about 40 mins

Got parked up

Straight to the beach.

Met up with an old friend Pedro who we ended up pissed with so no pictures just us rocking.

Late back to van quick shower and chat with our Romania neighbours then back out.

One of these each then bed

Aktio Marina

Up early today to get Gabby to Preveza for her travel test.

As expected it was a joke, €15 she took the test and was given her certificate to fly in under 2 mins with it all filled out negative.

So that sorted straight to the beach.


Now back at Aktio getting Gabby sorted to go to airport.

Getting hot here we need to pick our bio cards up and get north it’s too hot not being on the boat. 38 and rising.

Epar.Od. Palaiochoriou-Methonis 23, Pidna Kolindros 600 66, Greece

Early start to the day had to go to Agrinio to lift our bio up

We both got sorted so all is good on the travel front 😊

We headed off to the inland sea to a place called Medini never been but it looked ok.

Got parked up in som shade

Then headed to the beach

Another great day

Night night

Epar.Od. Palaiochoriou-Methonis 23, Pidna Kolindros 600 66, Greece

Landed here this morning after a good drive

Found a good beach but no taverna ohhhh nooooo

Shot off whilst Chez setup and picked bags of ice beer n water for beach also nice Greek salad and some other bits.

This place is cull of Pelicans I’ve never seen so many.

Tea time

Then bed things getting a little to hot here in Greece we are heading north.



Set it ff to find another good beach and we did but it had no bar, security ndday running this.

There ain’t no way we could’ve

Stayed n the beach all day way too hot 40

But still we chilled and had a good day

Got the ped out and shot Ono town tonight had a couple a nice Mojto

Back van for a coffee beach bar all day tomorrow.



Second day here going to a different beach today on the scooter.

Good beach service

Great beds

Relax back at the van for early start to Bulgarian border tomorrow


Got across the border ok a little slow but where now in Bulgaria.

Heading up the mountains to a parking site.

Arrived at the site it looks really good quiet but the views are amazing.

The most friendly people yet who own and run the site Ivo and Ana.

They fed us

We drank local petrol or home made fruit rocket fuel

And got we drunk what a great day

We will be back here

Best of the best


Headed out to Sofia the city, arrived at our parking at 12.

Washed showered and in a Taxi with the assistance of Bobby the guy who runs the parking.

He had to sort taxi out as local Maffia take travellers in a big way he said.

Not a bad drive but like all Ian cities there bad drivers.

Had a beer

Did some sights

More sights

Happy snappers

This was strong beer

Roof top bars

Then a little Shopping for Lee

We can add more Lee

Night night

Wurth d.o.o. Beograd

Started off great drive on decent roads then diversion onto farm track.

Arrived at the border after 3 hours only to be stuck in border traffic 3 hours to move 1 mile and cross from Bulgaria to Serbia.

And still had 200 k to go, shit marathon drive will not be doing that again.

Arrived in Begrade 4 mile out of city parked up Vladamir our host great guy.

Asked about taxi 🙏 no way he said they will shoot you and take your money 🤔

So he said get washed up n changed I’ll drive you in he said he was ashamed at the way his city had got with gypsy maffia.

Got in city it is really smart.

Rain first we have seen since we set off it lasted 20 mins but it was 😊

Strong stuff

Vlad said he would lift us later and he did we decided to stay 2 days here to get the van clean washing etc done and we will be heading out tomorrow afternoon back to the old city our mate Vlad is driving us.

Looks big


Second day here today needed to do a bit of cleaning and maintainence.

Then about lunch we set off on our sight seeing trip with Vladamir.

First stop highest point in Serbia to see the whole of Serbia

Then off to the tower

This thing is like winter hill but bigger and it’s got a lift.

Could not get Cheryl any closer to the glass.

Then back into town for a walk along the river.

Got lifted at 9 but when we got back to the site Vladamir got the shots out stayed up till 12.

47% proof

Cheryl made me do it.


Another early start with a bad head.

But got away for 7

Stuck at the border for 4 hours at least it was carnage.

Got to our location for 2 hot n tired, however the guy said he would run us into Zargreb at 3

So shower change and on

Did the sights

Did some more

Found pub street ate and drank till about 8 pm and wished our lift was at 8.10 we where knackered

Home bed

Parking dla kamperΓ³w

New day good sleep we got to get going early coz we got another border crossing.

We picked one we new would be quiet.

Perfect got there Croatian no problem straight throu, Slovenian no this border crossing is for local use. 🤬

Turn round found another border crossing 3k away crossed over 80k detour so early start wasted.

Arrived in Ljubljana Slovenia got parked up.

Had a beer chilled.

We think that’s the last of the Ian’s borders.

So here 2 days the Italy

Night night


Second day here so we have a full day in the city today

First impression look great

This place is classy

And sunny

Chez on the Organic wine and Prosecco

Beer n water me

The nibbles where great great bar staff too

Draught Guinness had to have one

Finished off near the van at a micro brewery

Night night


Hi second day here after a chilled day yesterday and an early night we where up and ready to go for the 10 o’clock sea bus into Venice.

Arrived as as expected it is totally picture postcard everywhere.

When we spoke with people they said hopefully next year after COVID things will get back to normal for trade purposes but it was as they say empty.

We are so lucky we can go anywhere and see anything with no hassle.

This is Sam Marco and it’s normally shoulder to shoulder it was great.

Some more great sights then heading off fo4 the sea bus.

Beers on the way of course, Chez doing a chicken curry tonight, living the dream.

Bye for now


Arrived here after a long drive and had to do a electronic check in ( in Italian)

After some time the barrier came up in we went.

Thought happy days chill here get sorted before we get to Nice.

Italian provences have different COVID rules so all shared areas closed.

Not what we wanted to here but eh let’s crack on.

Chilled out in the shade till about 7 then went into town 20 mins walk easy walking.

Had several beers and Chez had wine a fantastic Pizza, we would expect good pizza here all in 17€ they messed the bill up we think for sure.

We did the right thing, paid quick and legged it.

Off to bed.


Got ped out today coz where having a look around.

Had a ride up to the harbour at Imperia.

Cool place

We got to hot after this and went to the beach.

Chez fed up coz we had to pay 20€ for loungers.

Back to van for some tea and we packed up ready for our trip to France.

2074 Av. Jean Michard Pellissier, 06600 Antibes, France

Arrived in Antibes and decided to chance looking at a site that was full all last week but don’t take bookings, we got on.

Happy days

All setup in 20 mins and even got the air con running to cool us off.

We knew we where near to where Seb stays at Bobsies Mam n Dads place so we text to see if by chance he was around. He wasn’t but his Mam n Dad was we contacted them and got the best tour of this area we could have asked for.

Mark Margret me n Chez having a cold one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon up at there place in a place called Biot, swimming chilling what a smart pad.

They invited up to a famous steakhouse in Antibes ( la Brulot )

Steak cooked on an open fire to perfection.

Turned out to be one of our best days,

Cheers Mark Margret.

Camping Le Rossignol

Well after a steady start to the day we set off to Antibes to pick a few bits up.

Where still blown away with this place.

Chez still talking to Gabbyg

My view waiting for Chez to return

The ped it’s been very handy but we won’t be bringing one again.

Chez back off to Nice (old town)

Not sure Love is the right word

Up top looking out over to Antibes great sea

As you can see it’s not quiet but not busy great for us no hassle, every place you go to COVID certs required everywhere.

French nobs

Chez talking to Gabby

Chez still talking to Gabby

Great beer quite strong, Chez still talking to Gabby

A bit of grub mashed up olives and oil wi bread 👍

Headed back to Antibes about 45mins on the ped, couple of beers meal here tonight aircon set at 17 heaven.

Early start tomorrow Montpellier

Camping Municipal Chemin des Bains **

Hey all

Travelled down to Montpellier today but the traffic did us again 4hrs instead of 2.

But we got sorted went to pitch on a parking site it was full so diverted and got sorted on a local municipal

Setup air on on went for a stroll

As you can see the breeze was a real breeze.

Picked up some provisions, went back to the van for tea and a bit of telly.

First time we looked at the telly since Euros.

Chez knocked it up yum yum

Night night

Camping Municipal Chemin des Bains **


had our second day here found we could get our washing and van sorting here so took the opertunity before we move more rural tomorrow.

Still got finished went for a hair cut that was fun in French I just pointed and said whatever you think mate.

Then we headed for a walk to the local market.

Shading Chez from the sun

Our beer view

Got to the market bought usual tat, then Chez seen Olive stall.

€42 euros later I was carrying back a load of olives and pesto etc

Where on nibbles for the next few days.

Off to Genoa tomorrow or maybe Perpignan not sure we said set off and see.

Tea. \240Telly Bed

Night night



We had a great run down here no driving problems.

Had to do a running repair to back light it seems to have fallen to bits inside the fitting.

Araldite wonderful stuff

The clip will be coming off 😆

Had a bit f lunch then went into the city.

Nice place like most cities you pay through the nose for most things.

Managed to find a bar full of Rugby League memorabilia

Shopping trip on the way back need a couple of bits.

Loaded up

Off back to the van for some food.



Started the day with a nice coffee and some cereal. Chez had enough milk to fora brew.

I had to go into town to find some bits for the van before we can get going.

Set off no problem first call had the bits 8€ bargain called off for Milk bread and got Chez some buttery Croissants mmmmm, I had one too.

Fixed the van whilst Chez sunbathed then went to the beach.

Oh and had the worst pint ever in our lives, it was like drinking lemon juice a week old.

We hadn’t tasted this crap before this picture was taken. But on the plus side after visiting 10 countries so far that’s our first bad beer.👍

Chicken and Chorizo tonight for tea where in the van laughing and crying coz the onions are so strong we got windows open aircon blasting to get rid.

Tea time


Mamut Beach Club

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 107, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Off to Barcelona today should be easy enough just the one border crossing.

All went well no one checking anything at the France Spain border. Went straight throu.

Chez got us an early check in on the site and we where setup in no time. Thirsty work

Had a beer then went to the beach for the afternoon well till about 7

Chez knocked a good tea up

Then she got me to do her toe nails

She would not keep still, so they where not that good.

Off into Barcelona tomorrow for 4 days hotel booked

Night night

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 107, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Well just packing a couple of bags then off into Barcelona.

We got a 4 day travel pass so we expect to get around a bit.

Got on our first bus, driver said sorry you can’t use you electronic pass you need to get a travel card get off I walked straight passed him and sat down. Stuff that I’ve paid he just set off.

Got to hotel checked in nice hotel great location about 100m before la Rambles

Then knock on the door I opened it and to my deep joy Gabby n Josh where stood there, happy I was 😃😃😃😃

The day went really well

Sangria f

The start of a great day

Litre pots of beer

Josh topping his tan up

My girls soaking up the sun

Trying another beer it’s very hot now

Found this indoor market quite a cool place a bit like the one in Madrid

Getting giddy n drunk

Sangria food time me n Chez said we would order different pizzas eat half then swap

This was mine that I passed to Chez

And this mess is what I got back cheers Chez

Great day looking forward to tomorrow got to get Chez back to hotel she is drunk.

Nigh night

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 107, 08004 Barcelona, Spain


So now out so we set off for a good look round \240Barcelona

Setting off

Got to this old church for a look

Quite smart really we visited several watering holes and had a great day.

We got back to the hotel for a power nap then back out to the Port area great bars there.

Great cocktails

Great music did a few bars then the Spanish curfew kicks in at 12,30

But we did ok

Night night


Well it’s happy birthday to me.

Got my cards and a couple of pressies.

Thanks to all for my cards n gifts 👍

There was only me up for some breakfast so off I went.

So on a full tummy we set off to the beach area near the port, great bars around there.

After several beers and Josh new flip flops we headed back for a quick shower and some had a power nap.

Then my choice was to go to the indoor market area for some great tapas.

We found a really great place similar to the one we use in Madrid.

Ate and drank well.

San Miguel

Happy happy happy

Cuddles all round

And more

We stayed a while ate plenty then strolled off for pudding.

Waffle with twin my fav

After that we went to a Irish bar with live music.

He was really bad however as the night progresses he got better, little did we know it turns into a student bar Monday night.

Great night cheap too

Baby Guinness

Josh on jagerbombs

Bad head stuff

Got asked to leave at 12.45 curfew but great night.

Night night

Unnamed Road, 08850 GavΓ , Barcelona, Spain

Last day in the city, we have had a great time, where heading over to the port cable cars after breakfast.

Got there shut Monday Tuesday 😩

No problem there is another other aside of town.

Had a chill and a beer first then headed over.

Had a beer at the 1992 Olympic swimming venue.

Looks massive.

Then headed up on the cable car

The views up here are quite something.

Chez would not come up in the lift.

We where away about an hour, came back then headed towards our hotel for the goodbyes.

Gabby off to catch her flight with Josh me n Chez back to the van to crack on with our trip.

The whole weekend was brill great place great company.

Night night


Well a quiet day today Gabby gone home 😩

So we are staying here another day to sort van out washing etc not a brill day.

But we will crack on tomorrow.

Miss our kids big time after we have seen them.

Night night

Plaça Poligono 9, 109, 12589 Càlig, Castelló, Spain

Had a good run here

No hassle and we knew we had to get provisions because the site we decided on is a little remote.

Boom we found Family Cash a massive store that give stuff away so we hammered \240it.

Vino top names daft money

And we bought some food too.

Arrived setup in 30 mins stavin so ate then pool

About 6 ish

We tried one or two.

Sound day to start.

Night night

Camping Bungalows L'Orangeraie

Chill out and pool day today where having a quiet week

Red wine n Curry for tea

Night night


Chill out again today, a bit of pool and a few beers.

Nice to have a few day when where not moving.

Clean and nice here

We got told the weather is to turn bad Monday we hope not well not for to long.

Night night

Camping Bungalows L'Orangeraie

Bit of a dull day today so we had a run in to Benicarlo. The nearest city to us.

One for the future only 30€a night short lease.

We would fit right in there.

Had a good wander then looked for a beer.

Not many bad beers here

This was our Patata bravas ?

This was our Croquets

Lost in translation but I love Squid so every cloud €6 for the squid bargin

They did arrive sometime later and not worth the wait, I was stuffed Chez not like most of it I had to step up.

We finished jumped on the ped and headed back.

Shower telly bed.