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Had some serious jet lag last night which meant we overslept our alarm by 2 hours - finally got out the hotel by 11.30 (ish) and got a taxi into China Town. Very busy, bustling with food stalls and people. Grabbed some snacks and found a quiet place to eat (after a lot of searching!)

Next stop - River Cruise! After a short Tuk-Tuk ride we took a boat along the Mae Nam Chao Phraya and saw lots of wooden huts where people live, a lot of them nearly falling into the water - the city is sinking! Saw some great sights, including temples and 'Monitor' lizards which are huge and scary.

Found a cafe for a cold drink a toilet stop! This life is very glamorous.

Onto the Reclining Buddha. Gem was wearing jean shorts so had to wear a bright green cape, and in this heat it was not very pleasant. Walked round the temple which was very beautiful, lots of statues and pillars.

Next we wanted to see the flower market, but little did we know we'd already walked through it but we weren't looking properly. Hidden away was a huge inside market full of fresh fruit, veg and flowers. Was lovely and cool - a nice get away from the humidity!

An eventful, slightly expensive, but successful day 2!