After a year and a half of watching 70 hours of classical education training videos and writing over 10 academic papers, we are headed to Disney World for a much-needed vacation. Thanks for following along!

On our way! \240The Lubbock flight is on time and our trip is starting smoothly. We will eat brunch in DFW and board the Orlando flight at 11:00.


Shaken, not Stirred!

The stewardess said that it’s only moderate turbulence from the floor of the plane aisle! \240But we made it! \240On to the Magic Kingdom.

Meeting Mickey


Dinner with the Beast

Yummy lobster bisque!

Fun saving the universe



Happy Morning! Chilly but beautiful day.

It’s a small world after all...(sing along!)

Under the Sea

Lunch at the Castle

Barely made it out alive!

A cup of tea, anyone?


The end of a great day!

May all your wishes come true

On to Epcot

New Skyliner transportation

Talking with my radical turtle dude friend

Not too many pictures from Epcot. We were busy walking around the world. And, boy, are my legs sore!

Paris from skyliner

Norwegian school bread

Where’s Nemo? \240That fish has got to stop running away.

Skyliner - just opened. POP Century to Epcot in 15 minutes!

Animal kingdom



African drummers in Harambe


Conservation Station

The dinosaur almost ate us

Just can’t wait to be king!

Flew my banshee and saw James Cameron’s handprints.

Up! With the birds

The close of a long, but fun day!

Mount Everest

Here’s to Hollywood

Cousin Lindsey invited us to have lunch in the 50’s PrimeTime Diner

Unfortunately, we can’t join the resistance today! \240Too crowded. So we are considering taking a quick smuggling job.

Chewbacca and Rey checking the Falcon

The Falcon from the top

The claw

The force is strong sort of weak with these two.

Be our guest