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Ho Chi Minh City

One rainy day! We had to head to the Canadian embassy today to get a document sorted for Alex - all sorted. We ended up eating at the street food market again and it absolutely down poured. Never seen or heard rain like it!

The embassy was opposite the Vietnamese Notre Dame - not very impressive from the outside! We will pop back to the area another time and venture inside.

Did a mini food shop (aka roadside market for veggies). All for £1.17. So we should have enough for a good few days.

First day teaching tomorrow so we’re going over lessons and getting prepared this evening.

A mountain of food!

Found a wine shop!!!!

It’s not prosecco - it’s Brut. BUT it’s better than nothing. Will report back on taste!

All for £1.17

Mint, spring onions, unidentified green thing, tomato, okra, Chinese broccoli, and an aloe vera stem.