We leave Thursday for 3 days in Vancouver before our cruise through Alaska. Keep you posted.

Tomorrow, tomorrow can’t wait. We have some exciting things planned. We are hitting the road running in Vancouver. You won’t want to miss this trip.

At the airport waiting to fly to Vancouver. Let this trip begin. Please.

Canada requirement.

I’m waiting for the perfect picture for my cover so it may be blank for awhile.

United has upped their breakfast game. No more cereal.

The vacation has begun.

Have to say we had a really good dinner at Fanny Bay Oyster House. Had an adventure this afternoon when my mom got lost at airport for several hours. Tomorrow Whistler.

Today we are in Vancouver. High today 65. We are heading to Whistler for some fantastic sightseeing. Stay tuned.

The Canada train line from the airport to downtown was built for the expo in 1986 in Vancouver.

The Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler was built for the Olympics.

Stanley Park. The largest park in Canada. It is 1001 acres of land. Over 1 million trees.

The bike/walk path are 8 km long. There are 2 beaches.

The Stanley Cup and Stanley Park are named after same person.

View from Lion’s Gate Bridge. Tall enough that cruise ships can pass under.

Shannon Falls the largest waterfall in Canada

My mom at the falls

Whistler is amazing. We did the Peak 2 Peak gondola.

The peak 2 Peak gondola is the largest of its kind. It goes from Whistler Mountain at 6063 feet to Blackcomb Mountain.

Stats on Peak 2 Peak

Gas prices in Canada per liter

Today we took the ferry to Vancouver Island. The ferry takes about 1 1/2 from Vancouver. It is a very pretty ride.

The fruits are amazing. The picture doesn’t do Justice to the size of these strawberries.

Had lunch af Finn’s Seafood in Victoria. Fish and Chips again. Oops ate it to fast for pictures but it was delicious.

Next stop Butchart Gardens. Started in 1908 by Mrs Butchart when their limestone quarry was depleted. She started with a small garden then realized people were showing up to see her garden. It progressively grew and she started charging people.

Sunken gardens where quarry was.

Rose carousel

Monkey puzzle tree

Sturgeon fountain

Rose gardens. Unfortunately we are about 2 weeks early for the roses.

The Italian garden which used to be a tennis court

Checking out of hotel and heading to get Covid test so we can board Viking Orion. \240This ship seems to be the one I travel most on. This will be either sailing 4 or 5 on Orion.

First chance I’ve had to notice the view from our hotel room.

Checked in and received upgraded cabin. Can’t wait to see what it is. Ok we are in PV2. It is 9:30 and we have not left yet. We were supposed to leave at 4:30. Hopefully we will make up the time.

Tomorrow is a sea day.

Update - 12:45 am we finally left Vancouver. Hoping this doesn’t affect our upcoming excursions.

Well imagine my surprise when I woke up and saw we are still in Vancouver. Apparently a cable broke on a tender boat and it won’t be fixed until midnight at the earliest. Tomorrow will be a sea day also. Hopefully we will skip Valdez or somewhere not exciting and visit Ketchikan except then my tour that I’ve had booked for 3 years will be messed up.

Well they just cancelled Sitka so there goes my tour that I’ve waited 3 years for.

Sailing today we have left Vancouver on way to Ketchikan.

Trying to see whales.

It’s been a relaxing day onboard. We arrive in Ketchikan tomorrow. Excursion cancelled but I went online and booked same excursion.


We have finally made it to a stop. We must have arrived early as I felt the ship stop for about 30 minutes but now we are slowly making our way toward town. Yeah.

The original Totem pole carved commemorating Chief Ebbits event of Jan 11, 1892. Potlatchs were parties to erect totem poles. They usually lasted about 3 days.

Bald eagle


Totem poles

The Rock

Notice the strip of bark missing from the tree. The locals have figured out that the trees can still live if they just remove a strip. They use the bark for hats, ropes, etc.

Today we are in Juneau \240we are doing a city tour and tour to Mendenhall Glacier museum.

View from our room

Supposed to be 73 and sunny today

Juneau has the only 4 lane highway in Alaska. It is 30 miles long and goes to nowhere. Drive one way and you get to the end of the road. Drive the other way and you get to the end of the road.

The closest point to Russia is 55 miles.

The Klinkets are the native Alaska tribe in the area.

During World War II, the Japanese did make it to Juneau and fighting did take place here.

Gas is $5.39/gallon. Avacados are $5 each. The only way to get items in are by plane or boat.

Mendenhall Glacier

Waterfall at glacier

The glacier is melting approx 15 feet per year

I’m just saying that we think we have big mosquitoes. These are huge.

Skagway, Alaska

Gravesite of Nellie Susan and William John Mulvihill at Gold Rush Cemetery. He was mayor for 16 years.

Gold Rush Cemetary

Jefferson “Soapy” Smith was a con man. \240He was a soap salesman. He would hide money in the bars of soap to sell them but those that got money were hired by him. \240He made his way to Skagway and took over brothels and bars and put rigged games in them. Mob was organized and led by Frank Reid to remove Soapy from town. Soapy was shot and killed by Frank Reid. Soapy shot Frank who died 12 days later.

Frank Reid’s tomb bought by the entire town.

Population of Skagway is approx 900 until cruise ships come in and bring it to 5,000 to 6,000.

It is said that 100,000 attempted the White Pass Trail \240looking for gold but only 40,000 survived. Of those 40,000 only 4,000 found gold.

Lunch at Skagway Fish Company

Downtown Skagway

Visitors Bureau

Red Onion Saloon

When a ship enters Skagway for the first time, the crew makes its mark. The higher up the marking, the more revered the captain.

Viking Orion docked in Skagway

Today we are in Icy Strait Point. There is no wifi here so posts will be updated after we leave. Icy Strait Point is inhabited predominantly by native Alaskans. There are approx 2 bears per acre.

We had excursion with cultural leader of native tribe. June 14, 1944 the entire village burnt down. The homes are built by the tribes and sold to locals. The island is owned by the tribe. They have formed a corporation.

Sitka black tail deer

Wild celery

Coastal brown bear

Land squirrel building it’s nest

Today we visited Hubbard Glacier.

Ice flows from glacier

Hubbard Glacier

The United States purchased Alaska from Russia for 2 cents an acre. A worthy purchase.

Sailing to Valdez. See you tomorrow

Today we are in Valdez. Valdez sits right on the coast of Prince William Sound. It is known for the Exxon Valdez oil spill but has a lot more history.

The town was moved to its current location after a 9.2 earthquake destroyed the previous town. The earthquake and tsunami took place on March 27, 1964.

The area is rich with bears, fish and whales.

1907 Steamer fire truck at the Valdez Museum

This truck was meant to be pulled by horses but due to it’s 4 ton weight and \240the amount of heavy snow it was never taken out of the fire station.

Bob the moose at the Whittier Museum

Viking Orion in Valdez

Carved art at the dock

Today we are in Seward. Tomorrow we head to Anchorage for trip home.

Seward Harbor

Viking Orion docked in Seward

Our tour takes us to Kenai Fjords National Park by boat

We had an amazing day today.

We saw a pod of Orcas


Sea otters these are males since they are in a group and floating on their backs.

Family of Harbor seals

Bald eagle

Aialik Glacier

To top it off a glacier ice margarita

Stellar Sea Lions

We are on our last day. We are in Anchorage waiting on our midnight flights home.

It’s 71 in Anchorage and weather just beautiful.