Currently sitting at the airport getting ready to head to Montreal Canada. It has been a eventful three days, with extreme walking, bussing and also training!. Jet lag has finally hit and it’s slowly killing me and I can’t seem to sleep at the right time. Time zone is also killing me with friends sleeping while I’m awake exploring the other side of the world.

Chicago has been amazing and it taught me a few valuable lessons of life. Firstly school is important as without education you won’t get far in life. Secondly life just needs to continue to move on so new developments can be made.

They say life is like a \240box of chocolate. So it should be random! Many different and random experiences have been felt and it has made me think hard about the decisions that can help make and impact my life.

Definitely feeling home sick but who knows the trip has been dope and there always been something to do! Praying that God can have a few things that go my way soon :/


Currently in Montreal. The weather is extremely freezing and haven’t experienced anything quite like it. Surprisingly everywhere I’ve gone, they speak French and all the signs are French!. It has been a tiring day! Knocked out on the plane before I knew it was even in the air. First destination was visiting their church which is a replicate of St Peter. From there we went to check out the shopping centre which jet lag still has me and fell asleep on the bus and also at the shops

Tonight! Went to dinner at a Korean place which was really nice and warm, considering how extremely cold it has been

Started the day bright and early 4 am and tried to gym! Unfortunately was closed and stayed up for a bit before the gym was open! Attended a French mass with this beautiful view below. Didn’t understand a thing during mass so fell asleep. They didn’t even have a choir so one guy basically sang all the songs in French.

It’s another cold day in Montreal, still getting used to being behind Australia with the days and time. Do miss Adelaide and do wish I can be at both places at the same time. Who knows where my journey takes me next.

Excited to see what is gonna happen next! What else is there to see. And who else are we gonna meet..

Snow finally has come and god damn its slippery, feels cool though want to go ice skating and look majestic lol

Started late today as everything is closed through the day due to it being the 31st. Went to Quebec and visited their famous Bagel shop. It was quite good where you eat it with salmon and cream cheese. Quebec City apparently reminds Thao of Europe due to the buildings and scenery they offer. It was slightly a less colder day today so didn’t even need to wear a beanie.

We head home and finished off with some Viet drama, it was quite interesting. But tonight we celebrate my parent’s 25th year wedding anniversary so it’s a big one at Zibo

Tonight we went to the New Year’s Eve party! Finally got to see snow in Canada and yeah it was a good one! Good music and a good celebration to end the year!!

Arrived in Boston and the scenery here is amazing! The weather is easier to handle and it’s just great views I have a look at! We finished the night early and had a early dinner with dumplings which were awesome as! Came home for a early night so we can start our journey early tomorrow to visit a few university

Keen to see how that goes!!

Started the day late since we all felt sick but we visited Harvard as our first destination! Was interesting to see how the university is so valued and high up there with the university having its own Havard Police department. We then went to a shopping district and had lunch which was ramen! It was quite nice. I had the curry ramen and damn it was nice besides only getting 2 slices of meat. The waiter was funny though and asked if we had a Vietnamese accent!, since he said he was Viet, nearly said we had an Australian accent. Ended the day by eating Mc Donald’s in downtown Boston with large coke being only 1 dollar with free refills(WHAT A BARGAIN). Heading home before 6 to start packing up but the family ended watching some Viet drama that I haven’t watched for one full episode and they somehow reached 30 in 3-4 day ish. Tomorrow we fly to New York THE BIG APPLE. I’m most excited about this flight as New York always been a place where I imagine visiting. Let’s hope for a good flight

Flew to New York around 10am and took the metro home. Weekly metro pass cost the whole family 220 which was definitely ridiculous compared to all the other states.. we arrived home in a pretty good Airbnb apartment and went to Costco to get some lunch. The hotdog bun was so soft and it was amazing which definitely have to go back there and eat it again. We than arrived home and had a nap before leaving home at 7 to go to Times Square to see what all the hype is about. It was definitely something worth seeing and the movies did all the hype. New York is one crazy city with sooo many people around. Currently 12:25am when I’m writing this and about to head off to sleep. Keen for tomorrow as we possibility be heading to Central Park and also see the Statue of Liberty and also Empire State Building! Let’s hope the weather is good!!

Started the day heading to top of the rock! Was able to see the view of New York City. Completely in awe of how amazing this city is and the type of buildings they had. We than heading to the Empire State Building which was amazing it was so high and really cold at the top. We walked around New York to explore and it’s just an amazing city. We leave and head to Chinatown to see what it’s like and I can tell you it’s definitely bigger than Adelaide by times 3. We walked around and bought take away to bring home and have dinner as it was still quite early and our feet was hurting. It was definitely a good day and keen to see what we get up to tomorrow

Today it rained so we left the house around 10:30 and just bus it to the shops! We went there and went into some high end shopping centre where legit I couldn’t afford any of that shit and the service people were too nice. We than heading to Tommy Hilfiger where it was 3 levels worth and it was soo nice but nothing that has attracted my interest in getting. We heading to an NBA game in LA so we heading over to the NBA store to get some merchandise to look apart. For lunch we headed to chipotle and had some burrito which was extremely nice. The day ended by walking around and exploring in the constant rain. We headed home and ordered takeaway with post mates and had Thai food. It was okay, not the best and not the worst. We end the night by watching Viet drama and who knows when we gonna sleep cos everyone addicted besides me lol

Started our day going to St Patrick cathedral for mass and it was live streamed online lol. It was a crazy mass as their was security everywhere and also cops standing outside. The priest was accompanied by security walking up to the altar and down the altar. When mass finished we had McDonald’s for lunch as we rushed to get to a few locations on our last day. We took public transport and got to the 9/11 memorial it definitely is a sad sight even though it’s been like 17 years. Anything caused by terror is pretty sad. We than took the bus to the ferry to have a look at the Statue of Liberty, definitely something really remarkable and learnt a lot about New York in general on the ferry. We end the night at 6 chilling at home while the siblings go watch broadway lion king. I could of went but I’ve seen it on YouTube so it’s not something surprising for me to watch.

We arrived in Washington DC at around 2 as the flight took around 40 mins from New York! Took a Uber home as it was cheaper than a one pass bus and train trip. We came home and got the Airbnb house organised which they had a Xbox and also a really big tv. We than walk about a few km to find some food, as we head to Chinatown we realised they don’t even have much asian food so we found Nando’s and had it. It was quite interesting as there was free refill drinks but the chicken wasn’t as the same quality as what we would have in Australia

Started the day walking to see the key things in Washington like the White House. Everything in Washington is pretty much close to each other but it’s also pretty expensive to buy a bus ticket because it depends on the station or bus stop you want to get off. So we walk a few kms to go see the White House and other other buildings that I forgot what they called lol. It’s cool seeing it right in front of you because obviously you always see it on tv and it’s just surreal when it’s in front of you. It’s crazy how the White House security is like next level. And there’s no way you can even stand close to the gate as you get checked everywhere you go in Washington. We walk home and have some spaghetti for dinner since Thao was craving it. We end the night watching United 93 which is about the plane that crashed in Washington that was targeting the White House.

Today was a chilled day. We didn’t do much besides go to some outlet store which is like harbour town of adelaide. It was a bit windy and cold but I just wear a layer since I sweat and get hot easily. After finish shopping we went home to nap and have a early dinner. We than walked to the basketball game at capital one arena in Washington. The game was Washington v Philadelphia, this was my first ever nba game or first ever professional game in any league. It was such a cool experience and I never knew that they played music during the game since when you watch it on tv the commentary is always on and you never hear it. Obviously I was supporting our Australian dude Simmons but they in the end lost the game as the wizards played too well. It was a good game in the end with the half time game of the juniors being the highlight with a kid shooting the winner on the buzzer.