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05.45 sad international commuter \240sleeping. Dreaming? Dreaming of what?

I’ve tried to write this several times and lost the text so am reduced to this. Enough.

...just found this in a newspaper called I. Well, I am appalled and feel like leaving this illiterate planet.

Sorry - nothing to do with anything.

All fairly smooth, totally lacking the screaming tensions of cattle-class check-in at Heathrow.

Trains - love ‘em.

Cambridge 06.15 was surprisingly full, though most dozed their coffees held at alarming angles: I now realise why they have baby-sipping lids on them.

We are in the v cheapest seats, though we do have a table and window seats. Next stop Brussels.

I walked to the front and was most disappointed that it lacked the lengthy pointy design of the Bullet train. What was clear though was the difference between us and Them; first class had vast tables, wider corridor space and usherettes in airline drag. The thought of having food delivered to my table any time soon fills me with nausea. Champagne anyone?

New toy misbehaving...

Announcement 35 minutes into the journey: the electricity has stopped in one of the tunnels so we are waiting until the SINGLE tunnel is emptied of train before we proceed. You’ll be the first to know if this is efficient.

...and Sue continues to read not noticing that we have millions of gallons of seawater a few feet above our head. I might not mention this...

Just started and touched he wrong button so no way back. Will leave as a reminded to self...


I’ve been shopping. Bliss (see below). Great area (East?), quietish, excellent shops the abundance of variety quite forgotten in these days of curating

I can’t find out how to mass these photographs...

Eating like a Shah this evening.

Enjoyed Eurostar, although it did seem quite a long journey and it was indisputable expensive. We were with the alsorans, somewhere at the back; perfectly alright, though you have to be a contortionist to plug anything in.

Our Amsterdam Central Station arrival was an hour or so late owing to a blocked tunnel and a confusion over which train got which line. A confusion to be avoided, else messy.

I was raining as well. I put Sue on a bench in charge of luggage whilst I went to get the tourist travel tickets. Brave I thought. Couldn’t manage to sort out where the number 22 bus departed \240from. We tore back and forth, from wide canal to city visia, each time needing to scan my ticket. Then it stopped.

We managed to get here and have spent

Our time shopping, eating and reading. Tomorrow will bring out the tourist in me.


Early start, Amsterdam would have been in daylight (though it was bucketing down).

The chilling barrier preventing illicit boarder-crossing.

Richard Serra and a heavily mirrored sculpture(by ?)...

The rain has gone, the sky is blue and the sun is on full wattage. Busy day today so slow start and a fist full of vitamin pills before heading out for the number 3 tram.

Looking out from the kitchen of Sumatrastraat...

and the bedroom on the front of the house.

Curiously, the architects of this, and the many other brand new houses, have stuck closely to the architecture of 16th century. I would perhaps have tried to accommodate less vertiginous stairs...

Getting used to the damp though now, lunch at 14:00, it’s sunny and v pleasant for drifting.

The Van Gogh Museum was superb, especially the Japanese exhibition. No photographs allowed.

But I did manage a photograph of his palette and a few sad tubes of paint. The place was heaving by the time we left, a nine o’clock start was just right.

A superb Fantin-Latour...

a sexy van Dongen

and Peter Doig Milky Way.

Home on the number 3 tram, quick drink and walk to Oosterpark in the sun.

A statue in honour of Theo Van Gogh

Deleted a ton so giving up.

So very annoying.

Briefly - excellent day in Rijksmuseum followed by macrobiotic meal with Paula and family thence to Concertgebouw and Bruckner’s 8th. As a result today might have to be slightly quieter.

Very late, very tired so a few pictures and bed...

Back to culture after a v lazy yesterday...correction, as our evening was spent dabbling in the shallow end of the avant-garde.

Adjusted to local time, up at 05:05, coffee, muesli and book (Jo Nesbo, Macbeth).

Slow start to, I hope, a slow day. Sun fills the bedroom and attracts both cats: I do a runner and sit in the chillier sitting room.

Extremely healthy bunch of birds.

Wonderful day spent at the Stedelijk Museum...the miracles from Studio Drift astounded me.

Studio Drift’s wonderful dandelion lights - a labour of love


Last day with nothing happening but travelling on Eurostar. Looking forward to this...

Home to Christ’s Pieces glorious planting.