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We’ve had 2 nights in Bali, Indonesia so far. And it’s fabulous! Singapore is definitely far more modern, Vietnam is far more underdeveloped, but there are definite similarities to Vietnam here. It reminds us of Indiana Jones a bit, stone statues on every corner, temples everywhere, and shrines with incense at every shop door. The whole place smells lovely! Our Airbnb is actually a hotel, 3 swimming pools, palm trees, a bathroom with no glass in the window so you feel like you’re doing your business in the outdoors! We have a mosquito net around our bed to keep us safe don’t worry mothers! It’s peaceful and serene here. The food is always beautifully presented, mine has lacked a bit of flavour so far, but that might just be bad luck. All in all, we’re having a lovely time.

We visited a forest monkey sanctuary yesterday - the monkeys are completely wild and free, they just have a relationship with the keepers as they provide food. Some tourists were silly and let the monkeys climb on them (eye roll). We stayed clear and watched them from afar (angels).

Bali has quite a strict policy on no plastic - no shops have plastic bags at all. Nor does the hotel provide plastic bottled water or plastic toothbrushes for obvious reasons. So with this is mind we got ourselves bamboo toothbrushes from town, let’s see how they go!

We have 2 more nights here and then we travel a bit south to the beach where we have a private villa with our own pool for 4 nights. Very excited for that section of the trip!

Our open air bathroom doors

Rice fields from our room

Local kitty cat. There are some baby kittens around somewhere too.

Her choice of seating not mine! But I was thrilled.

Monkey Sanctuary

His and hers

Helmets here are of a much higher standard than Vietnam! Our first time driving a scooter outside of Vietnam.

Pool 1 of 3

Rain storm watched on a swing bed with beer


Margaritas seek me out

Our hotel walk to breakfast

Bamboo toothbrush