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We’re having a lovely time! We spent 4 nights at our lovely hotel in Ubud and we’ve just travelled south east to the beach for 4 more nights in a private villa. It’s so lovely!!! It’s vey alfresco - outside type kitchen and living area by the pool and 2 bedrooms, plus a terrace for sunbathing. We’re in between a volcano and the sea... quite the sights! We’ve got some beers and incense going and it’s quite lovely sitting out here listening to the sea and all the lizards.

Today, before we left Ubud I did a “floatation tank” which is like a form of relaxation/mediation. You lie in a closed tub with lots of salt (more than the Dead Sea) and you basically float and relax. It was quite the experience! I would really recommend it; you feel weightless and heavy all at once and can focus on just lying there breathing and floating.

We also visited a waterfall the day before and went swimming beneath it, something we’ve been looking for in all our Asian travels!

The area we’re in now seems far far far less touristy. We’ve only ventured to a shop but gone are all the annoying tourists! We might not venture too far whilst we’re here - to the beach and back might be it!

Ubud Float Garden;

Our private villa;

Volcano in the distance


Alfresco kitchen.

Will take more photos tomorrow.