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We woke to the day with trepidation as I went with Grace last night to take Sloane to hospital as she was throwing up and Grace, quite rightly was concerned that she was getting the gastro that had affected the day care. \240I left Grace at the hospital at about 11pm as she waited for the test results and she got home about midnight. \240Seems the doctor thought it was a random vomiting episode and we should be OK to travel

We met at the airport at about 8am and got smoothly through ticketing and immigration. \240Sloane wasn’t too happy about meeting the airline pilots although they seemed to love the camera.

The plane took off on time and we were all sitting in the same row, with Grace in the middle section with a bassinet. \240

The poor woman sitting next to Grace was talking to her 33 year old brother on thursday in New York and he later died of a cardiac arrest. So she was in tears a lot of the time.

The flight to LAX was 12 hours and it took its toll on Sloane and Grace. \240Sloane only slept for about one hour and wasn’t her happy self.

AirBnB Mexico City

We arrived at about 7:30pm last night and we all felt shattered. \240Alex landed from San Francisco about 8pm and he made good time getting through immigration etc and a 30 minute taxi ride to get to the house at about 10pm.

I gave him a quick run down on the house and where he was sleeping and I heading off to bed feeling a bit disorientated.

Sloane’s body clock was all out of whack and she woke crying several times during the night which was hard on everyone especially Grace. \240She finally got to sleep at about 3am and slept through to 8am.

Helen, Alex, myself and Sloane went out for a walk to a local park where there are plenty of cafes etc.

The jacarandas are out and there are lots of street vendors with flowers and food for sale

Lots of dog lovers in Mexico, this popular park was not exactly grassy but was clean.

A little beverage stop although Sloan was a bit ’off’still.

In the evening we met up with Andrew’s friends from Brisbane, Donald and Jess and went into the Zocalo for a drink a meal and to pickup the tickets for Lucia Libre (Mexican wrestling). \240It was a beautiful evening as people gathered in the square.

After a cocktail at the Gran hotel, Dany picked up the tickets for the Luche Libre.

A quick bite of Tostas and beer

While it’s a choreographed game, they have some pretty clever moves.

We met our niece Vanessa and her husband and kids

Mexico City

At about 1am Sloane took a turn for the worse again and I took Grace and Sloane in a Uber to the Hospital General. \240We picked up Andrew and Dany on the way as we had no guarantee of getting an English speaking doctor. \240It was a grim scene as we turned up as only one family member is allowed in and there were probably 50 or more people hanging around outside. \240Most of them did not appear to be ‘well to do’.

We did find an English speaking doctor and seemed very nice so Andrew and Dany didn’t stay long. \240The doctor put a bag on Sloane to catch urine but is just all leaked out into her nappy. \240She was given a prescription for a inflamed throat ‘with secretions’ and just before 7am we got out and called a great Uber driver who took us to a pharmac to fill the order.

Grace, Sloane and I went to bed for a couple of hours then we tried the penicillin on Sloane, I then took her out for a walk and she vomited everywhere. \240Dany got in touch with a home doctor service and they came out and gave Sloane 2 injections, one for penicillin and one directed at the throat issue which they said would probably cause the vomiting. \240I need to administer the next three injections, which is going to be testing on everyone

It’s been a horror start to this holiday and so much worse for Sloane and Grace.

Mexico City

Another bad night with Sloane not going to sleep until about 3am. \240As Helen was staying just down the road with Raewynne who arrived from Canada late last night, I got Grace to try and sleep in our bed and I went to her room with Sloane. Pretty difficult to hear her grizzling for however many hours but eventually she went to sleep.

In the morning we had to wake her as she needed her Antibiotic injection every 12 hours. \240Grace again had no sleep but kept together and held Sloane still while I gave her the injection on her backside. Unfortunately I had to do it twice as I think I must of gone too deep the first time and I couldn’t push the plunger on the syringe. The second time was fine (Lessons Learned), although Sloane was not happy about it.

She soon calmed down and I gave her a weetbix which she ate really well and then once I had breakfast, I took Sloane out for a walk.

Our Airbnb is in a lovely tree lined street, and it was nice walking in the cool of the morning with Sloane. \240I walked to Parque Mexico where there is the dog park where Sloane loves to see the dogs. \240I stopped at cafe and ordered a coffee and banana muffin in Spanish and got speaking to this guy originally from the Ukraine who was with his 18 month old son called Kai. \240He said I may not have heard that in a child’s name before and told him that my manager’s daughter was about to have a son called Kai. \240He and his wife (Russian) were travelling around the world but since they’ve had their son they stay in one place for about three months at a time before moving on. They do online marketing and sales for a living mmmmmm.

We came across these 30 dogs which were being trained, I assume for different owners, Cesar Milan style. \240Pretty impressive as other dogs and their owner walked by.

The other family and friends are doing the Pyramids tour today and while I would have loved to have gone to fly the drone, I have done the pyramids on our last trip and someone had to stay back with Grace and Sloane.

Grace decided that she’ll have to get the doctor out to see here as she can’t shake the constant nausea and total lack of more than an hour or so sleep at a time since the night before leaving Australia. For Sloane things might be on the up and up as I put her down to sleep after our walk at about 10:30 and its now midday and she’s still asleep.

Today the doctor arrived in dramatic fashion, without the flashing lights and siren.

The doctor was the same one that came out for Sloane. She had a bit of an issue finding Grace’s veins, however, after a few minutes on the drip she began to feel a bit better. She got antibiotics for a stomach infection and anti nausea medication and of course the 2.5 litres of saline helped with dehydration, which is strange because she had been consuming a heck of a lot of water. \240She also got seeping tablets as she had not had any amount of decent sleep since last Thursday.


Another tiring night as I think Sloane has to yet adapted to the time zone. \240I slept in her room as Grace was prescribed sleeping tablets would not of been in any fit state to look after Sloane. \240she cried most of the night, she refused a bottle of milk and her water. Then I made a fresh bottle at 5am and thank god she took it and went to sleep.

We missed the next tour beginning but Grace felt a lot better in the morning although a bit spaced out, she said she’d like to join the tour once Sloane was awake. I gave the poor wee girl her final injection and she ate her breakfast, we Uber’d to join the tour.

We met up at the Frida Kahlo museum, I didn’t realise how much her an her husband were so influential, know many communist leaders etc.

The entrance to the ‘Blue house’

As she was confined to a bed for many years due to road accident, she had a mirror installed above her bed so she could do self portraits.

After the museum we all went to Xochimilco We had a great hour or so on the boat.

Food is cooked on these little boats and Helen and shared a Chicken with chocolate Mole for 170 pesos ($13)

If you have time watch the Mariachi’s sing they really made it great at only 170pesos per song.

Great entertainment

San Andres Cholula

So today we leave Mexico City on our way to Puebla, stopping off at \240Cholula on the way. It was a frantic pack to be out of the house and to meet the bus carrying the wedding party on our next leg.

When the Spanish came along, they covered the pyramid and plonked a church on top, very nice one though.

Tried to fly an orbit around the church/pyramid but was told it was “Prohibido”

Cholula has 150 Catholic churches which no doubt

All t


Free day in Puebla and still Sloane is struggling with sleeping consistently through the night. Weather wise, it’s been quite hot some days, although today was a little cooler which was nice.

This region is famous for it’s Talevera pottery and tiles, many of the buildings use them on the facade.

Hacienda Real Puebla

Wedding Day

Of all days I woke up with the runs but a couple of ‘Gastro Stop’ tablets seemed to put and end to that although my stomach was a bit off. The wedding was due to start at 5pm, with everyone meeting at our hotel rooftop bar from 3pm. The buses were due to leave at 4pm although we didn’t get away until 4:20 and we ended up not arriving until 5:10 due to traffic etc.

It didn’t seem to matter as the ceremony was unlikely to start without us. The venue was at the Hacienda Real Puebla, which had a lovely little chapel on the property.

The little yellow chapel is centre right

The venue also has stables and we had a spectacular show

Not sure how Grace got up on that horse

Alex fancying himself as a Charro

Dany’s mum (next to Andrew) and Dany’s aunties.

The reception kicked off after the horse show and went through until 2:30 am. \240Tequila was not in short supply and it seemed just about everyone over the legal age was drinking it. \240Helen and I left on the first ride back at about 12:30 as my stomach was still not quite right and when I think about it, we started at about at 3pm so we did pretty well.


We arranged to meet Andrew, Dany and Alicia in the zocalo for breakfast and our farewell to them.

We met them at one of their favourite restaurants in Puebla, Mi Viejo Pueblito and had a cooked breakfast. \240Helen was surprised after ordering eggs to be served \240what looked like a giant chocolate sausage. It was scrambled eggs with refried beans.

After breakfast we walked outside to the cathedral as the Palm Sunday procession came out.

After a few minutes we said our goodbyes.

San Miguel de Allende

We finally got to SMA just before sunset. The streets

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Woke up to a beautiful cool morning and as a bonus, Sloane slept right through woo hoo.



Yesterday, Helen and I thought it would be nice to get out and take a drive to see some of the countryside. \240As Sloane took a long nap we decide to postpone the drive until today.

Grace was keen to catch up on some sleep so we took Sloane with us on a trip to a town that looked interesting, called Guanajuato. Guanajuato was big on silver mining back in the day and was only about a 1 hour 45 minutes drive away.

Neither Helen or I know how we deviated from the route, but we ended up going via a town called Dolores Hildago. \240Unfortunately this made the trip to Guanajuato into a 2 hour 30 minute trip. As we got to the outskirts of town, we noticed some official looking guys beckoning us to pull over and we I slowed down, we realised they were trying to get people to buy a tour.


We decided to go to the wooded area that Susan had mentioned yesterday. \240We called in to the giant Sainsburys store to get an international adapter as phones etc needed charging.

As we were there about 10’ish, we stopped for a cup of coffee in the cafeteria (and a danish).

We got to the church where you can park around 11am and walked about one kilometre to Hill House woods. The woods are quite famous at this time of year for the Bluebells that flower here and although we were a few days early to see them in their full glory, the made a lovely spectacle.