The Tennessean Hotel- Knoxville, TN

So proud for the hotel owners in the establishment of this beautiful property and excited Knoxville now offers such a world class hospitality experience. The jewel of downtown!



Callaway Resort & Gardens

Summertime means icon time at Callaway Gardens... the Plumleaf Azalea, native to this area of Georgia and only found in about an hour radius of Callaway Gardens, is recognizable as the famous logo emblem and also serves as the symbolic heart of \240Cason & Virginia Callaway’s vision in the property’s genesis story.

Too few people are aware the beautiful 2500 acres upon which Callaway Gardens has offered millions of visitors a lifetime of memories was once sad farmland - depleted cotton and corn \240fields savaged from years of unsustainable farming practices. \240By saving this land with their own fortune the Callaway’s provided a better understanding of the living world and generation upon generation countless memories by connecting people with nature in a place of discovery, inspiration and serenity.

The Plumleaf Prunifolia Azalea begins \240blooming in July and the vibrant warm red bushes can be seen in the Gardens through August.

Plumleaf Azalea (Prunifolia)

View from the Scenic Drive, near the Mountain Creek Lake spillway.

Zoom in and see why Native azaleas are often mistaken as honeysuckle.🌸