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Blissful, beautiful, burrowing lies.

I could have spent hours looking into your eyes.

But what did they show?

Years of love for reasons I don’t know.

To be so close to someone, and have it ripped right away is still the very most painful thing to happen to me to this day.

But my tears and anger I once had are diminishing, you had left me with no joy.

I wish I could go back to August and say “to hell with that boy.”

You made me feel beautiful.

You were oh so kind.

But now I truly wonder what is wrong with your mind.

To build a life with no fear; with me by your side.

We were talking marriage, where I would be your bride.

Craggy Gardens, Asheville 2015, we were planning to elope and start our dreams...

It just reminds me that not everything in this life is as it seems.

I don’t know what is real anymore.

You stole my heart and then stepped out the door. You said we didn’t have the same dreams anymore.

But where did they go?

Where did they go?

You said this wasn’t right.

The endless nights.

Nostalgic sights.

But one day I woke up and with a smile on my face I said “I think I’ll be alright.” I thought losing you would be the hardest, some days, it still is.

But losing me was poison, and you will never know this.

This new, beautiful person

Who sees the world with a new view.

Endured so much pain, and still made it through.

Do I want to go back? Sure, sometimes I do.

But I’d never spend another second with a stranger like you.

“Contrast:100” just to block me out...

this girl you were once so crazy about //