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Our friends from our old school have been visiting, Julian and his fiancé Katie. Alex and I worked with Julian at Hillbrook, me for 4 years and Alex 2 years. He is somewhat of the match maker for us as we were all friends separately and then started hanging out together more. We’ve had a lovely week with them, we were still working when they arrived so they were happy enough doing their own things during the day, and then we all flew to Da Lat for a long weekend.

Before Julian and Katie arrived we had some friends from Thailand passing through Vietnam, so we saw them at the weekend too! We studied our Tesol course with them in August.

Our friends we met in Thailand

They’ve arrived!

Our Thailand friends and our UK friends at Blue Chairs

Da Lat

Datanla Waterfalls


The greatest make your own spring rolls of all time

Road tripping

Pongour Waterfalls

Sunflower fields

Lavender fields

Safety first don’t worry mum!

Crazy House - google it if you’re interested - an interesting history

Largest golden Buddha statue in Da Lat

Very typical views of Da Lat - very mountainous