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More photos from our 5 nights in Da Nang! We took a boat trip to Cham Islands and did some snorkelling which was great - we saw some colourful fish and some really cool blue starfish. We all had a wonderful break in Da Nang, thoroughly enjoyed the sea air and cooler temperatures. It felt freezing at times!!!

We’re now back home in HCMC, nice to be back! Pleased to be back in 33 degrees!!! Mums been doing the washing piles for us - a delight! We went to an art shop this evening and for a yummy western style dinner at L’Usine. We’ve booked tickets for the opera house on Friday night as they have a bamboo acrobatic show on which looks very intriguing!

I think the photos have uploaded incorrectly again - sorry!

The longest bridge in Vietnam - it breathes fire every weekend for less than 5 minutes at 9pm

Back home, playing monopoly

Monday evening, outside the opera house

Monday evening cocktails - half price - it’d be rude not to!

Da Nang boat trip

Our beach resort in Da Nang

Bahn Mi & Beer

My new T-shirt!

Waiting for his dinner