The eclipse day is finally here!!!🙆🙋💁💃💥💥

the mad rush to get glasses --I finally ended up paying about $30 for five pair and had a couple pair left over. !

GREaT DAY!! I will never forget this.

Shannon and Elijah and Jovie came with us over to the Duncan's. Reese and Collin LOVE those 2

They chased the Powell's chicken until finally jovie caught him!! They were obsessed!!

Shannon also brought her ex sister-in-laws. They were a lot of fun! They all came back to the house where we had a glass of wine and talked for 2 hours until they had to go back to dad and Carrell's for dinner.

Driving myself crazy trying find right journal app😩🙄😩🙄

It’s a rainy Sunday - going to do home church and then Amelia is coming over.

I want to play a game with Collin. I wish he wanted a friend Over too- but he’s not interested

A chicken summer all the way

This is a rarity- Collin in Reese’s room? They’re creating something together

Hard day- Saturday. Collin and his Dad got into it - because Collin through his rake. Greg told him he owed him if he broke it- Collin asked him why he was in such a bad mood and it went downhill from there. Collin lost his computer privilege for two weeks. Watching This conversation made me very sad. Collin got really upset - Greg finally got him to help cut down a tree- Collin didn’t want me taking pics cuz he was so upset.

I hope this get resolved without huge disciplines.

Hoping this day is productive with the kids. I sit here and am watching Reese work on the chicken coup. Greg and her finally got hardware cloth cut out of the bottom of the coop so the chickens were at the feet stuck and it’s easier to clean— they work for about two hours!!

Finally hardwire is gone from bottom of coup!

Reese said "I'm really nervous behind the wheel of pretty much anything" – I said "that's the reason we're out here". Reese said-- "wait I thought we're here just for fun not for a therapy session --but o well. OK let's go Nate."

Bryan let Collin drive on the bigger tractor – he had a grin from ear to ear. Then Reese drove the big tractor and got her confidence up -- then drove the smaller tractor all by herself. Greg said he'd buy her a poulet chicken if she did it😝

PArty weekend

We finally had our get together and I didn't do a tour for everyone --so they could see the change we made😫

I took sandy and kristen around but they hadn't seen it prior. The party was great we had about 40 people. Millers - sandys son came too. Reese and Milller road bikes then they and Collin played hide and seek and had a ball.

I ordered WAY too much brisket- had a lot left over. Going to give some to Bryan and joy tmw. They gave us a $150 gift card- it was $330 dollars! Thank God for gift card.

Only people who didn't show were Julia, Susan M., Breanne and Dreama. Susan and julia texted me to let me know.

Reese showing off the “chickens”

Reese Was so excited about having people

take the big tour - our friends thought this was so cool!!!

Below: Reese had a sign up sheet for the chicken coup tour. She was so excited to show off the chickens

Today - day after party--I took a good nap!!!🙋😁🙅🏻LOVE our screened in porch. greg took reese to get more Hay for coup. Then we all hung outside and did stuff.

Good day.

I went out to see the chickens with Reese after school – saw wigwam do a little bit of his rooster dance – too funny! Took reese to horseback. She still has a true love for horses. She got so nervous when I brought up the chicken show- I'm a little frustrated with 4h. They hadn't emailed anything and now we find out details the day before.

Tina said to use this show as practice but reese doesn't want people watching her.

I think Reese will wait until oct fair to show wigwam- we got home and she practice but he's still a little squirmy.

She loves Victory!!! Such a sweet horse.

While we were at horse back greg took collin out in the boat and he surfed without rope for the first time!! He picked it up so quick!

Kids ended up having a ball on this hike!! This is the hike Collin fell down the waterfall when he was about 6.

Reese had a ball doing Breyer photography

A rare happening! We got home from the dream center event around 9:30. I went to my office to try to get organized- greg watched football and Reese and Collin spent time together!!! They made miniature chickens from clay. Collin is SO meticulous- his sculptures were amazing . Reese begged him to make certain animals. I suggestion for collin to have a sleep over in Reese’s room - he of course jumped on that idea- reese not so much at first but warmed up to it. I got to pull out Reese’s trundle for the first time.

Also we talked on the way home about that they’re done with animal jam:( a little sad that -that era is done.

Also earlier today—Reese and I dropped off her Barbie dream house at ABC. She helped me sort the Barbie stuff to give it to Edith. So much is ending- it’s hard. But I’m trying to gear up for the next stretch of the journey.

This was so fun. At first it was pulling teeth-because she doesn't want to really shop. But we went to Panera then to Old Navy and then finally American \240eagle—She looks so cute and grown up!!

Our first bonfire after summer. Finally!! Love this smell —nothin’ better.

First brats- then the s’mores