Day one

Just finished packing and I got everything into my bag easily. I can’t wait to go to the airport

London Heathrow

Almost at the end of a long plane rode. I napped for a little but still feel Jet lagged. I had a chicken pot pie and some fruit for dinner and it was delicious.

Notting Hill

Just got into the apartment on day one in Europe. We did a narrow boat tour and just walked around. I’m about to go take a nap. Goodbye

Churchill War Rooms

Had a fun day today. We started off at the Churchill war rooms and then had a little rest. We then headed of to a soccer game. Which was fun because there was a lot of cheering. After that we had dinner and desert st a place with delicious rose ice cream cones.

Saint Pancras

I forgot to do my entry yesterday but we didn’t do much. Today we went to the Tower of London. It was really fun. We also had a good breakfast and Mason got a traditional English breakfast. We are on a train right now which is super fun and we had a good meal.

CathΓ©drale Notre-Dame de Paris

First full day in Paris. After we got in last night I had a delicious street crepe and then went to bed. Today we went out for breakfast at a street cafe. Then we walked around and went to the Norte Dame until 2:30 when we had a four hour bike tour all over Paris. After the tour we went to dinner and now we are just chilling in our apartment.

Square LΓ©opold-Achille

Today we did a lot. We started with a slow morning and went to a local bakery. After that we went to the catacombs and did a audio tour of that. Then we went to the arc de Triomphe and climbed to the top. Next we went shopping for souvenirs ( keychain and glasses). We also went to Musée d'Orsay and had dinner at a nice Italian place


We started today off slow like yesterday. Once we started our day we went to Montmartre to look at the church and see some art. Then we came back to the apartment and sat down for a little. After that we went to do a baking class where we learned to make baguettes and croissants which was fun and delicious. Now we are just sitting around and eating appetizers.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

I didn’t get a chance to do my journal yesterday but we didn’t do much. We woke up and packed before going to the airport where we just waited around until our flight. (We got to take to bus out to our plane which was cool) once we got to Croatia me and Mason went swimming in our pool while dad cooked dinner. Then we ate dinner which was delicious we had Chicken with noodles and zucchini.

Adventure Dubrovnik - Sea Kayaking & snorkeling

First full day was phenomenal. Or at least most of it was. We started it off with a quick breakfast at a cafe. Then we went on a kayaking trip which was super fun we got to swim around in a cave and look at some cool boats. After that we had ice cream which was super good I got strawberry and watermelon. We then chilled at home for a little. Later on me and Mason went swimming in the ocean and took some cool videos. We also went to dinner which is where the day takes a turn. Me and Mason both had some pasta and ended up throwing up from it.

North walls of Dubrovnik

Day two of Croatia was good. We started the morning off slow but then we went and walked along the castle walls. We had a really good pizza and cheese bread inside the walls. After that I bought a cool soccer jersey. We then went home and swam in the sea and the pool. We are now just sitting and watching shows.

Blue Cave

TODAY WAS AWESOME. We started off by waking up early and going on a 4 hour cave snorkeling tour. (We got a bunch of videos) we went to three spots. A cove that had three caves one was pitch black, one was a canyon that we had to do some diving to get through, and the other was just a regular cave. We then went to a beach where we had drinks and fries that came in a cool container and me and Mason played some soccer on the beach. The last spot was a blue cave where the sand and water reflected the sky so the whole cave was blue. There was also cliff jumping. ( P.S. grandma it wasn’t that high and maybe don’t look at the picture) but the whole thing was fun. I also tried a new soda called Croatian cone which tasted like Coca-Cola and fruit punch. But basically the day was awesome and the cave were super fun and cool.

Mex Cantina Bona Fide

Today was a chill day. We layer around all morning and then went out to get some Mexican and gelato. I have now had gelato for four days straight and it was good every time. After we got home I tried out my new pair of goggles in the sea and now I’m just laying around


Today was the last relaxed day of the trip. We started off going to a seaside cafe where we had a pastry and fruit spread along with pancakes and eggs. I then decided to take a break from the salt water today and took and nap. We also watched Argo which I got bored of so I left early. After that I tried out a couple of snacks from the grocery store. Then we went to dinner and had a little walk on the boardwalk and ice cream.

Holiday Home Lungo Mare

Today was a great last day in Croatia. We started off on an ATV tour through the mountains after that we went to lunch where I had some chicken wing which was a nice little taste of home. After lunch we went out on a pedal boat that had a little slide on it which we super fun. Next we went in the old city and had dinner at a wonderful pizza place. After dinner I got gelato and had my three favorite flavors from gym favorite place easy baked apple, vanilla, and strawberry. We then walked around a little before coming back to the house and doing some laundry.

The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

Today was a little up and down. We started off going to breakfast place I liked but they didn’t have the chocolate cake we had last time. Then we Ubered to the airport where we relaxed and waited for our flight. We flew Ryan air to Vienna which wasn’t to bad. We then got a ride to the ritz carilton where we found out we got upgraded to a suit. After we got settled we went up to the lounge and got some appetizers. I then got room service and layed around while Mason watched soccer.

The Hofburg

Today was fun we woke up and went to a palace that some old Austrian royalties used to live in. After that we walked around and Mason found a sausage stand. We then went to lunch at another sausage stand. We then layed around until dinner where we soup to start and then I had ravioli which was delicious. After dinner I got some soft serve from McDonald’s which was just what I needed after eating all over the place.

Innsbruck Tivoli

Today was pretty casual. We didn’t do much. In the morning we went to a cathedral for a little. We went to the top and looked out over the Vienna sky line. Then we went back to the hotel and packed our bags. We then went to a food market. After that we went to the train station and got in the train to Innsbruck. We are staying at the Hilton Tivoli.

Nordkette Cable Car

Today was pretty fun. We started out taking the bus to the train station. We then took a g gondola to the top of a ski mountain. Once we were up there, we took some pictures and walked around. We then went down to one of the tallest towns in Austria. I had a wiener snitzel and some fries. I was supposed to have a drink which was a coke and orange mix. But the waiter got called away right before he handed it to me and he never came back. After lunch we went to the swarvoski crystal museum which was super fun because it was interactive and they had a huge play tower. After the museum we went to dinner and had pizza which put us a 7 pizzas this trip and the over under was six. I choose the over so I win!!!🥳🎉🎊

CONDESA - Authentic Mexican Taste - Bahnhofplatz 5

Today was a great day. We started off by waking up early and taking the train to Munich. Once we got to Munich we had Mexican food which I hadn’t had in a while. It was like moes and it was delicious they also had a jarrito flavor that I hadn’t had before, it was guava and it didn’t really taste like anything. After lunch we settled into the hotel. Then we went on a Segway tour around Paris. It was super phone and I felt like Paul Blart. After the tour we went to a beer garden that was okay. Then we went to a gelato place where I got strawberry and mango which is my new favorite combination. After that we walked back to the hotel and me and Mason went swimming.

We went to Dachau today so I’m not doing a journal today.

Olympiapark MΓΌnchen

The last real day of the trip was fun. We woke up and had breakfast at the hotel which was really good. I had eggs bacon fruit and bread. It was all delicious. We then went to the Olympic park where we walked around for a little and looked at the different buildings. After that we went up in the needle where there was a great view of Munich. After the tour we went to the bmw museum which was right across from the Olympic park. After the museum we went back to the park and played mini golf which was way more fun the ones in the us. It was built at the same time as the rest of the park. P.S. I won the game. After that we went to a huge beer garden and ate some food. Then we walked around for a little before getting Pizza Hut. It was cool because it was sit down.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip