December and the holidays

Tyler and Trey at the band concert

Knapp’s house BYU football

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve Trey and Lacey

Grandpa helping Ty set up hammak stand Christmas morning

Ty eating Thanksgiving pie

Trey piling it on Thanksgiving pies


Game night at the Tesene boys talkin sports


Long Layover in Amsterdam. Best thing to do when you are really tired and everyone else from Kansas is sleeping is tour around. So we walked all over the city.

Downtown Amsterdam

Cheese tasting

Canal tour

So tired,after flight with

Travel starts May 25th from Chicago to Portugal with long layover in Amsterdam.

Ty and Parker just settling in for the long flight.

Amsterdam from the canal

Pedestrian walkway

A great thing we did was try lots of different cheese, Lavender, pesto Honey, almond Etc

Had to buy some cheese, oh so good

Ty taking a little nap on the canal cruise

Bikes everywhere.

Canal cruise and a very tired crew

Rail way

Let’s fly to Cancun!

Love our new tradition of checking out of the cold after Christmas and going somewhere warm with Sand \240and the ocean. Last year was Port a Rico. Wonder we’re will we go next year?

So yesterday was an early day waking at 4:30a.m. Thankfully we only had to drive to the Manhattan Kansas airport and not the Kansas City airport, \240which is 2 hours away.

Peek a boo, I’m awake

Feeling spoiled!

2 hour wait in Dallas Fortworth airport( the capital 1 lounge). Plenty to eat and relaxing \240for next flight. Also loved that they had to go boxes. So if you were hungry on the plane you had something.

I had a monte Christo sandwich with egg on it. Absolutely amazing, some yogurt with grapefruit and oats, amazing crassant too.

Later I took blt and kale salad yummy dressing!

Got out the airport, which was crazy, lots of people, screaming taxi! Luckily Mac j went and found us a taxi in our price range and odd we went.

All pictures of our place and from our Balcany. Sweet view

Then by about 3:30 we hit the beach. Seriously strong waves I was tired in 15 minutes. Plus it had been a long travel day. Tyler and Parker and Macj swam and had a great time for about an hour.

The boys ended going grocery shopping, I took a rest.

Later the boys and \240everyone ate left overs from the lounge, so worth having that credit card, literally fed us 3 meals today.

Crash! These waves were intense.

Night time things really quiet down, the boys has a firestick and have access to tv all of the world, so the just plugged it into the TV and watched BYU football. Sheesh crazy how you can have theses luxeries.

Long day, but oh how nice

Isla Mujeres

Day trip

Morning Sunrise

Ferry by 9:00

It’s a bit bright but what a relaxing ride

Got ourselves a golf cart to put around in. drive all over the Island.trying to find our snorkel place. Google maps wasn’t very helpful🙄but it was a nice ride.

Lathering up with sunscreen

The reef is all the dark area

Macj found a large shell

Ty and Parke have to have a wrestle even snorkeling

Ty look at me

This was an area fish were all around me

Dinner fish taco’s yumm!

Seriously the best Fish taco’s!

Rated number 1 on Trip Advisor

The owner is from Argintina. They even give you a cinnamon Sugar donut dessert( kinda like monkey bread)On the house- way to say thank you!!

Boys watching game right up till 11:57

Just about ready to take the plunge

We did it again! Took a dip in the ocean at midnight. To welcome the new year

Fireworks on the beach

Happy new year 2023

Explore January 2023

What a day!! So many caves to explore in out and around. The perfect natural amusement park

Swim through, and hike through, wade through or zip on a hammock through or you could zip line over and then down into.

1st of the day was driving jeeps through jungle areas and caves.

Parker and Macj getting directions

Tyler and I. He says I’m a crazy driver

Wo look he we caught up too. Parker and Dad. We had pass some slow people but now the fun really begins

Into the caves

Let’s take some tight turns

He’s lookin like he’s having a great time

Off to the Hammacks

Ty and Park prepping to zip through the cave on their hammacks

Mac j coming back through the water

Let’s take swim through the caves, two things you can’t forget, your helmet ⛑ you don’t want to hit your head on stalactites.Also you must wear a life jacket, no drowning here.

Mac j coming up the to enter another area

The water was so clear

Looking up

Bats! Yes they live here too

Little waterfall area

Big waterfall area

Coming through the waterfall. “ I can’t see”

Looking up from waterfall

Zip lines!! Here we go we went on about 16 line

8 red and then 8 green

Ty and Park all geared up and ready to go!




The pretty parrots




Seriously goofy

Rocking the bridge to see if we can scare Parker


Beach and pool day

Rented umbrella lounge chair and chairs on the beach

Patient- the boys played this all the time.. just need a healing rock

Our spot, I can still hear the lifeguard’s whistle.

This is were we stayed

Football on the beach

So Sunday January 1, 2023 was a very quiet day. We slept in till 9:30 and then tuned into church back home.Adam Dolezal spoke and so did Bishop and one of the missionaries.

Then rest of the day we just lazed around, sadly I had a migraine, probably too much activity yesterday. The boys watched lots of football

Monday January 2,2023

Pool and beach and yummy burritos 🌯

Christmas is still being celebrated

Goodbye Cancun