Pre trip success!! 49.4lbs

I’m leaving tomorrow for orientation in NY and I’m feeling A LOT of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, sadness, joy and many more. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system helping me along the way. Thank you all for the endless love and kindness! Stay tuned:)

I love these people!!!

My health has made orientation hard but the people have kept me happy! Everyone is so open and sweet. I’m so lucky to have this new travel fam!!

John F. Kennedy International Airport

-> London

This is all still so surreal. I can’t believe we are about to travel the WORLD! I’m crazy tired but hyped up on excitement, which is seemingly a trend for the tour of Europe. I just took some melatonin so hopefully I will sleep the whole flight because we start touring the minute we get to London!


With only running on four hours of sleep from a red eye, it was a surprisingly good day! We had fish and chips at this beautiful pub in the picture above and then went to a bar afterwards for a drink. I don’t love traveling in a big group though bc we look like annoying tourists and don’t get to interact much with the locals. However, all in all it was a great day!


Sorry this is from yesterday!!

We r such tourists. Peep my lanyard which has an ear price attached!! Ahhhh!!! We walked ALL over London yesterday and saw all the sites. I learned a lot but didn’t love the touristy activities. I was so exhausted so the walking got very hard. Later that night we went to a ball pit club for my friends birthday!!


Today has been my favorite day so far. In the morning we went on a street art tour and saw so many amazing pieces. The pink car is a Banksy which is so rare to see because his pieces always get stolen! We then did an art class where we learned about pop art and created pieces that reminded us of London. I am unbelievably tired but we get a lot of free time tomorrow morning so I am looking forward to sleeping late!

Last pic is from Spiedfield market which had so many different and cool stands and the street food was amazing!! Elizabeth and I got a pork ramen bowl which was the ULTIMATE comfort food.

King's Cross

-> Amsterdam

I woke up feeling awful with an ear ache and a horrible migraine. All my friends took my bags down to the bus so I could sleep in. I chilled the rest of the day and now we are on the train headed to Amsterdam with wine and Tolberones!



We are so busy that every time we do have free time, we sleep.


First day in Paris!!

Boat tour- super touristy but relaxing and cute

This was for you IZ!!

The cabaret show was so cool!!! It was like Cirque de Soleil on steroids and Miss Universe performed!! It was very loud and bright but definitely worth it.


Paris day 2

Doing Laundry in a foreign country is A LOT harder than it seems. I forgot to bring detergent and I was out of money so I had to try to speak French to a random guy and he ended up helping me out. Then I had to find an atm to get more money for the dryer but I accidentally put my clothes in another washer so I had to wait even longer but I did it!!! I think the lesson here is don’t do laundry when you are crazy exhausted lol.

At least it was a pretty walk to the atm!

Palace of Versailles




This was at park Güell! It is full of Guadi designs inspired by nature. All of the architecture in Barcelona has a theme of nature and beauty which I LOVE

The clothes in Europe are so much more artsy and individualistic!

The market was crazyyy crowded but I loved the energy and all the food was incredible

This morning we took a pottery and glass blowing class! Lol making pottery is ALOT harder than it looks. Mine is the volcano looking one!

MUHBA - TurΓ³ de la Rovira

Sunrise over the Bunkers

For our last night together, we stayed out all night then climbed a hill in the morning to watch the sunrise. It was incredibly memorable!!

EF Cursos de idiomas en el extranjero

We had orientation at school today! There were a lot of people who also didn’t know Spanish which made me feel better. I miss my friends from the immersion tour so much but I LOVE my new roommate. She is from Paris and I already feel like I’ve learned so much from her. One of my favorite things about this trip is being surrounded by people with very different views from you, helping you evolve and grow as a thinker and a person.

Residència Universitària Josep Manyanet

New Friends and Yummy Food!!

We had our first day of school today and I love my teachers! We can only speak Spanish though which is hard because I know VERY little. After school we bought supplies to cook a big meal for friends! Ali, my roommate, taught us how to make an incredible pasta dish!


SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!! Everything is so fresh and amazing. We always go to random spots and I have not had bad food ONCE. Classes were good today but my migraine got bad as the day went on so now I’m just chilling in my room watching Netflix!


Day trip to Tarragona

It was incredible having the flexibility in my schedule to take a day trip to Tarragona on a Sunday. I used to study and work every Sunday, hardly leaving my room. For seemingly the first time in my life, I’m free from the constraints of time and anxiety.

We walked through the roman ruins then went to the beach and climbed rocks to a lookout point where we watched boats pass for hours

Cathedral of Barcelona

La Mercè

Today was the day of the Holy Mercè, Holy Patton of Barcelona.


Today we went on a hunt for amazing restaurants!!

This is Santos (German) at a super cheap, AMAZING burger place

This is Aly (French) at the cafe we found this morning!



Budapest was amazing!!! We saw all the sites, had incredible food and went to awesome parties!! I went almost the whole trip without a phone. My friend accidentally kicked my phone off our balcony and it was stolen in the time it took me to run down stairs! I actually loved not having a phone. It made it so much easier to live and enjoy every moment.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo

Vintage shopping!!

Today we explored a hidden gem of Barcelona, vintage shopping. We found a street full of really cool and different vintage stores!

This is Jaz, she’s from Budapest!!

Mathea is from Sweden!!

Nau Bostik

Nau Bostik

This morning I woke up early and listened to some podcasts about climate change. Afterwards, I was supposed to meet a friend at Nau Bostik. I ended up getting lost but I wound up at the Barcelona FC stadium! I walked around and found a cute tapas place where I ate an amazing brunch and studied Spanish. I finally found Nau Bostik. The art was incredible!


Rome and Florence

Florence might be my favorite city in Europe (or Amsterdam). It is so beautiful and tranquil. I had the best pasta of my life!!!

I also loved Rome but I didn’t love how touristy and dirty it was. I like smaller, more relaxed cities much more.

Sunset in Florence!!!



Jane and I took a very last minute trip to Mallorca! It was very relaxing and fun and the people were so nice!!! My favorite thing about Mallorca is the art. All the stores, buildings, museums etc. are so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing!


Protests have erupted in Barcelona after Spain's Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison. It has become increasingly more violent but I only saw peaceful protests of people sitting in the streets. All the bus’s stopped working so I did A LOT of walking


Costa Brava

After 8 weeks we were FINALLY reunited!! The riots in Barcelona caused some problems but we escaped to beautiful, relaxing Costa Brava! We visited a lot of small towns and tasted Spanish wines!


1st day in Tanzania

The moment we got in the car to go to our hotel I stuck my head out and smiled. I did not stop smiling till the sun went down. Everyone we passed in the car smiled and waved in a way I had not experienced in Europe. They have so much less but seen so much more content

Later in the day we climbed to a lookout where we watched monkeys swing and colorful birds fly with such grace and serenity it was mesmerizing

Yesterday and today we went to public schools to interact with high schoolers! At both places we were greeted with love and positivity. It was incredible how smart and kind they all were



Today we went to another school and played sports and danced with kids! During soccer I got rocked by a kid who ran full speed at me and during the dance portion I saw kids grind on eachother in front of teachers! Culture shock!!!

Today we went to hot springs and swam for a few hours. Afterwards, we walked through a village and met the herbalist, weaver and midwife!


Last week we worked with an organization that helped kids out of poverty through soccer. We went around to different schools and played games with kids while teaching them about sex, stds and pregnancy. Sex is extremely stigmatized here so a lot of the kids don’t get a chance to learn about it. If a girl gets pregnant here she is immediately kicked out of school but the boy is not.

Unfortunately a missed a couple days because I got an amoeba. I threw up A LOT so I had to go to the hospital and get an IV. The hospital was actually nicer than any hospital I’ve been to in the US!!

11/10 we went to a coffee farm! We learned how to make coffee starting with planting the seed in the ground! The process takes 2 years and the coffee is INCREDIBLE.