Dubai. Hot and humid.

Hop on hop off bus

Jumerah Palm island

Dubai Central

Japanese for dinner near the fountain

Hop-on bus failed us. Taxi to Hotel

No more stopovers in Dubai.

Liz says a different place to stay will be better than main part of town. TBA

Miniatur Wunderland

hamburg red light district

hotel66 is in a dodgy area the red light district where the fences can be used as urinals. A bit mire dodgy than we anticipated.

Hamburg. Walk ti fish markets-closed

Walk to Harbour - busy

Walk to Minature Wonderland - amazing

Walk to Cathedral climb to top walk to lunch in cafe. Had a hamburger in Hamburg. Very good.

Lots of lovely canals and bridges.

Walk to Hotel 66. Sleep. Walk to dinner at Cafe Palermo. Excellent food and atmosphere.


Flight to Kolñ on German Wings. Ok. Hamburg to Cologne

Walked the long way round to hotel and because there was a marathon in progress had to wait to cross the road many times.

Found hotel cant find wi-fi

Drinks dinner Cathedral and Bridge - amazing


Walked to Koln HBF. Train to airport to collect rental car

Lovely lady suggested we drop the car in Germany, just over the border from Salzberg so we save the Cross Border one way fee of 200€!!!

Great drive down. Saw the signs to Nurburgring!! OMG. Then we saw a car pulling a trailer coming towards us. On the trailer was a completely wrecked BMW 3 series that must have rolled at least 3 or 4 times. \240Welcome to the Ring!!

Arrived at Nurburg midday Monday. Asked RentRaceCar if i could do my laps today. No problem. 4:15 at the track. This is actually happening!!

VWScirocco Cup+. Mine for 2 hours or 4 laps. Here we go!

4:30. Picked up car. Briefing emphasises safety and fun.

Drive to start. Set up cameras, \240thru the boom gates and we're on The Ring.

Taking it slowly with Liz in the car. Memories of playstation come flooding back. I recognize many parts of the track and describe whats coming up to Liz.

End of lap i missed the exit so had to go thru for the second lap. Liz screamed "let me out i'm not going round again!!!"

Driving by myself i could go harder and started to really enjoy it. Still busting with adrenaline and starting to push a little harder. Some amazing machinery flies past me at warp speed! Incredible!

Pulled in after the second lap to catch my breath and enjoy the atmosphere of all the like-minded petrol-heads drooling over their car, their experience and the other weapons parked around them.

Spoke to a guy with an E46 M3 (my model). Seems the square wheel size setup is the best with 18 x 10's all round. \240Next project!!!

3rd lap was better. Lots of being passed and some passing.

4 th lap was brilliant. Hardly any other cars on the track so i was able to use the racing line and the paddle-shift and rev limiter got a real workout. Around 11-12 minutes was a very respectable time!!

Dorint Am Nuerburgring Hocheifel

Slept in. Met norwegian neighbours

Bought stuff at the Nurb Info Centre

Lunch at Nurburg Castle

Off to a spectator spot. Took photos and 360' video

Dinner at Pistonglasse

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Happy Anniversary!!!

Drive to Belgium -Spa circuit

RSR Track day -spectate, lunch, met Ron Simons ( RSRacing)

Massive detour home. Thank god for Hannah!

Dinner at Pistenklaisse. Met 2 pommie bikers, 65 and 70 years old, visiting for a 3rd ir 4th time. Wanted us to keep drinking and talking but we said it was ior anniversary night. Woo hoo !

Then back to Nuburg for spectator viewing. Track closed biker down

Pflanzgarten, 53518 Herschbroich, Germany

Breakfast early. Met AMG Petronas DTM team preparing for DTM race on saturday.

Drive out to Koblenz. Construction and closed roads made sure Hannah worked hard for us.

Found hotel, dropped bags and parked then train to Bingen so we can catch the rhine ferry cruise back to Koblenz.

At Bingen, took a walk thru the gatdens and a really cool playground

Carrot soup and a beer on the waterfront.

Ferry to Bacharach. Lots of Schloss's. Ive decided that germany is one BIG train set!! \240Very cute, archetypal buildings along the river's edge.

Hop off at Bacharach. Climbed city walls to parapet. Wineries running up the hill. Really steep. Dont know how they would pick them!!

Hop on ferry 2 hours later and anither 2 hours cruising down the Rhine looking at the train set.

Leyergasse 8, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Drive to heidelberg. Many road closures meant Hannah was working overtime.

Arrived and found hotelo. Nice place. Close to tram stop. Caught tram into Bismarkplatz and walked thru old town to the big Castle and the old bridge. Pretty town-lots of tourists!!

Too late to catch the Funicular to the castle. Save that for to orrow. Walked to the old bridge then had dinner at a pub. Pork and schnitzel.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle. Tram into town. Bus to auld brucke. Funicular to castle. This thing is amazing!!

Has the worlds biggest wine barrel intje castle. Holds 220,000 litres.

Caught monorail up to the next station for beer-o'clock where i had a Heidelberger in Heidelberg wearing Heisenberg

Kaiserhof Hotel Sonne

Heidelberg to Nordlingen.

Drive to Nordlingen on autobahn. Easy deive but lots of roadworks and 60/80k sections. Arrived 1:30. Found accommodation. Really cute oldie place. Foundbeat coffee so far in Valentinos. Capuccino and doppo espresso w milk.

Walked the town walls. Beautiful place cute houses. Discovered a Tesla charging up next to a plaque showing Nordlingen's sister status with Wagga Wagga!!

Wandered around town. Found bar for beer/wine then ended up having dinner there as Valentino's was closed.

Nordlingen to Augsberg

Wandered around town. Had another good coffee at Valentino's. On the way to Augsberg

Arrive Augsberg. Find histel. Great room. Large and spaxious and clean

Found cheaper parking

Had a snooze while Liz planned next day

Dinner at Bauerntanz Gasthaus.

Maltensenssuppe. \240- beefy broth with cheese and spinach ravioli. \240Delicious!

Great atmosphere. Pork knickle for me. Pork staek with Spatz (german pasta) and mushroom sauce for liz.

Drive Augsberg to Dachau

Work brings you Freedom!

Drive Dachau to Munich

BMW Welt

BMW Museum

Back to Augsberg


Train to Munich

Found great coffee in Munich Hoptbahnhoff at Segafredo in the station

Bike tour of Munich 4 hours. Great fun good lunch saw lots of sightsand got a bit of history. Jax, our guide, was excellent.


Drive to Fussen on the Romantic Road

WeisKirche on the Romatic Road

BeUtiful lake with camping/caravan park just before Fussen

Bevy time in Fussen

Nueschwanstein Castle

Castles in Fussen

Dinner at accom.

Wiesseer Str. 39, 83700 Kreuth, Germany

Drive the Alpine Road to Salzburg.

Took the Alpine Road. Lots of little

Towns. Stopped at a place called Murnau am Staffelsee. very pretty. Had our 'stolen from breakfast' lunch rolls sitting by the fountain then Liz bought some black jeans. Back onthe road to Bad Tolz then to Tegernsee on the lake. Stopped at a dairy and bought some delicious Ravioli, yoghurt and cheese for tonight's dinner and breakfasts.

Found an Aldi. Had to check it out. Bought 6 pack of beer, schnapps and wine for less than 14€!

Beautiful drive pst beautiful mountain lakes.

Kehlsteinhaus, 83471 Berchtesgaden, Germany

Salzburg. Old town

Mirabella Gardens

Eagles Nest

Dinner at Edelweis hotel in Betchesgaden.

Great Gulasche!

Almbachklamm - canyon walk

Hike to waterfalls in Almbachklamm

FΓΌrstenweg 33, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

SoM bike ride with Cloudio. Great fun saw all the landmarks, milestone moments And some great stories.

Lunch with fellow bike tour people at Die Weisse. Racist Canadian.

Dinner at Augustiner Brewhouse


Breakfast at M32

Red Bull


Supermarket. Roll for dinner

Wasserfallstraße 23, 5440 Golling an der Salzach, Austria

Drive to Bled via Golling Waterfall

Hike to waterfall. Stunning and powerful

Drive to Bled. Snow capped mountains. Beautiful

VeslaΕ‘ka promenada 2, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

First day in Bled

Late brekky. Sunny day touristinfo iffice hire bikes ride around the lake climb to lookout - Ojstrica lookout. Fabulous panaramic view over the lake from a rocky outcrop.

Return bikes. Another coffee. Drive to Vintgar Gorge. Walkway opend in 1893. Fabulously powerful river, great walkways brilliant lighting. 50 min in 25 out. Good workout.

Vogar mountain, Bohinj

Drive to Bohinj

Info centre. Found lovely apartment very close.

Went to Alpine Sport hut and booked paragliding for 30 minutes away !!!!!

So. Buzzed-out after the flight we went back to the apartment and slept

Ribćev laz, Slovenia

Bohinj. Rented bikesand rode rhe bike path. Broke the bikes front sprocket

Cable car to Vogel

The walk round the lake and chill

Ukanc 126, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

Bohinj Annual 'Cows coming home' festival

Hotel SchΓΆne Ausschit

Bohinj to Salzburg via Seebach for lunch near Seeboden then lake Fuschli

Checked in to Schone Aussicht. Beautiful farmhouse/hotel on a hill iverlooking Salburg

Did the SoM dance on the grassy hill.

Dinner in the rest. With Brunhilda who was rude and bounced us feom our requested table.


Left Aushwitz headed to 2nd Salzburg hotel

In to old town

Bought knife

Beer at the fortress above the old town

Went to Stiegl House fir dinner. Supposedly greatview over town but room was so brightly lit we couldnt see iut. Meal was only ok

Returned car in Freilassing

Flew to Berlin

Checked into MOxy hotel

Tried to book Reichstag tour. no luck

Alexanderplatz For 'Octoberfest' PD had gastro early night



Berlin. Fat tire bike tour with Claudia

Booked tickets for Reichstag dome for tomorrow.

Went ro Topology of Terror museum. Very interesting but very heavy. There for 3 hours.

Asked souvenier shop guy about Turkish food and he told us about 'Little 'Istanbul'

Caught UBahn. Found great restuarant called Hasir. Great food

Berlin wall

Jewish memorial

Hotel de Rome

Hasir's turkish restaurant


Alternative walking tour 11:00

Reichstag tour 5:30

Brandenburg Gate by night