House chaos as I pack for the trip while attending to a less than cooperative 5-yearxold.

And with a broken leg!

This is the boat

This is the boat

She’s called Solace (zygo 2)

Very Able Seaman Michael

Preflight checks

Commodore Andy (Lionel) & FM Mark (Nicola)

Having last supper

Drinking the night before a passage....

Never a good idea

Skipper Neil joins the queue.

We’re off

We’ve hired the best driver I know

Made it to Chichester

On the boat

Not forgetting Zygo

Time for some bubbly

Rally seat fitted

We’ve slipped our lines

Bacon butties taste better at sea

Glorious sailing weather

The commodore gone full-on immersion suit

Leaving the Solent

Needles lighthouse

Mike insists we keep featuring Zygo

Though to be fair Zygo is a better navigator, sailor, parrot, etc.

We made our first destination, Poole, on time.

We feel so at home

It looks nice but...

One canny sail withoot the wind. Looks like we’ll have to head for Weymouth instead of Torquay today by motorsail.

Solace in the mist

Dolphins in the mist

Mist in the mist

Three happy hats

Goose winged 20 miles offshore

Lyme bay really is quite a long way

Arrived at Brixham after 12 hours at sea

Chilli con carne at 10pm

Sunny morning in Brixham marina

ZYGO gets the casting vote

We’re off to Plymouth today.

Taking on enough fuel to make it to the Caribbean

Leaving Brixham for Plymouth

The promised strong winds came and we decided to reduce canvas after we surfer down a wave at over 12 knots in a 30 knot gust.

Too much for the commodore

Sailing down Plymouth Sound like Drake

We made it to Plymouth

The end of the journey for the Commodore

Andy tells the crew Plymouth is the end of the line for him. This disappointment followed shortly after Mark had fallen out of his chair and re-injured his broken leg. Is this the end of the journey for all? Not if Mark can help it, yet only the morning and a possible hospital visit will tell...