Pasture Rd, Spirit Lake, IA 51360, USA
Pat and I went up to Spirit Lake fishing today; the fishing was subpar but Pat's smile on the first catch of the day was perfect
We got and I tapped out about 3 hours ago; but this man loves fishing
This was our first time using the Jason Mitchell ice house and it was very comfortable
View from our spot
Pasture Rd, Spirit Lake, IA 51360, USA
Day 2: Back on the ice, bright and early. I was actually ready to go before Pat (just thought that should be documented ). Hopefully we'll see more action today than yesterday!
Spirit Lake before Dawn
Drill Baby Drill
The sky this morning was beautiful; here's a view from the shack
And one unobstructed
I caught the first fish of the day! This lucky perch got to see another day ☺
Pat measured the ice to be 18 inches
But that wasn't enough for this dude. Bummer man.
We ended the trip with 4 perch and a beautiful sunset.
Another trip in the books ☺