865 Rowells Rd, Catawba, SC 29704, USA

Headed to Winchester, TN. Tim’s Ford State Park to visit with my beloved cousins

Fairview Campground

Our beautiful view and sunset in Winchester, TN. Tim’s Ford State Park. Cookout tonight with my cousins:))

Pennington Cave

Went for a Sunset Tour on Tim’s Ford Lake

Pennington Cave with bats flying around us.

Beautiful Blue Heron

My cousins Becky, Ricky and Ronnie:))

Beautiful Sunset! It was another wonderful day.

Today started with a 4 mile family hike with Becky, Joel, Ricky, Lori, Evan, Ashland, Gordy, Tank and I. Then lunch at a float

Gulpha Gorge Campground

Travel day from Tennessee, first stop to pay our respects to one of my favorite uncles.

World’s Largest Bass Pro Shop:)

Crossing the Mississippi River

Into Arkansas

Our “home” for next five days. Can’t wait to to explore Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Hot Springs National Park Sign

Hot Springs National Park

Beautiful Bathhouse Row, healing waters from the hot springs that run under them.

Another bathhouse, over 1 million gallons of hot water flows a day from the mountains.

A kid in a candy store:))

High atop West Mountain

Home plate of the old Fogel Field.

Fogel Field

Where Babe Ruth hit the longest recorded home run. 753 ft.

Babe Ruth

Gordy and Tank by the brook that runs thru our campground.

Our evening hike. Another amazing day.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Today has already been amazing!! We went to Garvan Woodland Gardens. 210 acres of natural foliage and botanical gardens.

Sunrise Bridge

Many waterfalls

Beautiful flowers

This huge azalea bush reminds me of the one at Tybee Island.

Caterpillar sunning

Beautiful butterfly:)

Glass ceiling in the Pavilion

Tree house in the Children’s Garden

Gordy resting under the waterfall after exploring the cave behind him

This is the Wedding Chapel on the property!! Unbelievably beautiful!!

Wedding Chapel

Our day started with a trip to the West Mountain Tower. It was once a fire tower.

Overlook on the steep climb to the Tower.

Gordy took the elevator tide 216 ft up to the top of the Tower.

View from the Tower.

View from Tower.

Then we returned to get a better look at Fogel Field

This is the remnants of the bleachers.

Whittington Park is where so many great ball players trained.

Old location of home plate.

Where Babe Ruth hit his longest ever home run.

Fogle’s at Fogel Field

Then we strolled the Grand Promanade.

Grand Promanade

More Grand Promanade

Steam coming off the hot springs downtown.

Gordy says, too hot for a bath:))

I was definitely thinking of jumping in:))

Another fun filled day here in Hot Springs National Park.

Today was a rest day, laundry and start packing things up to get back on the road early in the morning. Next stop Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, Fritch, TX.

We had a downpour come thru, with the sun still shining.

Creek that runs by our campground.

Old stone bridge

Flagpole by our camper, it’s automatic and lowers itself at dark.

We have walked a lot this week,

Getting ready to hike in Grand Canyon!

Thanks everyone for following along with us!! More amazing sights to see:))

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area Headquarters

We had another successful travel day, going through Oklahoma into Texas.

Long roads of almost nothing!

For any Yellowstone(TV show) fans, we went past the 4 6’s Ranch.

Our arrival to our campground last night however was “Rocky”! Literally, the first thing they told us when we checked in was that we were under a severe weather alert and all bathhouses were tornado shelters. To feel free to go there with our pet and anything else we needed to feel comfortable! I immediately did not feel comfortable. We decided to stay in our RV but did not let our slides out, we didn’t need wings. It was a long night but after lots of prayers,we survived. Still very windy today but we decided a Waffle House breakfast and sightseeing in Amarillo was in order.

Cadillac Ranch:)

You can see how windy!

Then a visit to Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument.

The view from our campground is beautiful, hopefully we can get out more tomorrow without needing an anchor!

Sanford-Yake Campground

At the end of the day, we have a majestic sunset view!

Thank You Lord!

When traveling always be prepared for change:). Yesterday we got a call that our next reservation was canceled due to wildfires.

So today was spent finding a new route and campground away from flames. Good news is, it looks like a really interesting place to go.

We also found time to wish our great grandson Knoxy a Happy 2nd Birthday!!

And walk around this stunning environment that we are enjoying. The depth and breadth of it just can’t be captured in pictures.


Another safe travel day. We are now in Grants, NM

I never realized what a diverse landscape existed out here.

Then of course, Dinner:))

Fun plans for tomorrow!

Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano

Believe it or not, today we toured a volcano and then an ice cave in New Mexico!

As we start our hike to climb the 150ft elevation to the top of the volcano dating back 1200 years

This is the El Malpais region. There are 29 volcanos in this area, from here we could see 15 of them.

Gordy and Tank at the opening of a lava tube.

Us at the top side of volcano

Lava flow field

Old twisted tree

Lava tubes

The beginning of the steep steps going down into ice cave.

Looking up from first set of steps

Our next steps going down

The view to the platform.

From outside, steps going down.

Gordy and I

It stays around 30 degrees all year round in here.

Nothing compares to God’s creation.

We also visited Route 66:))

El Malpais National Monument

Today we visited El Malpais National Monument. Where red hot lava raged across the ancient valley 3900 to 60000years ago. Leaving behind large areas of majestic stone cliffs and large lava flows.

This a La Ventana Natural Arch

No matter where you go, certain things still need done. Laundry, grocery shopping, beds changed, dusting and vacuuming! That was our day today, getting ready to head to Grand Canyon tomorrow:))

Beautiful sunset last night!

Thanks for checking our pictures out and for all the prayers for our safe travel:))

Grand Canyon National Park

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s, Mother figures, Dad’s that “mother” and fur mom’s!!

This is the beautiful Mother’s and Father’s Day present from our children ( made by our talented daughter Kim). We add the states as we travel:))

Made it to Arizona

Getting closer!!

We had a greeter as we drove into the park.

We are here!! Grand Canyon

It did not disappoint, views are breathtaking!

Mather’s Point

South Rim

Had a wonderful day finding all the spots to view this landscape.

It’s amazing!

Baby moose

Then sunset:))

We had an amazing sunset last night! Unfortunately, I stepped wrong off a rock an twisted my knee. After a drive into Flagstaff ( 80 miles away) and a visit to Urgent Care, I have a sprained IT band. It’s the fiberous tissue that connects the hip to the knee and the knee to the shin bone. Ice, rest, a brace and steroids will fix me up. This will not ruin our trip. Thank the Lord it was not \240a torn ligament. We did find time to watch an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon. The history of the formation and the culture of the peoples that inhabited it.

Here’s a few more sunsets to make our day:))

Had another amazing day at the Grand Canyon! We were joined by Kathy, Jen and Beckett! We were having so much fun,I didn’t get to post yesterday. My knee is feeling better, still walked 8,000 steps yesterday:)

Then we had a dinner picnic at the ledge of the Grand Canyon..

And then watched another amazing sunset!!

Busy day here in the Grand Canyon:)

Gordy, Jen and Kathy hiked the trail to Ooh-Ahh point. It’s the equivalent to 76 flights of stairs! They say “ Down is optional, Up is mandatory:))”

Then they were brave enough to take Beckett a little ways down to see a Big Horn Sheep.

Beckett and I had fun with walking on the big rocks :))

And seeing a Moose with big rack:)

We went to Desert View Lookout, it was absolutely beautiful day.

Topped off with a dish of ice cream:)

ACT Campground

We were blessed with a absolutely amazing sunset last night in Grand Canyon!

Then left, headed to Moab, UT for Arches National Park. We have a fun filled few days planned here with Jen, Kathy and Beckett!

We made it to Utah, the scenery along the way is so diverse and beautiful.

This is our view from our camper for our stay here, yes, that’s snow on top of those mountains!!

Life just doesn’t get much better than this! Spent a beautiful day in Arches National Park with Jen, Kathy and Beckett!:)

We all hiked the 1/2 mile up and back to a viewpoint of Delicate Arch. 200 ft elevation fairly rocky, but I made it bum knee and all!

Then, Gordy, Jen and Kathy, did a 3 hr very steep hike to the top of Delicate Arch!!

Next we all went to Double Arch.

Today was our last day to have Jen, Kathy and Beckett with us:(( We had so much fun with them and made some great memories!

First we hiked to Balanced Rock.

Then we hiked to Turret Rock

That’s Gordy way up there:))

Then we spent the afternoon on side by sides!! It was super hot today, at point the temperature was 112 degrees!!

The scenery was breathtaking!

So blessed to have shared this time with them!! Tomorrow they head for Denver then fly home.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our company as they headed to Denver, then home.

After a busy day of laundry, shopping and chores, Gordy made up a delicious dinner of steaks and potatoes on the grill.

Today our destination was the La Sal Mountain Loop. Mountains with snow on top despite the temperatures in Moab reaching 100 degrees.

Then we rode along the Colorado River, watching rafts shoot the rapids:))

Tomorrow we are off to Grand Teton National Park. We are told no cell service or Internet service.

Grand Teton National Park

Hi everyone, thought I’d post a few pictures while I have some internet:))

It’s Cold and snowy! But absolutely stunning scenery!!

A few more pictures from today. We saw buffalo, elk ,a fox and a glimpse of a bear but no pictures.

Tank loved the snow:))

Yellowstone National Park

Spent the last few cold, snowy days enjoying this absolutely beautiful place!!

It’s a winter wonderland:)

We saw mud pots, formed from the hot magma beneath this park.

And the beautiful, colorful pools made by the bacteria that grows in hot springs.

Then more snow!!

9770 Three Flags Ln, Black Hawk, SD 57718, USA

We are all set up in Black Hawk, SD

It’s a beautiful day!

Our last day in Yellowstone, we visited the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

Watched Steamboat Geyser which very rarely erupts!

Then on our drive to South Dakota, we got snowed on, sleeted on, hailed on and rained on:) You can’t control Mother Nature:))

But at the end of the day!! It’s great to enjoy a nice ice cream sundae:))

Badlands National Park

Having a great time in South Dakota! Went \240to a Dinosaur Park and watched a beautiful sunset over Rapid City.

Then today went to the famous, Wall Drug Store. They stayed in business all these years by giving free ice water:))

Rode a Jackalope:)

Caught Gordy fooling around with the saloon girl!!

So I found an ole cow poke:)

Gordy rode the bucking bronco the full 8 seconds!

Then we left on the wagon train.

Headed to Badlands National Park

Another wonderful day!!

Today was spent at Mount Rushmore. It was a “Bucket List” item for both of us.

The avenue of flags.

Then tonight was the first “lighting of the monument for the year. In celebration of Memorial Day. It’s a very reverent and moving ceremony.

Then they call are veterans up to the stage to participate and thank them for their service. Gordy was one of those.

It really makes us appreciate and respect the freedoms and rights we have in this country. God Bless America!!

Saturday was a rest day, in the late afternoon we had a thunderstorm roll thru that blessed us with a double rainbow:)

Today we explored the Cosmo Mystery House. It’s a natural phenomenon that makes things that are level appear unlevel.

Trees grow crooked, gravity is defied.

Gordy standing on the wall of the house.

Then we went to Wind Cave National Park but all the cave tours today were booked:(. We enjoyed the animals and hiked to the fire tower overlook.

Still a blessed day!!

Happy Memorial Day from South Dakota!!

We respect the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

It’s been a rainy two days here, so today we went underground at Jewel Cave National Park. This cave has over 212 miles of mapped caves and is still being explored.

Beautiful wooden bridges in this area.

Too wet to grill out so we let Texas Roadhouse do the cooking tonight!!

The Crossings Campground

After a rainy and windy few days in South Dakota, we had a beautiful sunset last night to send us off.

Today we had a blue sky day for our drive to North Dakota.

The antelope are such graceful animals, I love watching them and they are plentiful along the way.

Arrived safely in North Dakota:))

Today we visited one section of Theodore Roosevelt National Park called the Painted Canyon. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Horses roam free with all the other animals.

Then drove thru the town of Medora where deer are everywhere:))

Came home to this beautiful view from our camper. Have a blessed day.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is his Maltese Cross Cabin as Roosevelt called it.

The clothing and accessories on the horse are authentic and were actually used and worn by Roosevelt.

This is one of the herds of “Feral Horse” they don’t call them wild but they freely roam the Park.

This big Bison peeking thru the bushes.

Prone horn sheep.

Lots of overlooks of the Buttes.

Another herd of bison.

These big guys were right by the road.

A coal vein that’s still visible.

Today we explored the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Wildlife galore! Bison herd is healthy and plentiful here. Eat up those Bison burgers!

Wild Turkeys and Elk.

Beautiful vistas. It’s crazy how peaceful and quiet it is here, when you are out on a trail, the silence overcomes you.

Petrified Trees.

And then we have a Monkey! He’s going to climb:))

These stones are called Cannonball concretions, made as wind and rain wash the soft clay out beneath them.

Still having fun and loving our trip:))

Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey, 10410 Brockton Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55311, USA

We are settled in Minnesota for a few days. Had three days of hard rain in North Dakota. So glad to have some sunshine:))

Tomorrow Mall of America and a Minnesota Twins Baseball game:))

Yesterday started with a trip to Mall of America! The biggest mall in the country. It has so many fun things!!

A complete amusement park inside!

Then we finished the day off with a Minnesota Twins Baseball game. Twins vs Tampa Bay.

A great view and Twins won!

So many “Bucket List” items getting checked off, I’m starting a new list!

Wisconsin Dells

We have had a busy, wonderful week with Charles, Leann, Whitney, Charlie and Georgia at Wisconsin Dells!!

Going to a Science Museum:)

Lifting a full size car.

House of mirrors:)

Pa instructing Georgia on the backhoe:)

Then we went to a Waterpark all day Tuesday:))

We stayed at Jellystone Campground! Kids loved it!!

Thursday, Whitney celebrating her 8th Birthday!!

We went to the Zoo, she loves animals;))

The parakeets lived Charles and Gordy!

They rode Camels

Fed Giraffes,

Then we had s’mores by campfire.

Friday was Wisconsin Duck Boats and the pool:)

Today, we sadly said”see ya next time “ and headed back to South Carolina!


We are home, unhooked and still smiling! This was an incredible trip! 60 days, 9,067 miles, 20 states, 11 National Parks/Monuments, priceless memories and our children’s inheritance in fuel!! We are so thankful for a safe and unbelievably amazing adventure!