6716 AR-171, Malvern, AR 72104, USA

Time to test out the J10 on a long road trip. We got up at 5am today to hit the road for North West Indiana. The gas gauge doesn’t work so we are stopping every 150 miles to fill up.

Stop number 3 for gas.

Forrest City Arkansas

It was getting warm in here so next gas stop we added some coolant.


As we drove in at 1 am this morning the transmission was making a horrible noise. Maybe the J10 wasn’t meant to do 80mph for 16 hours straight?

It’s been quite so far this morning so hopefully it just needed to rest from the long trip.

Tinley Park

Angel and Betsy are engaged! \240The wedding will be October 8th in the Lansing Airport historic Hanger. Congratulations.

We finically made it to our destination to celebrate with Angel and Betsy. Thank you for including us and we will be back in October.


On the way back to Poland, IN and we accidentally found the Marshall Arch.

And I had to learn Amish Buggy driving etiquette. Don’t want to scare the horse.


We got up at 4am and it was a long day driving, but it was worth it to get home before 1 am. Since we still don’t have a working gas gauge we stopped every 150 miles to get gas and change drivers. I really think this make the 16 hours not feel so long.