83 St Lawrence St, Portland, ME 04101, USA

Mike and I will be flying out from Portland this morning! Layover in JFK before making it to Montego Bay for the next 10 days!! We will be staying at the All Inclusive Resort, Secrets St. James!!

Alex & Tyler let us crash at their place last night and introduced us to some Amazing Pizza from Ottos!! We will head to the airport with Ty this morning who is headed to Portland, Oregon!

First flight was a success. We parted ways from Tyler at the terminal in Portland who is headed for Portland, Oregon! We now are waiting at JFK for our flight at 10. It’s a 4 hour flight to Jamaica, we land at 12:55 (they are an hour behind). Fingers crossed, we will be at the resort around 2:30. We splurged and got Club MoBay for arrival so we will be fast tracked through customs! Can’t wait to get there!!

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

We made it!!! We are not gonna wanna leave!!!

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

We were out of the airport yesterday, drink in hand thanks to Club MoBay in under 30 minutes!! Our driver, Victor, was great. They drive on the opposite side of the road here so that was a first for me! After arriving to the resort we were taken to check in where we each received another drink,rum punch for me and red stripe beer for Mike. Our room was not quite ready for us so they sent us to lunch at a buffet. There were other options but that’s where we chose. So many options and it was all great! While there I had a Bob Marley cocktail, it was yummy! After lunch was ready we headed back to check in and our room was ready for us. The \240afternoon was quiet for us. I unpacked while Mike slept and then we ordered room service for dinner. The man who delivered it arrived with it stacked on a tray on top of his head, I wish I had gotten a pic! (Maybe next time) The food \240was delicious and they surprised us with a bottle of champagne! We ate on our balcony overlooking the ocean, it was wonderful! Then we watched some TV before passing out for the night. We had planned to at least walk around the resort some but were both exhausted! Today will be much different!

Before our first Jack Daniels drinks!

After our first Jack drinks!

Only 5 minutes till landing!!

Red stripe beer and a Bob Marley cocktail!

Honeymoon banner on the door!

A great welcome to our room!

Bathrobes and beach towels laid out for us!

Our balcony, that’s a jacuzzi on the right side!

Our view from the balcony!

Room service on the balcony!

I had grilled chicken in a sweet and sour mango sauce with mashed potato and steamed veggies.

Mike had baby back ribs in a tangy tequila BBQ sauce with fries and steamed veggies.

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Yesterday was a great first full day!! Mike and I walked around the resort a lot and saw a lot of marine life (some that I could have done without seeing 😆). We sat beach side and pool side with drinks in hand. I tried all kinds of different drinks and they were all delicious (I may or may not still be in bed recovering 😬). They do not have Jack Daniels in the regular bars so mike had Jim and Gingers and then we realized since we are preferred we have our own full stock that we can pick from in the lobby. And lucky for Mike, they had a bottle of Jack, just no Dr. Pepper. After the day by the water we came back to the room and got ready and went to dinner at the Italian restaurant, Portofino. It was delicious!! We sat outside, the temperature was perfect! The menus were so cool, they were back lit! After dinner there was a Bob Marley cover band that played so we sat in comfy chairs and listened to them and watched the staff dance. It was a perfect day and night!!

Mikes new friend!!

Coconut time!

The Boston Celtics dart board in Jamaica!!!

All dressed up!!

Bruschetta to start!

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Today we laid on the beach for a few hours and then went for another walk around the resort. For dinner we went to Blue Mountain. I had Guava BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies and Mike had Curried lamb with rice and steamed veggies. For an app we had jerk chicken egg rolls. Everything was great! Mike said it his favorite meal so far! After dinner we changed into our jerseys and went to the Baracuda bar to watch the game, probably one of the best places I have ever watched the game! Our bartender, Marvin, was great! He had our next drink made and sitting in front of us before the drink we had was gone. Tomorrow is our excursion to Dunn’s River Falls and Blue Hole/Secrets Falls. And then we go to the famous Scotchies for lunch. The shuttle will pick us up at 7:30 am, and the tour is booked for all day, they say it’s about 10 hours. We can’t wait to see more of Jamaica!!

Mini appetizers in bed!

Dirty Banana!

Doesn’t get any better then this....

Miami vice

Our beach view today!

The St. James Prefered Club

Our stocked bar in the preferred club lobby!! (Where they keep Mike’s Jack!)

Curried Lamb

Dinner @ Blue Mountain

Guava BBQ Chicken

Blue Hawaiian

All changed and game time ready!

Ya boys!

Representing in Jamaica Mon!

Strawberry margarita & the Pats game!

Chocolatini & Jim & ginger

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

YESTERDAY WAS AMAZING!!!! We started with a tour to the Blue Hole & Secrets Falls and then went to Dunn’s River Falls. Both were completely different and oh so Beauiful. The only pics we have are on the Go Pro so I can’t post them yet. Our Driver, Marlin, was great! He was super fun and got us to all know each other. Then we had Chris for a guide at Blue Hole and DJ & Alex at Dunn’s River. They were all great and funny too. The Blue Hole/Secrets Falls is still quite secluded and run by the locals which makes it that much more specia.l The road to get there was quite scary, very narrow, rough and no guardrails blocking the long way down off the edge. Dunn’s river is extremely touristy so there is a lot more money in that park. All tarred roads and big pretty signs. We picked up 4 other couples along the way from different resorts. One of the other couples was also honeymooning. All were from the USA, Florida, NewYork, Iowa & Virginia. They were good people and made the day that much more fun. We ended the day by going to Mama Marley’s for lunch before beggining the 3 hour ride back. (Mike and I were the first pickup and last drop off so we got the front seat in the van, thank goodness. But we were also on the bus a lot longer then anyone else.) Marlin made it good though. After dropping off the next to last couple we switched from the van to his personal vehicle so that was nice, a more comfy ride. He then offered to take us to the Luminous Lagoon some night this week, so I think we will probably take him up in that. After returning back to the resort we showered and got freshened up and made our way to SeaSide Grill for dinner. I loved my meal and mike liked his but had wished his steak was a little more rare. From dinner we wandered around for a while. They had the Monday night NFL game on a dig screen by one of the bars, a lot of people were there! We continued to walk and ended up sitting at the outside stage, there was a woman singing and two guys, one played the bongos and the other the guitar. They were good. We headed back to the room around 9:15 because we were so exhausted. Looking forward to today. We are going to book some more adventures and relax on the beach.

Reggae chicken wrap from Mama Marley’s

Back row: Tina, Dexter, Carl, Michelle, Mike & I, Meaghan, Joshua Front row: Marlin (driver), Arrlie, Suzzie

Grilled chicken in a chimichurri sauce with a chive baked potato.

Had a delicious chocolatini with dinner

Beef sirloin in a bearnaise sauce w/potato wedges

Appletini & Jack & Ginger

Outside stage

Swimout pools in the background

Our turndown service left us a towel heart & rose petals 💞

Ocho Rios

Mike was able to add the pictures from yesterday’s trip so here are just a few. In the video u hear me say “am I good?” after I jump and that’s because I got a nose bleed after the first jump so I was hoping it had stopped for good. If all that could have happened yesterday, a nose bleed was nothing!

Blue Hole

Cave at Blue Hole

Dunn’s River Falls

One of the 4 jumps we did at Blue Hole & Secrets Falls.

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Yesterday was another amazing day, how could it not be in this beautiful place though!?

I went for a walk in the morning to the coffee shop, I got myself a hazelnut frapachino, it was yummy. Lots of people we’re getting hot coffee, I don’t know how they drink that in this heat!

On our way to breakfast At the buffet there was a man with 2 parrots so we got to meet one of them, his name was Bob.

We spent the day on the beach, in and out of the water. We saw 3 Jellyfish, they were pretty big, and tons of fish.

For dinner we went to Bordeaux, a French restaurant. We each had a goat cheese ball for an app, it was yummy, my first time ever having it! I had Filet mignon, with tater tots and broccoli for dinner and Mike had a rack of lamb and it came with potato and broccoli.

After dinner we went over the the outdoor stage were they had a band and a circus act perform. The circus act was really cool!!

See the jellyfish below me!?

Purple Rain drink... so yummy!

Dinner date time!

Fried goat cheese app.

Filet mignon

Rack of lamb

Piano bar

My handsome date

Lifeguard always keep watch

Our beautiful bed arrangement

They all know how to dance here!

Can u believe this guy is in his 80s!!

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Yesterday we started off by having a served breakfast on our balcony, it was delicious with a perfect view! \240Then we headed down for more beach time where we saw a lot more jellyfish, they were everywhere. It started pouring about 1 or 2 and it rained for about 45 minutes and then cleared off and dried right up again. After the rain stopped we went on a walk and found a bunch more marine life. After our walk we went for a dip in the pool and attempted the jacuzzi but it was far to hot!

After getting ready, we headed to El Patio for dinner. This is the Mexican restaurant on the resort. So far this has been the worst service we have had. We sat for about 15-20 minutes before a server even came to greet us. We each ordered an app, a salad and dinner, which we have done at all the other restaurants and we were there over an hour and a half (In the other restaurants we have been served very quickly and were out in around 45 minutes unless we chose to sit longer). Luckily we were in a good stop for people watching. The food however was delicious!

Champagne for breakfast!

Jerk chicken time!

Can u see Mr. Crab?

Chicken fajitas!

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Thursday and Friday were rainy days but still just as warm.

Thursday morning we each got to try out a Segway, it was fun. There happened to be a little break in the rain after breakfast. it then of course started to rain again so we went and relaxed on our balcony before we went to the spa. Part of our eternity honeymoon package included a couples massage. Mike chose a full body massage while I just did upper body and a facial. It was lovely but I am quite sore from it! To start Our spa experience they had us go through a steam room then we went into a cool shower where we got to spray each other, from there we went into a sauna. Mike loved it but it was a bit hot for me. After the sauna we went into a shower where our escort dumped a pale of cold water over us. After that we went in to a hot jacuzzi. We were in there for a while and our escort brought us a glass of chilled apple water. From the jacuzzi we went into a cold dunk tub, it sure was cold! After that we went into a big jacuzzi type pool that had all kinds of different types of sprayers and jets. Then finally we walked through the sensation Garden. It was a very warm walk into a very cold walk and then we were done. From there we went and changed and got ready for our massage. I had Beryl and Mike had Marchia. They were both very nice and great masseuses! After the spa we went and had lunch at Seaside and then it started to rain so we headed back to the room and sat in the jacuzzi on our balcony.

Thursday evening it poured so we went to Breathless, the resort across from us. It has a long covered high rise from just outside our resort so it was the least wet we had to get for dinner. It ended up being amazing and is our absolute favorite restaurant. It was so delicious and the view was amazing (because it’s located on the rooftop), even in the rain.

Friday we slept in and went to the buffet for breakfast about 9. From there I headed back to the room to get my contacts while Mike made his way out to our favorite spot to see sealife. He got to see 3 octopus! I’m so bummed I forgot to put my contacts in!! After we met back up we walked around a bit and got a couple drinks before heading back to get our things for the beach. It wasn’t sunny but it wasn’t raining so beach weather it was. Due to the storm the day before the water wasn’t that clear so u couldn’t see if there were any Jellyfish so we moved to the pool. At 3pm everyday they have a foam party at Breathless. This was the first time we really got to see the resort and it’s absolutely gorgeous! (Wenwe went for dinner we hit the elevator to the roof top and that was it). The foam party was quite entertaining! The DJ played a great mix of music, there was lots of dancing and drinks! Toward the end of it it started to thunder and lightening so they moved the party inside.

For dinner we had a reservation for Hibachi. Our chef was funny but the server was pretty boring. The wood was again, extremely delicious!! Here they didn’t ask what u wanted for meat so we both got chicken and beef. They waited to cook the shrimp until after serving everyone bc of Mikes allergy. The mix of vegetables was different then home but I loved it!! The miso soup was also different, it had long noodles. I actually liked it much better then the soup at home! After dinner we headed to the piano bar and had a couple drinks to end the night before heading back to the room and crashing for the night.

Amazing jerk chicken!