This is it... follow me here over the next 10 days to visit Dr. Sei Buor, his wife Yah, and the entire Christian Leadership Training International ground team in Gompa, Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa.

I will include pictures and movies along the way to help you get a feel for what we are doing. \240You can see more information on our web site www.CLTInternational.org

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PS. If the pictures are blurry or not showing.... just wait because they are sometime slow to load.... but worth the wait :)

O'Hare International Airport

Please let me know if you like the talking or the writing better.

I’m at Chicago O’Hare airport to begin the first leg of my journey. The total time from takeoff here to landing in Monrovia Liberia is about 32 hours. There are many different ways to get to Liberia and I have to admit that I am working with An international travel company that specializes in trips like this to get the best deal by being creative on the itinerary and frugal with the money.

So I go from Chicago to Toronto Canada, \240Toronto to Brussels Belgium, \240Brussels to Freetown Sierra Leone and then Monrovia Liberia arriving Sunday night.

Sei and Yah will be picking me up there. \240We will then stay overnight in a hotel and on Monday we’re visiting United States Embassy for a “get to know you” session with the NEW Public Affairs Officer and anyone else he invites to the conversation.

Learn more at www.CLTInternational.org

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Checking in at Toronto, next stop Brussels

Brussels Airport

Just landed in Brussels, Belgium... will transfer to another flight and land in Monrovia, Liberia after a quick stop in Freetown Sierra Leone at about 7:15 pm tonight (which is 3:15 pm EDT Sunday)

Never fails... in the waiting area at the airport and on the plane headed for Freetown and Monrovia I meet special people.... on a mission. I met a man who is originally from Liberia, got out during the civil war, became educated and successful in the USA and is now trying to improve the healthcare system in Liberia. \240It will be commercial and benefit both him and the country to have access to great medicine with improved clinics and hospitals. \240Free Enterprise

Sitting beside me were two men, one from South Africa and the other from Romania.... both now from the US, who left there old jobs to start a new company that will create an electrical grid for Sierra Leon .... and who knows maybe they can team up with Jungle Power in Gompa to continue the electrification of Nimba County.

Looking around the plane it is different because this destination is a path less traveled and the travelers with me are particularly special.


Most are on a mission to do something special like follow a business dream, see a loved one who stayed behind and endured the hardship of a bloody revolution, settle their minds and spirits about past horrors or atrocities, or make a mense for their own past sins and offenses to the country. \240Each person has a story and they are returning to help make Liberia (or Sierra Leone) \240a better place. They all have a story and a sense of what to do to make it all better.

Each flight contains seeds of hope and change!

Ordinary people... many who are engaged in world changing extraordinary actions.

Special shout-out to Brussels Airlines... great service, clean, fast, and friendly. \240My first time with them. It has been extraordinary.

Lungi International Airport (FNA) Lungi Sierra Leone

This is a quick checkin... we stop in Sierra Leone to let people off and get a few more who are headed for Monrovia or back to Europe.

Roberts International Airport

Getting picked up by Sei and Yah and headed for the Hotel. I made some new friends on the trip who may be part of our ministry in the future and we can help too!

Embassy of the United States

We visited the US Embassy in Monrovia today. Introduced them to our mission, accomplishments, and vision for the future.  They gave us compliments for our approach and progress and made suggestions for the future.  This meeting included Jay Skinner, Sei Buor, Yah Buor,

Selim Ariturk, Public Affairs Officer,

Debo Belvis O’diaji, Director of the Information Resource Center, and 

Rasheena Reid, Director, USAID Education Office Liberia.

Liberia Revenue Authority

We continued our Monday with an important visit to the Liberia Revenue Authority and Atty. N. Paul J. Hinneh, Chief of Staff/Technical Focal Point, Commissioner General Office

I met Paul on the plane between Brussels and Monrovia last night and we agreed to meet today. Paul was coming back from government business in China.

CLTI - Christian Leadership Training Intnl College Prep High School

In Gompa (same as Ganta) now after traveling yesterday evening from Monrovia by car with Sei and Yah.

The level of construction progress since the groundbreaking last year and the shear enormity of the structure is miraculous and additional evidence that this is a work of God.

This place is huge... I have attached some video and pictures to try and convey how really big it is. And this is just the first floor... there are 2 floors in this phase one building that includes classrooms, library, computer and science labs, and 2 residence apartments (on the far end under the first floor) for visiting teachers.

Click the video below to get a good send of how big this is.


Great day today... had a training session with the ground team. This included Chestin - Project Manager, Jefferson - Discipleship Coordinator, Amelia - Administration & Finance, Yah - Director of Entrepreneurship, Sei - Founder & President

Professionalism, Leadership and Management were the topics of the day, tomorrow evening we will be addressing Technology and Social Media.

After the meeting Yah had time with her group in the Entrepreneurship office.

Sei and I headed for “The Farm” as they affectionately call it where we toured it further and filmed a 5 minute tour of the construction with Sei narrating. That will be edited and on our website in the future www.cltinternational.org

It rained today.. but that does not stop activity.

Two fish ponds for commercial purposes. Tilapia and Catfish. \240Goal is to be self sustaining through a combination low tuition and sale of Fish, Produce, and Pork (yes we are planning a pig operation away from the school and with the most modern “septic” style system to eliminate the odor). \240The students will be included in all the agricultural learning that this brings and the huge site will become an eco attraction as well.

It is interesting to understand the culture and how developed this country is. Today we had to stop by the tire shop to get a low tire repaired:

Front of the tire shop below

We had to go order some wood for the construction and include having a special table made.

Later we went downtown to pick up some wire that is used to hold the metal rebar together

We got it at this Building Materials Shop.

This is the main street in Gompa, 2nd largest city in Liberia. The people are friendly and I stand out in the crowd for sure. \240A big difference from last year is all the electric poles. Those are new. Electricity was just being introduced last year... now all the businesses have it and the homes that want to pay for it can get it. It is pay in advance with a chip card.

Sei has electricity in his house now... last year it was only solar power. No air conditioning yet.... that’s coming.

Our last business was to check out the conference room for our City Council teamwork and problem solving workshop that I will be doing this Friday at noon. This hotel was under construction last year and is now providing relatively nice facilities, rooms with air conditioning,TV, running water, inside toilets, and conference facilities with a projector. I was so happy we could rent this for the meeting!

Wow... does this ever make for a professional environment for learning.

Please keep scrolling to see more of the trip and click here to go to the Facebook fundraiser... 100% of your money goes to CLTI a 501c3 not for profit org. \240https://www.facebook.com/donate/2626825387336814/2626825447336808?sfns=mo

Justina's Bar And Restaurant

Lunch with Donald Cassell and his son Yoezer. They are from Indianapolis, Indiana. Donald is Senior Fellow, Director of Liberian Initiatives, Africa Rising @ Sagamore Institute. They are visiting us and LICC (Liberia International Christian College).

Discussing CLTI entrepreneurship and its effect on the city.

CLTI High School

Understanding the layout with Donald and Yoezer Cassell from Indianapolis.

Here is a video link to the concept in animated form https://youtu.be/4eS1sr9GWGc

Earlier in the day we met Gompa City Mayor Amos(left) and his Chief of Staff, Africanu Dolo (center) to look at the progress of construction and show them the proposed new property acquisitions behind the building that would allow space for the athletic and soccer field.

Look again at the progress we are making! Panoramic view picture.

Alvino Hotel

We are hosting a Gompa City Council and administration leadership training lunch and learn today at the modern Gompa Alvino Hotel. \240Mayor Amos and his team will be here with about 15 total in attendance.

After showing a presentation on over complicated solutions... we broke into groups to do Root Cause problem solving resulting in “SMART Solutions”

We had breakout sessions and finished with coffee after each group made recommendations. It was very successful. \240A diverse and wonderful group of people... I was proud and humbled to be able to share with them.

This was a beautiful moment when this Muslim cleric who has been a city father for years and I literally put our heads together, embraced and just enjoyed loving God and exchanging words of affection. Then he said please put this scarf on and this hat and insisted we take a picture. Never happened before... truly a spiritual time of sharing love with a man who is serving his God with the greatest commitment. That was a beautiful moment to end my trip here.

Here is the group after our workshop... energized and ready to get thing done!

CLTI College Prep High School, Gompa, Liberia

What a beautiful country... this is Saturday and we are visiting the constructions site for a last look and to thank the workers. I was blessed as they prayed for me and my work too.

Dr Sei & Yah Buor

Jay Skinner

Yes... thes girls and others are working here and carry the blocks to the block setters on their heads..

Just a happy worker giving me the thumbs up

Now on to Monrovia after a group picture of this Crew and a prayer and communication session with Dr. Buor.

Monrovia locations

Sunday caps off the week for us.

Sei was scheduled to speak at the Howell Macedonia Baptist Church in Barnesville, Liberia.

We were treated like kings by Rev. Momolu Massaquoi, PhD and his congregation.

Sei’s \240topic was from Matt 5 where it mentions that Jesus climbed the mountain and invited the others to follow for some teaching. \240We are called likewise to climb (not just claim) for receiving the Word of the Lord.

I (Jay Skinner) played the piano and sang leading the congregation in “This Little Light of Mine” and then “Revive Us Again”. \240The choir backed me up on the chorus in a way that I was amazed and overjoyed by their improvization.

Video below

Video with Jay below:

Sei and I were given beautiful shirts and hats at the end of the service. The leadership of the church fed us and my two guests Frederick and his younger brother Mark.

Left to right: Fred Borbor, Mark Borbor, Jay Skinner

Fred found me through LinkedIn as he was looking for a “Destiny Helper”. (I would call that a mentor.) \240His persistence paid off as he had gone through about 40 high level contacts and eventually found someone willing to discuss it - Me. (It was coincidental that I was there at the time.) \240I asked him many questions online and then invited him to church to meet. \240He did, I called it “he climbed the mountain”. And he was rewarded with a great meal, a welcome fit for a king by the church, and one hour of additional mentoring in the car as we drove him home. Fred’s climbing effort was rewarded with food and new Church contacts that will also help.

Finally after church it was off to the seaside cottage to shower and change clothes...

and then to the airport where I returned to Brussels and then Chicago.

It was a great trip. If you want to learn more or donate to the effort please go to www.CLTInternational.org