Join me as we leave Monday, October 11, 2021 for our cruise from Malta to Sicily to Sardinia and lastly, Valencia, Spain.

This is going to be a different trip in that we can only take Viking excursions everywhere except Malta. Malta I have a plan to hit the ground running.

This was the deal of a lifetime cruise. We all have our own cabins and are flying on plane chartered by Viking from Newark to Malta.

Stay tuned and see you there.

At the airport. Finally made it through ticketing. All documents for Malta had to be shown in Houston. It will be interesting to see if I have to show them again in Newark.

Apparently someone was smiling on us premium economy on Lufthansa.

We made it. We are in Malta on the beautiful Viking Venus.

Greetings at the airport

We will be riding these tomorrow

The above are the view from my balcony.

Everything within Malta is UNESCO protected. Buildings cannot be altered in anyway from original.

The Patliament building built in 2015 to represent honeycombs.

Malta was under British rule from 1862 through 1964.

This would have been a palace of very rich knight built in 17th century

The Opera House built by British in mid 1900s. There was curse on building. 7 years after being built it caught fire and the only building bombs in WW I. \240The Germans have offered to rebuild it but no one has the plans for the building.

The city walls took 3 years to build. All the streets flow to the sea.

The hostel of Italian knights.

The knights came to Malta in 1530.

The Portuguese Castillion decorated by Grand Master Pinto. He remained Grand Master for longest period ever. 70 years

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Peninsula of Ozzo

A Welcoming of the ships. Everyday at 12 and 4

Churchill and Roosevelt met, with the Japanese commanders,in the war room under the Barrakka gardens as allies in WW II to encourage the Japanese to end the war.

Dinner at Manfredi’s tonight.

Today we are doing Birgu by Boat and by foot. I’m up in middle of night because the hills are not for the unfit like me. My feet are killing me \240I need to train for this. Keep you posted since it’s midnight here.

The boat ride to Birgu


The chapel at Inquisitor’s Palace

The torture chamber

The prison cells

Street in Birgu, Malta

Beautiful doors

We are now sailing to Sicily

Today we were in Sicily. We were in a bad storm last evening and got no sleep. The tour today was to Cefalu, a seafront fishing village. It was 1 1/2 hour bus ride there and 1 1/2 hours back. The walk through town was short so very few pictures. Back on board and heading to Sardinia.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an island off the southern tip of Italy. Sardinia has 1.6 million inhabitants and 3.5 million sheep. \240This is the largest island in the Mediterranean. There are no highways on the island. 7 hours driving from north to south and 4 hours from east to west. Sardinia was built on 7 hills.

The main source of income is agriculture in Sardinia. Artichokes are a big source of income. Church is very central to the lives of Sardinians. During the summer months the Basillica’s become a sort of community center with classes and events.

Sardinia has approx 340 days of sunshine each year. From southern Sardinia to Northern Africa is only 150 kilometers.

No new homes can be built along the coast. Only police and military buildings can be built on shoreline.

During World War II much of Cagliari’s old town was destroyed.

The view from the hill of Burnaria

The Basillica of Cagliari. 213 monks currently reside in the Basillica

The salt flats which have become home to flamingos year round. Pink shrimp thrive in the salty brine surrounding the flats which the flamingos eat giving them their pink color.

Old town Cagliari

Statue of St Francis thanking him for the animals

The flamingos are light grey when young and their color turns more pink as they eat the pink shrimp


Towers built by Spain to signal warships in 1800’s

Elephant Tower is one of 4 towers built to signal approaching enemies.

Sailing away from Cagliari, Sardinia

It’s movie night at the pool.

Today is an At Sea Day. Spending the day relaxing and watching movies.

View from my room

View from balcony

Valencia, Spain last day

Today I visited the Caves of St Joseph. \240Small boats take you for half mile ride through the caves then you walk a quarter mile through a dry sink hole back to the river. It is the longest navigable river by small boat in Spain.

In Sagunto, Spain the main agricultural product is papaya.


The water is crystal clear in the caves

Castle in Sagunto with the 2 watch towers

M L means very loyal to the crown. The crown is topped with bats.

The Grain House is where the rulers stored the grain for the citizens.

St Mary’s church

This wall is from 13th century. It was the original Temple of Diane then became the foundation of Jewish Synagogue

One of the gates to Jewish Quarter

Another entrance to Jewish Quarter

Entrance to ancient RomanTheatre

Ancient Roman Theatre with modern updates

Stairs leading up to seats in Roman Theatre

Remnants of castle

The Chapel of La Sangre

Scenes from inside the church. During lent each year the scenes are auctioned off and the winning bidder gets to carry them through the streets in a procession.

Flying home today. Back to work tomorrow. Flying through the hell hole called Newark airport. Security lines are over 45 minutes long.