Miles To Home.

I often catch myself wondering how you are, who you’ll be knowing you’ll go far.

The distance between us eats me alive,

760 miles to her... I hop in the car and I drive.

The second I see you I feel no pain, I give you a hug, and it feels just the same.

Our encounters are rare; few, far, and between...

But our connection is unlike others I’ve seen.

Your smile and your laugh is the key to my heart...

And that’s how I knew you were my best friend from the start.

To be blessed like this, is a rarity in its own, and I’m so glad you let my heart find a home.

I miss you so much,

I have to let you know.

That through every change in this world,

I will never let you go.

760 miles to roam.

760 Miles to Home.

760 Miles and I won’t feel so alone //

I love you, Bekka Leigh. Thank you forever.