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So it’s December 4. Can’t sleep. In chronic pain. Lemme tell you I’m 21 years old. So used to drinking and partying. I chose friends over finishing college. I’ve made so many mistakes that I wish I could redo over again. I’ve made so many choices I wish I could take back. But right now I feel it’s alright to start off with introducing myself. My name is mitah ( I’ll tell you guys my name later) I was born in a life where my parents gave birth to me at a young age. I’ve always had problems with making friends as a kid. I was bullied because kids thought I was “dumb”. I have what people call dyslexia. At age 14-18 I started binge eating because I had depression. It would be a constant battle of anorexia and eating to the point of blowing up. I was at wits end. I wanted to drop out of school. Become a stripper. I could go all day but I don’t think you guys would wanna know about my life just yet. In fact every day I’m planning to say a little something for every day I’m on here