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We woke up to a warm morning in Paris. Andrew walked to the train station. Gabriel Felicity and I took the metro. We stopped at the Little Palace Hotel to pick up my glasses that I had accidental left there. When we arrived at the train station it was already super hot. So Gabriel Felicity and I decided to go to an air conditioned restaurant for breakfast. We got orange juice and hot chocolate and a baguette with butter and jam. Yummy last Paris breakfast!

Then we hopped on three different trains to arrive in Amsterdam. One was delayed and we missed our connection in Brussels and had to stand on the next train for about an hour (there were no seats!!!).

When we finally got to Amsterdam we were SO happy. It was super fun because it was the pride boat parade. Gabriel loved seeing the rainbows everywhere.


What a great day in Amsterdam. We slept really well. We walked to nine streets for breakfast at a super cute bakery. Super cute! Gabriel got a unicorn cupcake that he was very excited about and Felicity was crazy about the sugar cubes.

Then we went to the Vondelpark. It was so pleasant. All of Gabriel’s dreams came true when he saw kids playing in a fountain/pool in their underwear.

We came home and Gabriel and Felicity took a nap while I headed out to Anne Frank’s house. The museum was very respectfully done. But it’s so so SO sad.

We took it easy this evening and played with all of the toys upstairs. I had a really fun chit chat with Gaga.

Tomorrow will start two days of extreme heat. I hope the apartment doesn’t overheat!!!


It is hot today and will be tomorrow. Yikes 90 degrees!!! We went out for a nice breakfast (we got a hot chocolate with pink whipped cream called a “pink lady”).

Then we went walking in the Vondelpark for awhile. Then came back to the apartment and played here for the rest of the morning, afternoon, and night. It’s 9 o’clock and we just opened the windows. It’s still 80 degrees outside! Yikes!


What a full fun HOT day it was. We started out by going straight to the Vondelpark and hopping in the fountain. Even though it was only eight in the morning (already 80 degrees though!).

Then Gabriel and I went to the Kinderkookencafe while Felicity had her nap. I had read about it, kids cook their own snacks. It was adorable. Gabriel and I made sugar cookies.

Then we went back to the apartment and played together. During afternoon nap I went to the FilmHollen to watch “Mama Mia Here We Go Again” in the super nice air conditioned theater.

Then we all went for a walk to the Van Gough museum. And Gabriel and I went inside. There was a ton of Van Gough’s work.

Then we all got some dinner. Felicity LOVED her frozen yogurt, I couldn’t get it in her mouth quick enough :)

Felicity and Gabriel had a cool bath. I nursed Felicity to sleep, then read Gabriel some of “the Magician’s Nephew”. Now we are trying to fall asleep even though it’s still 90 degrees and bright outside (at 9:30 at night!!!)


This morning was a “getting to Muiden” morning. It took one tram and two busses. I went with Felicity and Gabriel while Andrew walked with the bags. It was nice to split up a little. Andrew gets very grumpy when traveling. Felicity really enjoyed taking the clips out of my hair and putting them on hers.

We arrived in Muiden and were trying to find our airbnb when someone called out my name. It was our airbnb host. The house is very nice, though not nearly as child friendly as our one in Amsterdam.

The city is ADORABLE. I love everything about it. It’s quiet and sweet.

We made pasta for lunch and were just about to head to the castle when Andrew arrived. We took naps. Gabriel woke up early and I taught him how to play Set. He was a VERY fast learner. \240

When Felicity woke up we took a walk to the castle. Then walked around in the farmlands for a bit and came across a dairy that also sold strawberry jam and eggs.

We came home and Gabriel scrambled the eggs and we had a delicious dinner.

These days I give Gabriel and Felicity their baths together. Bath time is always fun. Felicity is getting less interested in nursing, but I’m not ready to give up our quiet cozy time together.

Naardervaart 2, 1399 PH Muiderberg, Netherlands

We woke up early and headed out for our long walk to Nardeen. It was a pretty walk. Flat with a lot of livestock. Felicity didn’t like being in her stroller for too long.

Gabriel liked the sheep, especially since we just finished reading Babe.

The fortifications in Nardeen were interesting, but not too impressive. We ate breakfast at a little cafe in the middle of town. There were a ton of yellow jackets. Felicity is SO sweet whenever we eat. She always has a bite of her food or a sip of her drink and then gestures for me to have one too, the Gabriel, then Andrew. She wants to make sure that everyone gets fed :)

Then we took the bus back. Andrew and I had an argument about his behavior yesterday (he gets very fussy when moving between locations). Then we made up and it was naptime.

After nap, I took Gabriel and Felicity to the castle. It was SUPER well done. Gabriel proudly went on a knight’s quest while Felicity and I snuggled in the front pack.

We had lentil soup for dinner. Gabriel and I did some Italian Duolingo for Mama-Gabriel special time. Read some Magicians Nephew. Now bedtime.

Dijkweg 4, 1398 PG Muiden, Netherlands

We had an adventure this morning. Gabriel made us a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs while Felicity and I were nursing. We decided to get out. Gabriel felt like finding a beach (and we thought Felicity would like to dip her toes in the water too). So we set out for Muidersburd. We walked past the dairy that we visited last time. Then through farms and up on a levy. When we reached Muidersburg it wasn’t that exciting. We saw the “beach”. When we asked a man if that was the beach we had read about he said yes, but don’t go in the water, the seaweed makes you itchy because the warm weather made it grow.

So we played at a playground then started walking back. When we set out from Muidersburg the sun was out and it was blue skies.

However, when we were halfway back (with about 30 minutes to go) a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in. It was terrifying. The wind was fierce and the rain came down so hard it hurt as though it was hail. I was pushing the stroller and I couldn’t see the road through my soaked glasses. It was so scary. We took refuge in a farmhouse shed (with tons of HUGE spiders).

Then continued our walk home. We were soaking. Gabriel and Felicity were excited to get into a warm bath. Then I made some pasta and now it’s naptime.

After nap we went for a little walk to the fort. There were berries. Felicity LOVED them. Gabriel and I couldn’t pick them fast enough for her :).

Then we went to a restaurant. We should never go to restaurants. It’s so stressful and the food in Netherlands hasn’t been amazing.

I have been meaning to mention, people in Netherlands wink a lot. It’s very cute :)


We didn’t have any food this morning!!! Oops! And the store and bakery didn’t open until 8. Oh dear. Everyone was hungry so we walked to the dairy out on the farms road and bought some eggs. They tasted SO good.

Then Felicity was so wiped out she needed a morning nap. And I was wiped out too. Yesterday’s storm really wore us all out. \240Rest time was nice.

Then we walked to the little beach behind the fort and Gabriel splashed around.

We made pasta and lentils for lunch. Then rest again!!!

Then we headed to the castle (Andrew hadn’t been yet). Gabriel and Andrew explored the castle while Felicity and I visited the dungeon (yikes!) and the gardens (lovely). She is SO bright and friendly. I love these special moments that we get.

Then we got some ice cream cones, made dinner, and now we’re all ready for bed :)

There are SO many spiders in Muiden. And people in the Netherlands wink a lot.

Tomorrow is Brussels!