Spring Break 2018.....NYC or bust!!

Despite my need to find some sun for Spring Break we are heading to chilly and rainy NYC. The ultimate reason is to see Hamilton Tuesday night but we obviously will be spending time in the city exploring some of our favorite spots and checking out new ones. Which is short for, we have no earthly idea what we are doing.

Our flight leaves from Cincinnati at 6pm. Bode’s adventure started a little earlier with a trip to the kennel.

My sweet boy....maybe he will come home after training and not eat my coffee table. 🙄

Greg and I both worked today from home. We had not done anything in advance to prep for the trip. It was definitely a race to try to pack for the trip to ensure we had warm clothes but also things appropriate for Easter Mass, Hamilton and of course be extremely portable.

We left the house with hardly any time to spare.....we thought. Greg and I both got a notification to our phones at the same time and upon glancing down we both said “Sh!t” simultaneously. Jinx!!! Logan exclaimed from the back. Yep, flight delayed. Seems maybe we hadn’t needed to rush quite so much.

Brooks saw an opportunity and wasn’t going to let it pass. “Can we head to the airport viewing area at CVG?” Uh, sure.

Brooks started researching why we were delayed. I heard discussion about the “Misery Map” and the fact that all incoming flights to Newark had been grounded due to low visibility. He then went on to clearly describe the cloud cover and X feet and clearing something something something and if the pilots are comfortable blah blah blah. I don’t even know what he said but I continue to be both amazed at the things he knows and comforted that he’s with me.

Who knew there was such a thing? Oh yeah, Brooks.

We cut that close. Arrival at 4:48pm! Twelve minutes of good viewing. Only there isn’t much air traffic.

We got out and took a quick glance.


Those are the exciting planes from what I gather.

I’ve seen enough, mainly because it’s cold. Brooks of course has not.

Happy in the warm car.

Could stay all day.....

Around this time we dawns on basically everyone in the car that they have forgotten their coats. I grabbed a vest on my way out the door (which was intentional over a coat.) No one else remembered theirs.

Greg asked if there was any place we could go buy a coat. Friends, Kentucky friends I welcome you back to the 1990’s.

Oh the times I dug and dig through mislabeled sizes, rips, and stains to find all the best deals. As soon as we stepped inside I was immediately envious that I couldn’t shop here for hours gathering all kinds of deals. Coats however are not in season. $0.99 bathing suits are.

We did score a coat for Maddie for $4.99. She’s not happy about it but for that price I can leave it behind in NYC.

Pretty sure she’s gonna thank me later....I’m waiting for it.

Rental car has been returned. We enjoyed an uneventful shuttle ride to the airport. Thankfully we are all TSA precheck so we should fly through security.....except we have Polar Bear and he always causes us issues.

No issues!! They took and extra look but no additional screening required! Logan was so excited he wanted to run up this escalator.

He can just wait for me at the top.....

And now this....

Clearing my blog is getting the blame even though I didn’t start until well after the delays started occurring.


Logan mocked Greg by expressing his disappointment that we were in coach. Hard life. I hope Greg somehow makes it through this flight without free drinks.....

Logan and I should be set.

We stocked up on $23 worth of candy just before boarding. :)

We enjoyed a mostly \240nice flight....

Our flight was uneventful with the exception of the plane having no gin and the irritating older couple who sat across the aisle from us. I’m guessing they had never been on a flight before?? They had the volume so loud on their phone with no headphones whatsoever. I would love to know who their carrier is because they had crazy reception even someone in the sky. (Maybe they paid for WiFi but I’m just not sure they were that savvy.) They FaceTimed the entire take off on full volume with someone that had a kid yelling in the background. (You know, during that time when you are supposed to have your phone in airplane mode.) 🙄

Despite lots of noise the views from the air were pretty. We saw a beautiful sunset and a pretty moon. None of which could be easier captured through the plane window.

Here’s what we got.


Beautiful lights of New Jersey!

Now it’s off to Embassy Suites near the airport for the night before we head into the city. Is it bad I’m already looking forward to free breakfast??

Beautiful Elizabeth, New Jersey

We have the most idyllic view ever.....

Too bad we can’t stay here all day.

Headed back to the airport to catch the train to the city!!

Most packed train ever!!!!

We made our way to the train station to catch the train from the airport to Penn Station. The train was there as we passed through the ticketing gate so we essentially ran to catch it. Unfortunately there were two ways to get to the platform. Logan, Maddie and I went one way. Greg and Brooks went the other way. A moment of panic and we found ourselves just in the nick of time to board the train. If only we could actually get on.

Almost every car was packed so full we couldn’t even step onto the train. About our fifth attempt we found one that we could just barely squeeze into. It was insane.

Maddie standing next to the sign on the stairs that says don’t block the stairs. 🙄

I had serious flashbacks of being on the London Underground at rush hour....almost.

Once we arrived at Penn Station it was a cluster trying to squeeze off and make it up the escalator that was way too narrow. I was so happy to be off that train.

We have officially arrived. Making the short walk to our hotel.

Speaking of the hotel. They called while we were en route. Apparently the people who stayed in the suite we were supposed to have tonight completely trashed it and there’s no way they can have it put back together by tonight. So.....it looks like we are going to be short a bed (potential) but they have us a discount on tonight’s rate. Guess that just paid for our lunch at Shake Shack! (Hopefully a few lunches.)


We made it to the hotel to check in and of course our rooms weren’t ready. They told Greg to wait a few mins so they could get one of our rooms ready so we could at least drop our bags.

While we waited they gave us 5 warm chocolate chip cookies. Yes please!


This is only part of all the stuff we had taking up space in their tiny lobby.

Oh yeah, I am faced with this lovely headline while waiting for the elevator.

They hooked us up with even more!

Thankfully this tiny room is not the big one.

Our amazing view

Macy’s Herald Square

Our friends Brian and Chris had mentioned that the flower display at Macy’s was supposedly a good one. Just so happens that we ended up walking past on our way to Shake Shack.

One of the windows....unfortunately the glare made it hard to capture.

Inside the store.

Another display

Crest of flowers.

Everyone but Greg is happy.....Gucci and Louis Vutton!

Logan asked for this phone case.....I suggested he look for a fake one as we walk down the street passing all the tables of purses and sunglasses.


A small display of flowers

Shake Shack!!


We decided to save some of our calories for later and didn’t order milkshakes. :)

After lunch we decide to take a trip to Mood to look at fabrics. Maddie is taking sewing as her elective class this semester and has an interest in breaking out the sewing machine she got for Christmas a couple years ago from Nana. Mood seemed like just the place.

On our way to Mood we passed Moxy hotel. Seems appropriate....maybe we should have stayed here.

Thought this was it....nope that’s just upholstery fabric.

Found it!!! Now if I could just find Tim Gunn.

The amount of fabric here is overwhelming.

Trim section.

Swiss dot

Unfortunately no remnants. But still a fun trip.

Bryant Park

Beautiful day in the park!!

View of the public library.

Empire State peeking through.

Tree lined walk


We decide to head to Grand Central Station from Bryant Park. As we were walking down the sidewalk we ran into our good friends. Brian and Chris are coming to Hamilton with us but we are staying in separate hotels and doing our own things for the most part between now and then. What are the freaking chances we would meet them randomly??


Grand Central Station

Lots of things to see and do here. We shopped at Warby Parker and Tiffany & Co. Maddie and I both saw things we liked but we left empty handed. :(

Grand Central Station

Next stop was the Whispering Wall where you can stand in opposite corners and hear each other talking. So crazy.

Whispering Wall

Whispering Wall

Beautiful windows and ceiling.

Greg’s camera is better than mine!

Shopping at the Apple Store

Vineyard Vines

Our official Easter picture thanks to my favorite place.

Easter 2018

Hobby Store

Brooks talked me into taking him to the hobby shop for a quick visit while Greg took the other two back to the hotel. We have been to this place once before and he remembered that it was close to Grand Central.


Brooks can seriously look at a case like this and know what’s different here compared to the hobby shop in Vegas. How is that even possible???

I escalated with as much money as I had when we entered. Can’t believe he didn’t even try to talk me into a plane.

Time to walk the 16 blocks back to the hotel!

Chinese National Bank

High Line to Chelsea Market

For dinner we are going to head to Chelsea Market via the scenic route of the High Line.

Along the way we passed this awesome soccer field that Logan wanted to play on.

View along the High Line

Interesting architecture

Art activity where people were invited to paint on a piece of cardboard.

Parking structure. Don’t see this everywhere.

Empire State Building.

Chelsea Market

I absolutely love Chelsea Market. I’m not exactly sure why but it’s definitely a place I don’t want to miss. It’s a mix of interesting stores, lots of food options and local artists in a cool building.

Sharing lots of pics from our time here.

Main Hallway

Another view of the main hallway

We had dinner at Le song which was a French restaurant. Not bad!

Terrible pic of me but oh well!

Inside of Le song. Hard to see but they had doors hanging from the ceiling that was kinda cool.


I need all these shells on canvas. But not for $37 each.

Pretty store display

Brother sister bonding.

Fruit stand

The floor of the basement has coins embedded in it.

The kids were debating whether these doors were real. Immediately after someone walked out and about took Logan out. They were obviously real but the hardware was painted.

Asian candy....lots more to come later on this topic.

Asian drinks

I almost bought this T shirt. :)

I’m confident I need one of these donut makers at home.

These three went for crepes and macarons instead of donuts.

Maddie with a macaron

Empire State Building lit up

Candy Tasting

After we got back to the hotel the kids wanted to taste test the candy they picked out. They could hardly wait.

Here’s the collection of things to try.

First up, this soft chewy candy that the kids thought was milk.

Greg not excited and has the trash can close just in case.

Brooks actually liked it. Greg said it tasted like wax even though none of us are sure how he knows what wax tastes like.

Mixed reaction

Maddie picked out strawberry pockey’s. They actually weren’t too bad.

Brooks enjoying the candy.

Green tea nuggets-no one’s fave.

Saved the best/worst for last. Some sort of rice cake that Logan says feels like a stress ball.

Getting ready....

Still mentally prepping

Here we go....


Logan ran to the bathroom after this pic to spit it out.

Despite all this craziness, the boys are currently trying to finish the candy because Greg said he would buy them more if they did. They have their sites on some sort of chip that is shrimp and lobster flavoring.

Overall, our day has been a success. Tomorrow will come early! Easter clothes are ready to go!! Our plan is to attend Easter Mass at Saint Patrick’s. Let’s see if we make that happen.

Happy Easter!!

After grabbing breakfast at the hotel we Uber’ed to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate Easter Mass. \240All I can say is that they know how to celebrate an Easter Mass expeditiously.

Ready to go!

Waiting for Church to begin

Lucky to have gotten a seat since there were lots of people standing for Mass.

Also lucky to get one of the few programs.

Saint Patrick’s is a beautiful Cathedral that relies on donations. They made that clear before Church started. :)

Altar decorated for Easter.

After Mass

They were so excited to take another pic.

Maddie stole my Chucks.....

Hard to see but the amount of people waiting to get into the 10:15 Mass was crazy. They were expecting 3000 people. The line extended around the block.

After Ubering back to the hotel to change into warm clothes it’s time to head back....basically to Saint Patrick’s for the Easter Parade. I have no clue what to expect.

Back through Herald Square where I can get somewhat better pics of Macy’s windows.

Japanese themed window

Lady’s dress is made entirely of flowers

Uh yeah, that’s bad but there’s a dragon. :)

This one also not good but it’s one of my favs. There’s a knight on a grass horse.

Everyone desperately needed Starbucks for either the caffeine, or the warmth...or both.

Rockefeller Center

Easter edition of Where’s Waldo. Can you spot the ice skating bunny?

This dude is all ready for Easter.

My babies!

Easter Parade

Wow, talk about basically mass chaos. So, essentially the Easter Parade dates back to the early 1900’s and is known for crazy hats and elaborate clothes.

In short it’s just a free for all unorganized gathering of people who decided to make hats and/or dress for the occasion. People cram in the street to try and take pics with people. So....why not jump in (minus waiting to actually stand with people....ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Mass chaos

Sweet Beau

This dog had on a pink fur coat, a tutu and painted nails.


Our favorite participant. Beau, the therapy dog.

After the chaos of the parade we decide to hop in what we thought was a short line to go to the Top of the Rock. Turns out that was chaos as well although somewhat more organized. We went from line to line only to find out that the next available tour was almost two hours later. We decide to cash out vouchers in for arrival times tomorrow around sunset and head to lunch.

Interesting crystal display inside Rockefeller.

You don’t see this everyday.

Happy Fourth of July Easter! Can’t beat a milkshake like this!

Ice Skating at Rockefeller

Turns out I’m an expert skater. Who knew? I think I have found a second career move if needed as a skate attendant.

It took Logan a little while to get the hang of it but after clinging to the rail a few times he got brave and ventured out to the middle.

Happy Easter!!

We had so much fun!!

Unfortunately the Zamboni interrupted our fun. Which I guess was good since there was standing water on the rink from the ice melting. We didn’t want to wait the 30 mins until the break was over....onto the next spot.

More from Rockefeller

This bunny topiary was maybe the cutest thing all day!

Here’s my pic of some of the flowers.

And here’s Logan’s using his artistic eye.

Family shot!

There’s literally a Starbucks on every corner here.....and in some cases there’s a Starbucks before you even get to the next corner.

Hard to see but this picture has two Starbucks.

One on the left just behind that tree and the other is just behind the yellow sign. And somehow each one is as busy as the next.

Central Park

We can’t come to New York without a visit to Central Park and we might as well try to work it in before the snow comes tomorrow. Logan enjoys climbing on all the rocks. So...cue rock pictures.

I channeled my inner Logan for this one.

Big Bird

Who can pass up the opportunity for a photo opp with Big Bird and Cookie Monster? Not this mom. This guy was the real deal.

He looks so lonely!

Giving Brooks a “kiss”

Logan’s turn. Maddie hightailed it out of there.

Captured on video :)

Wow.....what a basic waste of an afternoon/night.

So, after Central Park the kids were ready to just go back to the hotel and chill. Everyone was tired of walking.

Quick subway ride to rest our feet. That was a good plan.

After chilling for a little while, Greg and I decide that we will walk to One World Observatory to exchange our vouchers for timed tickets tomorrow morning. That worked so well we thought we would be smart and avoid the line tomorrow in the snow.

We also thought we were smarter than google maps and that the almost 3 mile walk wouldn’t take us an hour one way because we are much faster walkers than the average person. Ha!

Along the way we made a very slight detour back to Chelsea Market. We needed to take care of a few things. First I needed a sweatshirt I wanted last night but they closed before I could get it. Second, I got a cheap charm bracelet last night in a rush and during Church Logan asked why I didn’t have a charm that respresented him. Uh.....I’m not actually that bad of a mother but since I’m here I might as well ensure there is one that is clearly his. Check.

Also, we needed some more Japanese candy, because well, that was fun. And Greg wanted some random beer he had yday. Check and check.

Time to continue our walk to One World Observatory. We walk, and walk, and we can see the building but I swear it’s not getting any closer. I was scared to look at my map because i wasn’t sure I could handle the truth. Finally, I gave in. 0.9 miles left!?!?! Greg didn’t believe my map was right....unfortunately it was. OMG. I had flashbacks of our trip to NY when we got engaged when we had zero money and had to walk everywhere in the 90 degree heat. The only difference is it’s not hot. Greg was still bombing down the sidewalk at record speed until I said....I’m having flashbacks of our walk to battery park. Apparently he knew exactly what that meant because he slowed to a stroll. :)


We made it!!!

Greg asks the guard where we go if we have a voucher. He shows us to a line with only one other person in line. We are seriously feeling SO smart.

It’s our turn with the cashier and we tell her we want to exchange our vouchers for tickets tomorrow morning. “We can’t do that.” Excuse me!?!?! “Same day tickets only.”


Defeated we head back outside. We had already decided on our hour plus walk that we would not walk back home. It was either bike or Uber. I had to make a pit stop back at Chelsea Market to pick up my bracelet that now represented all three kids without question.

Bike it is!

Let’s do this!

There was a dedicated bike lane the entire way to Chelsea Market that was along the water. Very pretty.

Something was going on at Chelsea Market. Not sure what but there were seriously police everywhere. We weren’t sticking around to find out. We carefully walked our bikes down the sidewalk until we could ride off into the sunset. :)


Now that it’s basically close to 7pm we decide to just pick something up for dinner and take it to the hotel. Maddie had wanted McDonald’s earlier but I wasn’t dying for that.

We rack our bikes across the street from Chipotle. Perfect! I could kill a barbacoa bowl with some chips. I decide to head to Chipotle for Greg, Logan and me while Greg hits McDonald’s for Maddie and Brooks.

As I approach Chipotle it’s evident that it’s completely dark. Noooooooooo!!!!

Agree catching up with Greg and debating our options we decide $0.99 pizza slices might not be in our best interest. McDonald’s it is....I’m too exhausted to debate or find another option.

We arrive and decide to use the touch screens to order.

Terrible quality but this....this could turn my entire night around. HiC orange!!! Are you kidding me!?!? Yes!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

We get our food and drinks and get back to the hotel. I can hardly wait to get my straw in my large cup. I glance at Brooks’ cup and it has a Fanta Orange logo on it. I chuckle in my head at the fact that are misadvertising since they have HiC rather than Fanta. Until I take a big drink.

Freaking Fanta. This can’t be happening. Or it can. I forgot, not only is it Easter but also April Fool’s and the world has been pranking me for the last two hours basically.

We finish our night off with some more taste tests. I did t get as many pics....just one this time.

Lobster chips. Brooks said they tasted like nothing. Logan disagreed and thought they were terrible. Other candies included a coffe one and a lemon one that seemed to be a hit.

As we were getting ready for bed I showed Logan my new charm....the smile on his face made things almost better. Until he suggested I should have gotten a trampoline instead of a soccer ball. 🙄

Tomorrow’s forecast: snow. While biking we saw a sign about a winter weather advisory and a recommendation to not travel. #SB2018

Who needs a tan when you can get a nice wind burn.

Until tomorrow! Top of the Rock, One World Observatory and Trinity Church are definites on the agenda.

Beautiful day!

We woke up to our winter weather advisory.

Beautiful view of the snow!

Logan celebrating the beautiful day.

Logan asked if our hotel room windows were tinted. Brooks said why don’t you try waving at that guy to see if he waves back....he did.

Such an amazing view.

This is proof that when you bring four pairs of shoes for a four day trip (really five but she’s not counting the flats) you might just be prepared for anything.

Lovely walking conditions.

He’s so cute!!

This is how I travel in the snow.....

Subway to One World Observatory

Greg got our pic in retaliation.


We arrived at the Oculus via the Subway en route to One World Observatory. This may be one of my favorite structures in NY. The last time we were here it’s wasn’t complete. Now it’s basically finished and it’s so pretty.

Oculus balcony

Oculus from the outside with One World Trade Center in the background.

Plan B

When we got to the One World Observatory ticket office we were told there was zero visibility. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised based on the conditions. We decide to exchange our vouchers for later this afternoon after we had Brooks check the cloud cover projection. (Wherever it is he does that.)

So, we decide to walk to Trinity Church, the site where Alexander and Eliza \240Hamilton are buried. Of course the courtyard where the graves are is closed due to snow but we take the opportunity to warm up inside.

We have been in this Church before. It’s small but beautiful. And as a bonus it’s still decorated for Easter with tons of flowers.


Each of the columns contains a huge display of flowers.


Beautiful stained glass windows.

Black Tap - Soho

Our friends told us about a restaurant with amazing milkshakes. Brooks wanted to try that for lunch. Since we have time on our hands that we didn’t anticipate we decide to Uber to Soho.

We also did not anticipate this line outside the restaurant.

While we waited Logan and I walked in search of warmth. We found a sweet shop. Check out all these jelly beans.

And Pez dispensers

This was a new gummy I hadn’t seen before.

As was this.

We figured we could only stay in the sweet shop so long without buying so we took shelter in a subway station.

Finally it’s our turn!!!

The bathrooms were a little insane.

The Black Tap is know for their burgers and their shakes. Because I knew the shakes would be crazy big and because I was eating on a budget I went all out with a side salad and water.

Brooks got the Sweet and Salty. It was basically chocolate and peanut butter.

Cotton Candy Shake

Maddie’s got The Cake Shake. It legit had a giant piece of cake on top of the shake.


A few years ago I got Cronuts from a popular bakery here in NY. We stood in line for more than 30 mins and barely got in before they sold out. I suggested to Greg that we attempt to go back for breakfast one morning while we are here and this morning we decided that tomorrow morning would be the best day.

Well, Black Tap was one block from the bakery so why not head there after those milkshakes to see if we can score a Cronut??

Alas, we cannot. They were sold out for the day. We considered getting some Madeleine’s to go but decided to save it all for tomorrow.

Let’s hope that’s not a debacle.

One World Observatory

The skies have cleared some so we attempt to use our tickets two hours earlier than scheduled. No problem and basically no line. We take the express elevator to the top. Then get herded into a room where we had to watch a video....and then herded into a major sales pitch where they try to talk you into iPads that identify what you are looking at. Pretty cool but no thank you. Just let us go please.

Statue of Liberty is in between Brooks and Logan.

Ellis Island

Colgate Clock

One of the pools at the 9/11 Memorial.

Oculus from 102 floors up

Empire State

Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State in a random ray of sun. It must have been the only one all day.

After relaxing for a bit in the hotel room we made the almost 20 block walk to Rockefeller Center to head to the Top of the Rock. Our entrance time was 6:05pm as we were hoping to catch sunset and that’s the time they suggested we reserve.

The views from the top were very cool. It was a different perspective from One World since it wasn’t so high but also on the opposite side of The Empire State Building. From Top of the Rock we could see Central Park and had a great view of Empire State.

Central Park in between the new building and the white one.

2018 Ball lit up

Empire State with One World Trade in the distance.

Greg needs to work on his selfie skills....

Sun starting to set

After checking out the different levels of observations decks it became clear that people were staking out their spots for sunset. We still had approximately an hour before sunset. It was chilly outside and there wasn’t a ton of seating indoors.

Greg wanted to stay to see the view of the Empire State Building lit up. The kids had no desire to stand in the cold and/or wait. We tried to kill some time in the tiniest gift shop ever that was outside of the elements.

We then went downstairs where we were able to find a few random seats after standing around waiting for someone to give some indication that they were leaving so you could jump into their spot. After investing so much time, we weren’t leaving until we saw the lights.

My waiting face.....

Empire State

Finally at 7:30pm the lights came on! It was lit in blue lights for Autism awareness. I’m sure it would have been even prettier if we had stayed longer but we had crowds to beat to catch the elevator outta there!

After we were finished there was a strong desire to take the subway back to the hotel. Greg suggested rock, paper, scissors. If he won we walked, if Logan ran we would take the subway.


Logan lost so we got to walk the very long chilly 20 blocks back....with grumpy kids.

Times Square

Our long walk home afforded us the opportunity to swing by Times Square since we hadn’t made it there on this trip yet.

As soon as we got there we remembered we would be right there again tomorrow night for Hamilton. Oh well!

Dominique Ansel Bakery

This morning’s agenda was to head to Dominique Ansel’s bakery which is known for their famous Cronut. I have been here once a couple of years ago with my friends Brian and Chris and we waited in line approximately 45 minutes and barely beat the cut off before they sold out.

There’s a limit of two cronuts per person. We left the hotel at 7:30am to take the subway to Soho to be there prior to their 8am opening.

Only 13 people ahead of us and we only have to wait 7 mins until they open. Could be so much worse.

It was hard to decide what to order. Dominique Ansel is also known for their fresh baked Madeleine’s and something called a DKA which is a flaky amazingly wonderful pastry. I kept adding things to the order. Greg about choked at the total price....oh well, you only live once.

Selfie opp while Greg was waiting on the Madeleine’s.

Cronuts and DKA

Half of our Madeleine order

Madeline with her Madeleine’s

Mom.....this lovely box is coming home to you!!!

I didn’t even get any of these macarons! :(

Or any of these lovelies! Well, Madeline did get a chocolate eclair from this case which I assume was delicious.

Now back to the hotel to hang for a little bit. Agenda for the rest of our last day includes a possible trip to the Intrepid and later dinner with Chris and Brian before we go see HAMILTON!!!!

Intrepid-Sea, Air and Space Museum

After consulting the radar and seeing that lots and lots of rain was in our future for later this after, Greg decides that we will make the 1.4 mile walk to the Intrepid and Uber back to the hotel after when it’s sure to be raining.

We were passed by multiple ambulances and police cars with sirens including one ambulance that had a police escort. At one point we crossed the street and a passing car backfired and scared the heck out of me. Logan said “That car has a rad backfire!” Uh excuse me? He confirmed that the backfire on that car was awesome. Guess I learned something today, didn’t know there was such a thing as an awesome backfire.

We walked in the tiniest Walgreens ever looking for hats or gloves because, well, it’s cold as heck with the wind and now that our trip is over why not try to continue to dress appropriately for the weather. No luck, they had nothing. Logan said “I’m totally fine. I have on two pairs of pants and three long sleeve shirts!” I guess after our long cold walk last night he decided to compensate today. Good plan.....

We have arrived

Perfect sweatshirt for Brooks

Sporting our pass for the upcoming Concord tour.

View of the flight deck from below

Tight quarters!

Planes, planes, and.....more planes.

The flight deck has almost any plane you could want....except maybe a Boeing since that’s Brooks’ favorite.

Of course it started raining as soon as we got out to the flight deck....much earlier than predicted by the radar.

Helicopters too...

Logan declared this plane was ‘rad.’

No comment on this one?? Guess it doesn’t have the rad factor.

Space shuttles too....

The Intrepid houses the Endeavor Space shuttle which flew over 100 missions. Greg had to tell us all the Purdue trained astronauts that had flown on this spaceship over the years. (No he didn’t know it but could name most from reading the list of names.)

Some of these tiles were damaged.

Logan practicing waving in a plane.


We signed up for a separate tour of the Concord. I wasn’t really sure that I cared enough to spend the money but it was an interesting tour and I’m now basically an expert on the Concord. So if anyone has questions be sure to hit me up. :)

I have lots of pics with Brooks on a multitude of planes from many different eras. We can now add Concord to the list.

The Concord has much smaller windows that the average plane.

Flight deck

That dude wouldn’t exit the plane so i could get the perfect pic. Ugh!

Beautiful Day!

Just kidding, it’s not. It’s raining....steady.

After finishing up at the Intrepid we decide to walk a couple blocks away to a BBQ restaurant that we saw as we were headed earlier.

Logan noticed it and said that looks like a place Dad would like. Greg noticed it was endorsed by Yeti so...well it has to be good. After some research I confirm this place is owned by Justin Timberlake. Who isn’t a fan of the man of the woods?

Running for shelter

This restaurant better be amazing!

At this point Logan doesn’t care if he gets wet. Good thing!

Southern Hospitality BBQ

Was definitely worth the walk in the rain!

We tried to take a pic of ourselves in a mirror but it didn’t come out as good as we thought it would in our mind.

Good thought, poor execution

Pulled pork

Fried pickles were so good

Our Uber driver on the way home had three maps going which Logan thought was funny. He definitely won’t be getting lost.

Time to shower, pack and get dressed for Hamilton!!!!!

This is your husband’s face when you say you want to Uber the 0.9 miles to dinner in terrible traffic because it’s raining.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

After our long last but short drive in the Uber (traffic was crazy) we arrived late \240for dinner at City Kitchen. But we were nice and dry!!

We met Chris and Brian here for a quick bite before we head to the theatre.

The kids (and Greg and I) \240had a good time spending time with them. I’m sure it was mutual. :)

Time to head to the theatre!

Standing in line to enter.

Brian and Chris

Hamilton Review

Everyone enjoyed the show....even the boys who weren’t as exited to be attending as Maddie, Greg and I. Logan said it was good except he has trouble keeping track of a few of the characters. Which is confusing because several of them play two roles. He did know who Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were throughout so I will take that as a success.

Early wake up call this morning with an early flight. Greg will be heading to Nashville for work and the kids and I are headed home to normal life. First order of business is picking up Bode from the kennel. Let’s hope he too learned something while we were gone!

I will close this journal out with a quote I’ve used before. “No one ever changed the world by staying put.”

Until our next adventure....

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