April 21 is the day the laughs began. \240It has been continual group texts, laughs and photos since then.

Today is the day. \240We are all experienced travelers and yet we could not figure out how to park, turn off the lights on the car or print our ticket at \240DFW . Stopping to take a photo past security at the \240Christmas tree we realized we were in trouble when one of us (JM) walked off and to the gate without realizing she left her luggage. And ALL that was just the first 15 minutes.

Our first friend sat between Melody and I on the overseas flight. \240He was headed home to London to surprise his parents. \240A kind accountant who worked in Houston for Chevron.

A short stop in London got Melody swiping. The first temptation was Harrods.

It got dark here before 4:30 so the beauties of this island are yet to be seen. \240G did a good job staying on the left side and Jan navigated well when she was awake. A quick stop in the village made us aware walking across the street could be hazardous if you are not looking to the right. A stop at the local market, Centra, was an adventure. \240M began looking for the GREAT VALUE 2% milk but settled for a local brand.

Soon we were greeted by Patrick in his top hat who was very WELCOMING INTO ADARE VILLAS. \240Our screams and laughter turned into cartwheels when we discovered this 4-4 luxury pristine townhome bigger than most of our own homes.

Centra market


Melody does cartwheels


Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark UNESCO Global Geopark

God gave us a gift today. A beautiful sunrise from heaven over Adare castle. We are staying in the villas on the grounds of the Adare Manor. The “moon set” was in sky shining over us as well. \240We fell to our knees thanking God for the beauty.

Leaving the grounds we headed to the MILK MARKET in Limerick. A feast for the eyes. Local fruits and items for sale in the outdoor tent covered market which began in the 1800’s. Croissants, fresh juices, dirty carrots for Jan and Bugs bunny, flowers, brussels spouts on a stem, breads, and a HOLY BAGEL warmed in a wood fired oven. Melody fell for both the man and the cheese in the market.

Driving the windy narrow roads on the left and the steering wheel on the right presented some great country scenes. \240Cows, sheep, pheasants and hunters lined our path.

Tourin’ the Burren. \240Like walking on the moon.

Munchin at Monks. \240Lunch along the Atlantic coast at Ballyvaughan our taste buds were having a party. Sea food chowder, fish and chips and goat cheese and beet tarts at the local pub. #partyinmymouth

Jan wants to drive. \240“Hit the bumps not the wall”.


Oh we will know when you hit the bushes or the poles or an ambulance is involved.

Cliffs of Moher.

Cliffs, walking, photos and more photos. \240Glorious handiwork of the Creator.



We began with driving on roads we have never been and thru towns we have never visited. \240Stopping for photos on scenic bridges and glaring at the beautiful FALL leaves.

LOUGH GUR was the first planned stop. The Grange stone circle was our place of worship. Jan greeted guests and Sheree talked about 1 Sam 29. King David and brook Besor. \240The 113 \240stones were laid out in a circle and said to be an ancient worship center 4000 years old. The largest intact in Ireland

On the road to Blarney we came upon ruins which we discovered was the Buttevant Franciscan friary \240built in the 13th century. \240It’s cemetery was picturesque with a \240river running behind.

The Blarney castle was a place we FELL IN LOVE WITH FALL where 3/4 of the group kissed the stone. Touring the castle and the grounds brought new adventures such as leaf throwing, wishing steps, prayers on the knees in the leaves, Dolman stone, short doors, friends from Dallas, hot tea and waterfalls. We stumbled upon the stables and had lunch by the fire.

Driving thru FALL leaves and meadows we came to the city of \240Cobh. \240 We parked in the cathedral lot. \240M really needed a bathroom stop however, they generally frown on peeing in the parish. \240We snapped photos of colored houses and walked down the hills to the harbor to tour \240Titanic museum. Tickets assigned gave you a passenger identity and of the four only Gwynn survived. \240The museum is seated on the spot where the Titanic launched its final voyage. The original pier where the passengers loaded the tenders was below.

On the walk back to the car, Gwynn and Melody made a friend that asked them to join him and his dog at the pub to listen to music.


Church bells, birds, hot tea, country roads, meadows, soup, stew and lemon cake. Brown bread, and round and round and round abouts with tractor parades. Sunshine, and no rain, blue skies and NO AMBULANCES WERE INVOLVED.


Nothing better than beginning the day with a fabulous breakfast buffet EXCEPT shopping!



Torc falls. A pretty drive to paradise. Lots of squeals and excitement broke out as we saw the beauty of this place. \240We broke out in uncontainable song as we walked along...How great is our God.

We sang and walked thru the FALLing leaves walking beside the waterFALL.

A certain highway to heaven. We walked up the steps to heaven to view the waterFALL. \240 The waterFALLs from the highest mountain lake called Devils caldron. This is the same water the city Killarney uses. #funintheirelandsun #FALLleavesmehappy

#seealldoall. #justburymeinfallleaves


At Muckross house we missed the tour so we shopped until the trunk was full. #shoptillyoursecondsuitcaseisfull

A short drive to the Muckross Abbey down the road was unforgettable. \240Yew tree in the atrium of the abbey covered with moss just flowed. \240The grave stone of Courtney who died at age 21 in the 1700’s was at the door. \240 A cemetery surrounded it and the views \240from the top of the ruins were Gwynn’s favorite.

M played the song THY WILL BE DONE. by Hillary Scott as we left the Abbey and walked the beautiful road with FALL trees, thru the meadow to the parked car. It was a song that speaks of God’s touch in your life in good times and bad. #sharedjoy

A short drive back to Killarney we had Kevin waiting to take us jaunting thru the Killarney national park inside the city. \240Colombo, the horse, was a little toot at times. \240Kevin was the expert on trees in the park. Willing to stop and let us oooh and ahhh and snap a few dozen photos along the way.

Let’s talk about...

Leprechauns in trees with two story houses, stag deer with their mates, bridges, streams, mountains, the lower lake with islands, Rapunzel’s \240tower, \240exceptional coffee, 300 year old trees that FALL. LaneyLamb is a child of God, children books, it’s a piece of cake to drive before sunset, \240Jan’s favorite day ever was today! Cups of coffee In Killarney.


Remember we are a nice normal people From Canada


Dessert in a pub was CLEARLY delicious. \240CHEERS....the TABLE IS RESERVED JUST FOR YOU.


Let’s talk about food....

Let’s talk about fall...



Fairy (Faery) gardens, Tea parties & Manor grounds


Tour the Manor. \240A BIT OF BOTH

Walking into the Manor we were greeted by gentlemen in top hats who held the doors to welcome us. We took a self guided Tour of Adare Manor with head sets. #weadoreAdare

Psalms 127:1 was the verse carved on the front of the home. \240Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.

We fell in love with the beach tree, river bridge and the heather bush they spray painted red and never found the pet cemetery.


We went to the golf course in hopes of visiting castle ruins but ended up walking the golf course path. .


Back to rest our feet and grab a bite of cheese at our villa.


We drove to the walled garden and then walked to the Land of the Fairy \240where we saw knoll houses, rabbits, vine walkways, and poems.


Let’s talk about afternoon tea..

Lemon curd, fire places, stained glass, libraries, salted butter, jelly, clotted cream,

6 cups of tea, elegance, pampering, blessings.


Adare Manor

Let’s talk about Adare Manor

Patrick said “Have a safe onward journey”

Let’s talk about entertainment..,


Guinness clear is what we drank (water)

The band of 4 was called the Farran Folk. \240They used to be FF4 but one of them is now in Australia. Check them out on YouTube. They have been together since 65.

Our friends were Tommy, Tony, Brendon and \240Damien.

Celtic Nights singers, dancers & dinner

No nay never, No nay never more

Tanks for the gut time.

Tursday the only rainy day.

Airport Camogie team & trophy. The sport is for ladies but equivalent to men’s hurling.

Trinity College Dublin

Let’s talk about the Long room at Trinity College....

(Bucket list for M)


Let’s talk about Dublin...

The 1812 hotel that was 8 Georgian houses connected, breakfast buffet, 2 person elevator, undiscovered side of the hotel, Jan tumbling down the stairs, LASHING RAIN, and Will the driver.

Christ Church Cathedral

Let’s talk about the dream team, perfect Four, can’t touch this, MaggieSue McAlister, EVENSONG at Christ church, how could every second always be perfect?

And group selfies!



Let’s talk about Christmas, cathedrals and countryside.