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Woohoo it’s the weekend which means sleep in day!! I got to sleep in until 10! I then decided it was probably time to get up. By just after 11 Chiara, Phoebe, Tara and I were on our way to the grand cafe for high tea. It was so cute and cozy in the cafe. I have done high tea once before in my life but you can’t go to England and not do a high tea. As my tea I had my favourite, earl grey which was so good. I then got and egg and mayo sandwich’s which was pretty good but the best part was of course the dessert. We each got two scones, one plain one raison with plenty of strawberry jam and clotted cream, a piece of lemon cake which was to die for and a piece of a raspberry type of cake. We spent quite some time her just enjoying each others company and sipping tea. After it though we were so stuffed. I then had to try to find somewhere to fed ex some stuff home (yes I know it’s only been two weeks) whoops. We got a cab as it was further away and it was £5 but we all split the fare. I got to the mail office and the guy was not very helpful at all. They refused to use our account was it wasn’t a UK account and it wasn’t a “fedex” office even though on this mail places website it said they did it. Anyways I was there for like a half an hour with this guy and for no where so I guess I’ll just have to ship from Barcelona instead. We then took a taxi back to our dorm so I could drop off the stuff I couldn’t ship before we walked back downtown as today was Oxford open doors meaning all the museums and universities were open to the public today free of charge. We first headed down to see the gigantic, world renowned blackwells book store which has so many floors and is just filled with books. We then headed out back to Somerville college where we were the first day here in Oxford. However this time we went inside and saw the beautiful chapel and as well as the stairs used during the film Harry Potter and the dining hall that was used to base the dining hall in harry potter. We then headed to the covered market. We first got smoothies from the very popular moo moos truck which were so good. After walking around checking out the market we went to bens cookies which are famous here in Oxford. I got a fresh baked milk chocolate chunk and a oatmeal raisin and go Staley they were got but way to over hyped in my opinion. Anywho we then headed black to the room and just had a quick rest time watching some YouTube with Chiara. It was now time for dinner and luckily it wasn’t far today. We went to The Cape Of Good Hope which was like a little pub right around the corner. To start we had onion rings and nachos with guacamole and then as my main I had pre ordered a grilled chicken club burger with avocado and bacon which came with fries and onion rings. It was actually much better than I had expected it to be. I am now back in my room and have just finished packing. As early tomorrow morning we are off to Barcelona. Peace out dudes



Stairs from Harry Potter

Somerville campus

Inside the chapel

The Harry Potter dining hall


The famous bens cookies


Tea time

In the chapel

Dining hall