16 Shadbush Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, USA

Packing for 2.5 months trip.

It’s not all going but have to start somewhere.


40.5 hours until take off. Guinea pigs been gone for two weeks. Cat left yesterday and the dog seems to be a little bit sad over it. Sorry buddy, it’s going to be a woof day today.


Definition of conflicted rage, anxiety and excitement: delta cancelled flight. ☹️Sara and her dad are coordinating other flights. \240I’m hearing words like Amsterdam Paris and Chicago as we get

Bounced around. Direct from JFK but we’d have to get there 😡🥵😬 still developing

Update at 12:27 am: flying to Amsterdam then London on Newly booked Flight. Will arrive earlier than previous flight. Lost the time to pack though.

The first weeks residence


List for later today:

5 am: up

5:15 pack

5:30: realize that tough decisions on what I’m packing have to be made.

5:45 mini panic attack. Exacerbate with more coffee

6:00: pack and lament at not getting a bigger bag.

6:10: unpack after bag weighs 52.3 lbs

6:20 more coffee.

6:30. Daizy’s drivers test is in two hours.

6:45. I’m asking a lot of the zippers on my bag.

7:00. Make a new list because this one is not working.

Daizy has completed the rd test with a passing score. First hurdle done today…

Still learning this app. So even though it’s says 11:25, I’m writing at 2:30 pm. Sara had to choose between Chicago, Paris or Amsterdam for a connection city. Because we are traveling with Saras parents Wenhad to consider their experience as well. Sara Chose Amsterdam. We will only be there for a short layover. Should be in London about 9am local time.

1.5 hrs until we leave. Sara is out getting last minute supplies. Kids are doing final checks of their rooms. I’m doing those projects which I’ve had on my list for months and now I’m getting to them.

The pantry has never been this clean.

Bristol limo service. I’m only doing this to get the map point.

Waiting at the airport. No issues getting through security. Hurry up and wait for boarding now


Landed in Amsterdam. Waiting in gate for flight to London

0900 local (UTC +1:00) We are on the plane waiting to push back from the gate.

09:22 local. In London.


Busy day today

Coming in over London

Minor rental issue with tire. We stopped and fixed it.

Going down the M4:

Weston-super-mare beach

The pier…

Cold walk to food…

The Duke of Oxford \240for lunch

Weston Bay info…

This is our residence for the week

The chariot

For Myles:

Not had these in ages

Bill and Marsha enjoying the grounds

Sara and her mom, Marsha.

The mirror is so large you can hardly see the edges in the pool hall

Settling down

Uphill Manor

One of the aspects of the trip I liked was meeting new people. I saw a announcement that a clean up was happening today and resolved to participate in it. So I went to the meeting spot and worked with a couple, Carol and Lou. They had lived in Uphill for 34 years. They told me about the area and on Monday there is an impromptu coffe hour. I told them we would come to it (all of the family and I’m looking forward to it. Other pictures from today.

It seems to load in reverse order

Uphill Manor

Yesterday my family from Bristol came to visit. It was so nice to see them all again. In all the excitement I didn’t get to take pictures with my phone. I did get this one with my cousin Matt

His mum and dad are Jane and Andy, his Grandma is Pat. Jane and I connected before we left home and between us determined this day was the best date. In addition to Matt and his wife Becky and son William. I also got to see Millie again and meet her family Simon and three sons; Janes brother Martin came with his family, Jenny and daughter Lola. The last time we saw each other was 2000.

Pat and my grandad on my mothers side are 1st cousins. \240Jane brought pictures of our family. This one is of my great grandfather, who I’m named after on the left, and his brother Tom 2nd from Left. Tom is Pats Dad and Jane and Matins grandfather. I’m going to update this particular post as I’m sent more pictures.

We spent the afternoon catching up and talking about family.

Here is the family picture

L-R Sara, Andy, Jane, Pat, Jenny, Rich, Martin, Matt, Becky, Charlie, William, Millie, and Leo

Uphill Manor

I invite all of you To play the most captivating game on the planet: Pass the Pigs. If you are not aware of this phenomena, google it. If you are aware of it. I present the curiosity of Nlow up pass the pigs

Words cannot express the absurdity or fun. Text me for the synopsis of the Guggenheim toss.

Forelands Court, 12 Upper Kewstoke Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS23 2ER, UK

Still catching up so I’m still in April 4.

I mustered up the energy to run this am. 8k. I made it to Birnbeck island entrance.

It’s 6 am. UTC

I then got home and resolved to drive. Some of you May remember this classic

Daizy beginning g to Drive. She passed her test on Thursday. I had not driven in England until today. I \240will update with an amended image of myself driving on the left later.

After picking up supplies, Sara and I walked into town to eat fish and chips at

Actually, I had sausage in batter and Sara had a beef and onion pie. Bill and Marsha had Fish and chips.

After I found a lost glove which means nothing to you but I was distraught. Found

This is real.

Then we went and got tea at the pop up cafe in up hill

Then we walked up to the church on the hill

I feel stupid here. The gate was open

Museum of Prehistory

Jeddah Gorge and Brean Downs today. Photo dump edition.

225!steps to no one that asked

Princess Royal Square, Beach Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1AT, UK

We didn’t do as much on Wednesday

Walked in to Weston then went to thatchers cider brewery.


5 Upper Bristol Rd, Bath BA1 3AE, UK

Yesterday we went to Bath and then to visit my cousin Jane in Bristol

This was our last night in Weston and we drove to Dartmouth today

7 Jawbone Hill, Dartmouth TQ6 9RN, UK

Today we drove to Dartmouth via Canonteign Falls

Cream tea. Note that tea refers to meal not drink.

24 Lower St, Dartmouth TQ6 9AN, UK
8CVM+34, Dartmouth TQ6, UK
A38, Newton Abbot, UK
8AS, Old Fore St, Sidmouth EX10 8AS, UK

Arrived in Sidmouth yesterday. Ate at a cafe called Selley’s. That is Marsha’s Mother’s Maiden name. Marsha’s grandfather was born here. Went for a run this morning. Reminds me of California. Locals were not having it at the gate.

54MR+GR Salisbury, UK
Old houses (Stonehenge)

Sidmouth to Brockenhurst via Stonehenge. I really liked Stonehenge. At some point I would like to spend more time there to explore the surrounding area. It was crowded because of the holiday. Now in the New Forest and looking forward to the week.

St Nicholas' Church, Church Ln, Brockenhurst SO42 7UB, UK

Brockenhurst and new forest exploring

RCP6+7M Brockenhurst, UK

We are heading to Brighton via Portsmouth, Leaving the Brockenhurst/New Forest/Hampshire. It is a very beatiful part of England. Our Location could not have been better as trains move in and out of Brockenhurst on a regular basis. Today is when it is just the Four of Us. Bill and Marsha are heading to London for a few days before heading home. We have had great meals, great views and a great time.

254 Kings Rd, Brighton BN2 1TD, UK

I neglected to post much In Brighton. We got to Brighton on Saturday. It is an hour train from London. There were many revelers: bachelorette and bachelor parties, Holliday makers and families. Brighton is. an interesting town. \240It has a mixture of shopping, architecture, rich history and art.

7 Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh EH1 2NA, UK

We are preparing to Leave Edinburgh to Head to York. We have seen some great views, tasted the local delicacies. And had some great history lessons. These are 4-26


Last days in Edinburgh. We did Edinburgh dungeon yesterday and the camera obscura this morning. Heading to York now.

Station Rd, Bus stop RE, York YO24 1AA, UK

Today marks the 29th anniversary of moving to America. We have spent the last few days in York:arriving on Friday and leaving for Birmingham tomorrow. My Uncle Geoff and Aunt Sue came and stayed on Friday night into Saturday and we had a liberty day in the city, visiting the York minster, wall and market. Yesterday we went to the Jorvik center, a museum dedicated to the Viking settlement in about the 10th century. We also went to the chocolate museum because many famous brands (now mostly owned by Nestle) started here. Finally we went to the \240railway museum.


Yorkminster in view from our lodgings

Geoff and Daizy

In York Minster

The Shambles, inspiration for Harry Potter village settings

Roxy and Geoff

Sue and Geoff

Rain. Weather has been generally good

Roxy found a pizza inspired by cinnamon rolls

I could smell the inside of this kiosk just by

Looking in it.

River boating

8 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EN, UK

We have been in Birmingham since Tuesday. We are staying at the Rotundra which is close to the shopping Center known as the Bullring

Our Room is on the 16th floor here.

Yesterday, Sara had to work and I had to come up with a plan for the kids and I. I knew that the TV show Peaky Blinders was set in Birmingham and there was probably some of the locations around.

One of the Locations was the Black Country Living Museum, a museum I had gone to as a child. The location was a train ride and a 1.2 mile walk, so we did it

Stratford-upon-Avon railway station, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6PL, UK

Went to Stratford yesterday and visited the Shakespeare attractions. I had gone in my youth on a school trip.

The pictures below are of Shakespeare’s birth home.

Shakespeare bought his own house. This house has long gone but it’s gardens and land remain. The neighboring house has locally developed exhibits

The theatre below is the RSC

Market Harborough

Leaving the West Midlands/Birmingham today. Sara planned a wonderful trip and although neither of us knew the details until we got here, I am glad on reflection that we stayed in this location. Friends who are family, Shakespeare and Peaky Blinders country.

Absolutely my oldest and dearest friends David and Julie and Gary. His sister Carolyn I shamefully did not get a picture of with but she visited us earlier.

Above is Harborough town center

Old Grammar school, a symbol of Harborough

This is where Anna and I \240went to preschool. No one asked. but I was there.

I was unable to connect with my friend Nick, but I think he works here. Next time mate.

My most influential teacher from the UK. Barry Taylor. He was my homeroom teacher for three years and my wood shop teacher. We talked about school and education. I learned more from him than I realized. Then and now.

Barry’s wife Mary and his daughter Hannah.Hannah is one of my sister’s oldest and dearest friends. \240Hannah was in the UK from New Zealand. I am so glad I visited.

Finally, I checked where I was on my way back to the accommodations. The accepted absurdity of the names of the location prompted me to take a pic.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge

We have been in Disneyland Park since Sunday. There are two parks. One based on the magic kingdom in Florida and the other a Hollywood studios park. The weather is warm and I could believe I was in Florida.

On the Eurostar

Made it to France

Main St.

41 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

Leaving Paris today and heading to Barcelona. I’m glad we got

To Spend time here. There was far more to do than we had time and energy for.

Arrival at the lodgings

First meal in Paris



Top down

Canal tour

Science museum. About ten minutes after this picture there was an incident of a man and his dog in the water. None of us took pictures. The dog looked like a chihuahua puppy. It seems that the dog either fell or jumped into the water. The panic response caused it to swim To the nearest shore it could see: the opposite bank about 150 yards away. Despite being 5 yards from where it went in. We came upon the dog halfway across, it’s owner 1/3 of the way across in soggy pursuit The guy giving Our tour threw a life ring. Man can’t really swim but catches up to dog about ten yards from opposite bank. Yay! But then man decides to swim back (I can see where dog gets it from) I can’t speak French but I got the gist of boat captains frustration at the man for not getting in line.

Inside modern art museum

Pg. de Sant Joan, 70, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Breakfast in Barcelona. It is 12:10 pm.

Pl. de Tetuan 24, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona- pics from the 15th

Crossing the border from France

Staying on the Eight floor (the Ocho)

Room with a view of montjuic

La Sagrada Familia


No longer paella

Pescado Azul

Barcelona, the 15th

First Pics are morning run. It was not early

Swimmers, Divers and Paddleboarders


Trip to Montjuic

92 Olympic stadium.

Our apartment is second balcony down from top, on the right

Entering Ice Bar

As you can see, it was very cool. Socially dead, but cool.

Carrer de Casp, 92, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

We have been in Sardinia and are leaving today. Not been updating because…Sardinia is relaxing. I have not finished Barcelona yet.

We went on a food tour. I’m the only family member who likes olives

We went looking for food. In Barcelona. Kids wanted pub food.

La Genziana Guestfarm


Via Colombo, 189, 19017 Riomaggiore SP, Italy

Arrival in Riomaggiore.

Via San Giacomo, 189, 19017 Riomaggiore SP, Italy

Leaving Cinqueterra today. There was a fire at the next train station down from us Spezia. This disrupted the trains which disrupted our day. Daizy and I walked to manarola, which in paper is 1 mile but includes 800 ft vertical component. Trains started just after we got to manarola.

Pisa Centrale

Visited Pisa on May 26

Calle Giazzo, 2737, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy


Hotel Regina Palace

Lake Maggiore

Dorfstrasse 118, 3818 Grindelwald, Switzerland

Leaving Switzerland

7P8C+QW Rust, Germany

Europa theme park today. Need to get pics from Sara. The are from Hornberg. The tourist town was one stop south, Triberg.both in the Blackforest. \240It was a long weekend and many shops were closed. Hornsberg has a dubious distinction because of an incident in the 16th century. A governor was to visit the town and the townsfolk wanted a canon salute to honor him upon his arrival. A lookout was posted on the highest turret and instructed to blow his horn on the arrival. The lookout waited and saw a dust cloud. He blew his horn and the canon was fired. Alas, it was a herd of cattle. Posted up again, the lookout saw a caravan coming and blew his horn, the canon fired. This time it was a farmer returning to town. Returning to his post, the lookout saw a group of wagons and blew the horn. This turned out to be a collective of trades people and not the governor. The governor arrived but all of the gunpowder was spent. From then on a German saying of “it went off like the canon in hornsberg” means a lot of build up to not very much happening.

Aan de Vaart 37, 1506 TW Zaandam, Netherlands

Back in Amsterdam

Heathrow Airport, Nelson Road, Hounslow TW6 2GW, UK