Sitting in Chicago O’hare airport after red eye flight. American Airlines kiosk charged me $100 to bring my bag to Chitown and then I had to get them and recheck them to Paris. I am a little sleepy, but I will be here all day, I guess I will grab a corner and crash out on my backpack.

Sitting in an airport all day is something else. Some many different types of people passing thru. America really is a melting pot whether some refuse to acknowledge it.

Arrived safe and sound. I spoke to the family, who are just popping the bottles of cider, and they are all good.

Got all checked and refreshed at the Hotel Moris. Going to connect with Ari.

12:00 Day one on the ground in Paris. I am so tired after that long flight I don't have the desire to do much but go get some sleep. It cloudy but not bad, a little chilly.

Day 2 7:30 am le Petite Dejenais or Breakfast.

...later that day. Paris, Paris, Paris. I got the Gare D'East and pick up an Audi Q2 to run around in. (Note: the car rental is in the basement of the train station) and got so lost trying to get back to the hotel. The one way streets is Paris are no joke. I made it to the Eiffel Tower just before my friend Ari and his Dad had to take off for Rene.

From then on I was on my own. \240What to do? I just in the ride and headed to the Place De La Concorde with an extended stroll along Le Champs-Elysees. Hit a few stores and kept it pushing.

Sipped Tea at Giorgio Armani and Channel

Feel in love with a coat at Roberto Cavalli

and zig-zagged through \240a few more.

Then I finally made it to the Place de la Concorde


I took a few pics then jumped in a Ferrari and whipped back to the Tower for a photo shoot. \240

Yes I drove it.

Oh it's not over... I finished the day asst Notre Dame.

There are so many more photos to share. I will edit this journal when I get home and back online. Good night for now.... Or is it?!!

Day 3.

Yesterday I ended at Notre Dame so today I started of the day at Sacre Cuer \240just get off to a good start.

Then a quick drive down the hill to the Arc De Triumphe just for fun.'m

... And then a mujhe Linder drive to the Chatteu De Versailles \240for a very cold walk around the grounds. It was immense.

More to come...

Day 4

Today was a chill day, in more ways than one. I moved over to Mont Martre to get same art in and out of my system. I started with a little walking

Then stopped and had a coffee.

Then some more walking

Then breakfast

And more walking and taking in the vibe. Then I landed at the Cafe Consultant across from my hotel and vibed there most of the day into the evening.

Left Paris today. I forgot to post last night, but I did quite a bit on my last full day. I walked through the Chistmas Market at Tuileries Garden Park, sat and did a drawing, then strolled along the River Seine Sur La Rive Gauche from the Louvre to to the Champs Elysee, where I did some shopping then ended my walk at the Arc De Triumphe. I later hung out and made new friends at L'Atelier, a cafe across from my hotel.

Yes I ate them!!!

After that little adventure I came back to myself.