Hello,I’m writing from the Sofitel hotel in Athens.

Today my family and I started our summer holiday.

First we had to drive to the Manchester airport and it took 2 hours! Finally, we got to the airport, but it was chucking it down. We gave our keys in and we went through security. It went much quicker than we expected,until we got to the hand luggage. Zac’s bag was fine,but the rest of ours had to be checked. Daddy’s had nothing wrong,it was just a false alarm. Mummy left her iPad in her bag, but mine was by far the worst. I had left lipstick,lipgloss,hand sanitizer and face wipes! But everything was okay and we got into the duty free safe and sound. We did a bit of shopping and had lunch,then we got on the plane.

We were in rows 5 and 6 and seats A and B. We had a 20 minute delay but when we got into the air, it was beautiful. It took 3 and a half hours, but it was worth it. The views from below were amazing, we even flew over the alps!

It was a very smooth landing and the check in went quite quickly too. But when went to collect our suitcase we went to the wrong luggage pickup! We found our bag and headed to our hotel which was conveniently opposite the air port

We checked into our room and went straight back to the bar to have tea I got a ham and cheese toastie and a fanta

We played cards and the food was delicious.

That it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you more about ’The Reeves’ summer holiday 2018’ bye👋🤗

Hi again,this is our last day in beautiful Syros. But we’ve all had an amazing time.

This is the view from our villa.

On the first day we just got to know the place we hung around in the hot tub and went out for tea.

Day number two. We visited a beach in a village called Galissas. We went to the beach and I was in the sea for about 2 hours! We had a drink there then went to the main town for something to eat.

Day number three