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Singapore has been fantastic! For such a ‘young’ country/city it’s very interesting. We’ve learnt so much from the taxi drivers here believe it or not! They’ve all pretty much been so friendly and chatty. Apparently a lot of the country’s land has been reclaimed from the sea by man and is now part of the city with buildings on etc - up to 10% of the country is man made land!!! Very very little crime, 20% are expats and the rest are very mixed. 200 years ago the country had a large majority of pirates here as it’s in between east and west and is a huge port. It’s clean, organised, boiling, and expensive! We’ve had a great time! Lots of street art which we love. Eaten like Kings but managed to pay very little for food as we’ve eaten at Indian street food cafes mainly (sometimes twice a day at our favorite spot!!!) We leave for Bali tomorrow for 8 days of relaxing.

Do you recognise the game?!

Friends TV show cafe!!!!!

Light and Water show