Starting off my trip to Europe with a flight from Boston to Montreal. Can’t wait to be in Canada for the first time!

Here is a picture from the night before our SPS graduation!


Yesterday we had a fun brunch at Flax and Kale a popular health restaurant in Barcelona. The house white wine was great!

Brunch @ Somewhere Cafe in Barcelona. Short walk from the hotel!

Las Sorrentinas

Fun dinner/ lunch at las Sorrentinas in Born neighborhood. Great for shopping vintage items and homemade things. Restaurant house makes all of their pastas and has tons of options. Yum.

Park GΓΌell

Fun times at park Güell this afternoon. Always a favorite.

Born Neighborhood

Painting on a terrace with wine and a flamingo lesson! The artists name was Masha and she was so nice! Very fun!! Flamingo lesson was in the Born Neighborhood and it was very fun!

La Sagrada Familia

Morning at La Segrada Família! So gorgeous! Such a special and spiritual place.

La Sagrada Familia

Such a fun day yesterday. We started off our day at La Segrada Família in the morning and then headed to Passeig de Gracia (the main shopping area) to check out some stores and grab some food.

Hayley inside of Da Greco— our amazing dinner location. This was Adriana and Hadley’s second time and it was just as great as we remembered.

Hayley and Karinn at Da Greco

At our lunch on the Passeig de Gracia, La Vinoteco Torres.

Adriana and Hayley outside of La Sagrada Família

Adriana, Karinn and Hadley inside of La Segrada Família.


Headed to Amsterdam this morning!

Bilderberg Hotel Jan Luyken

Checked into our hotel in Amsterdam. So beautiful and an amazing location. We are a short walk to the Van Gogh museum!

All of the ladies walking around Amsterdam.

The Pancake Bakery

Today we visited, The Pancake Bakery, a restaurant that was recommended by the Stellatos for some sweet and savory pancakes. We then spent the rest of our time walking and shopping around Amsterdam. We also visited a store that Adriana’s family owns called Sacha! Later today we boarded Lovers Canal Cruises for a fun boat ride around the canals of Amsterdam and a meat dinner.

Sweet Pancake at the Pancake Bakery


Fun morning in Amsterdam. We started off by going to the restaurant called Blushing (very close to the hotel Bilderberg). It had lots of healthy options and was a great stop before going to the Rijksmuseum. At the Rijksmuseum we saw the Vermeer exhibit and the Van Gogh portion of the museum. Fun day so far!!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Headed to Rome for part four of my trip! Can’t wait to meet up with Phoebe!

Hotel Il Pellicano

BEAUTIFUL day at Il Pellicano. Met up with Phoebe this morning at the airport and we took a quick car service to Porto Ercole. We then were met by excellent service that led us to our garden view room. We then enjoyed some time by the beach and the pool and ate a delicious lunch of salad, bruschetta, and carpaccio. Now off to a spa appointment for a deep tissue energy massage!

Hotel Il Pellicano

Day 2 @ Il Pellicano

This was our only full day here, so Phoebe and I woke up early in order to utilize our gorgeous weather. After a delicious breakfast at Il Pellicano (the nicer restaurant up top) we headed toward the beach club for a fun boat ride. There are plenty of options of boats to chose from that range in price, activity and size. We chose the rubber dinghy, which exceeded our expectations. We went out for two hours in the morning (highly recommend a 10am start time for ideal weather) and were able to get back in time for a beautiful lunch by the sea. On our boat trip we drove along the coast, saw a cave, drove through the town of Porto Ercole, and took some fabulous pictures. It was such a treat, and the perfect excursion. Keep in mind that the boat also charges for fuel consumption, so you might want to get out and swim for a while during your boat time.


View of the seating area by the sea

Taking over the bar!

For dinner we headed to The PelliGrill. This is the more casual option at Il Pellicano. The more formal dinner option, Il Pellicano, is a three michilin star restaurant that offers plenty of options to guests. However, this restaurant is a much higher price range and more formal attire than the PelliGrill! We had such a fun dinner and ended up sitting there for three and half hours! Time really flys by here! We tried their special summer cocktail— highly recommend! For dinner we both had the handmade taglionni. \240Such a fun conclusion to a great day.


Taking the train today to Florence after a fun stay at Il Pellicano. We had a great breakfast this morning and laughed as multiple bees fell into our orange juice! Yikes! Now we are headed to Florence for a fun afternoon. The train from Orbetello is easy. Sad to say goodbye to this beautiful coastline.

Palazzo Vecchietti

Safely arrived at the hotel Palazzo Vecchietti suites. This is an awesome small luxury hotel. The whole hotel only has thirteen rooms! We were warmly greeted with Prosecco when we arrived and our room is amazing. It has a small kitchen, living space, luggage room, Italian phone for going around florence, and more. Breakfast is included and I can’t wait to check it out tomorrow morning. It is so beautiful!! So far so good in Florence.


Today was my first day with Kirk and Matt. We had so much fun walking around Florence. We started off our morning by going to the delicious Rooster Cafe. This is a great place that is very accommodating of American visitors. The wait was about twenty minutes though. One recommendation is to stop into the Louis Vuitton for a free close shave. It was a blast and the boys were truly pampered! \240Then we proceeded to go to the leather market! We loved it. It was so fun to just walk around and see everything. All of the items are overpriced by their retailer, so you should negotiate better terms that are usually about 20%off the original. After exploring around some of the museums and grabbing some gelato, we headed to the train to go to Lucca. Matt is staying in a beautiful house in Lucca called Corte Malgiacca. It is stunning here and the pool is great. Such a fun first day.

Matt’s house

At the Louis Vuitton

Leather Market


Today we took the train to Venice. It was a bit complicated at first to figure out how to use our Eurail. After we figured it out we were good to go! After we arrived in Venice we took the water taxi to our hostel. It is called the Generator Hostel on Zittele. Quick tip: after arriving to your hotel ask the front desk for the best water taxi routes to and from your hotel to San Marco and Dorsoduro (those were two locations we needed frequently). It is really fascinating seeing how the water taxi system works and it is a great way to get around.

After checking in we headed to San Marco to explore. We stopped at Harry’s bar for bellinis and then walked around the luxury shopping area. After a quick dinner at an Italian place on the street we went back into the main square on San Marco to listen to music and take a gondola ride. After seven pm the gondolas become more expensive so keep that in mind if you are on a budget. We took one at 7:30pm for 40 euros each. I loved going on the gondola ride at night since it was a lot cooler in the evening. After this we listened to music in the square and ate gelato. It was a blast and I highly recommend ordering a dessert in front of one of the bands. Our favorite was Lavena.

If you feel like treating yourself one night, take a water taxi back instead of the public transportation. It is more expensive (was 50 euros to Zitelle), but is very fun and you should definitely do it at least once.

At Harry’s bar.

Cafe lavena.

Water taxi ride back to Zitelle.

The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Our full day in Venice was a blast. We started off our morning by going next door to the hostel to pick up some espressos and croissants for breakfast. Then we got on the public water taxi to Zattere (the stop of the Penny Guggenheim Museum). The Guggenheim was really fun and they offer discounts to students with a valid ID. You can also prove that you’re a student by showing them an email from a teacher like I did. hah. I will put some of my favorites from the Guggenheim in the photos below.

After this we headed to an AWESOME lunch at the Gritti Palace. This is a classic Venice hotel and it has a beautiful lunch on the terrace looking out at the Wake House and the Guggenheim. I had previously made reservations and that was helpful since it began to get busy around 1pm. The service was perfect, and we were mighty grateful for some good food!

After lunch I went to the best massage of my life at the Gritti Palace. The spa is a Sisley spa and is therefore decked out with skincare products. As you may know—I LOVE COSMETICS— so this was a challenge for me. Somehow I got the couples massage room all to myself, so the room was giant and had its own shower and sauna. The massage itself was awesome and very customizable. The 80 minutes was the perfect amount of time, and I loved coming straight to the spa after our lunch on the terrace. The staff was also very generous with giving me samples of Sisley products for after the shower such as sunscreen, makeup remover, and moisturizer. Amazing! During check out, the staff at the Gritti Palace gave me recommendations for dinner and helped me to make a reservation. I thought this was very nice of them especially since we didn’t even stay there.

After the massage we walked around the parts of San Marco that we didn’t go to yesterday. There was the nicest woman in a sunglasses shop that hooked us up with some new sunglasses for a large discount. I cannot remember the name of her store, but it is right around the corner from the Zara on San Marco. When I figure out the name I will add it in.

That night we came back to San Marco for dinner and to listen to music since we had so much fun with that the first night. Our dinner was delicious and the staff was extra kind to us since the Gritti Palace sent us! The restaurant was called A Beccafico and was a short fifteen minute walk from the public water transportation stop. Our favorites from this meal were the bruschetta served with bread, the lemon sorbet which is uniquely served in an actual frozen lemon, and the limonchello! After dinner we went and listened to music in the square and then headed back.

The Generator hostel was great for socializing at night, but the air conditioning in the rooms wasn’t fully functional so sleeping was a little uncomfortable on the third floor during the middle of summer! Other than that our stay at the Generator was great and the staff was really nice. We met so many nice people traveling from around the globe.

At dinner at A Beccafico.

Massage room at the Sisley spa.

Going to dinner!

Just one of the products they let me test out for free after my massage.

Lunch on the terrace just moments before I accidentally spilled my Bellini all over the table. Oops!

There were lots of LED light exhibits at the Guggenheim.

This is much more comedic from the side angle.

I loved this painting. It is called Ballerina and one of the first things that you see when you walk in the door!

Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina

Today we headed to Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano, Italy. Since it can be kind of complicated to get to this small part of Italy, we took a car that the hotel helped book. We are so grateful that we did! Our driver, Roberto, was extremely knowledgeable and so kind to us. He taught us so much about the area and even let us stop for gelato! If you are ever riding with Blitz Car Service, ask for him because he is the best!

After being greeted warmly at the hotel, we had a fun and super late lunch in the main room. The hotel staff was very accommodating and helped us to make a plan for the next day.

That afternoon Kirk went and read in the library! There was live music while he read and he said that it was very nice!

For dinner we headed to the Wine Bar and Grill. It was delicious! I had the margarita pizza and it was soooo good. What a successful first day in San Cassiano! .


Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina

Today was our only full day at the Rosa Alpina, so we got up early in order to enjoy the good weather in the morning. We started off our day by having breakfast inside the hotel. Their breakfast bar is beautiful and we enjoyed the social atmosphere.

Then we headed out on our hike. We took the cable car called Piz Sorega to the trailhead. The cable car is a very fun thing to add into your trip, because you are able to see San Cassiano (the location of the hotel) from overhead. We then headed through a stop called Las Vegas to a location with 360* views of the Dolomites. It was a good hour and a half each way, and the terrain was very manageable. Once at the top, we sat and took some pictures before heading back down in time for a late lunch.

Our timing was just perfect, because right when we headed into town it began to rain! Since the weather wasn’t very nice, we then watched Casino Royale in the cinema room as we ate lunch. It was such a treat.

That afternoon we both went to the spa for massages. SO AMAZING. We were being totally pampered, and we are now ready to head back to hostel life very soon!

Later that day we ran into one of my friends and fellow graduates of St. Paul’s in the lobby! So crazy! We met up with him after dinner for drinks and I loved seeing two parts of my life interact! We also ran into the family friends of Karinn Stellato, one of my best friends from SPS. Such a small world.

For dinner we headed to the Wine Bar & Grill, but this time for fondue. The meal was great, but we both agreed that we liked the atmosphere of the normal restaurant a bit more than the fondue room.

It was a great day at the Rosa Alpina and we sure are sad to leave the great hotel tomorrow! Bolzano here we come!


Today we left the hotel Rosa Alpina and headed to ParkHotel Laurin in Bolzano, Italy. Originally planned to be a travel day, we were pleasantly surprised by the charm of the town of Bolzano. After having a quick lunch we walked around the town and ran into a beautiful market. The market was filled with flowers, fruit, meats and cheeses and was very pretty. For dinner tonight we ate at a very casual restaurant on the street and then headed back to the hotel and figured out our schedule for getting to Salzburg tomorrow. The hotel staff was very kind in helping us find the fastest and cheapest way to Austria tomorrow. We can’t wait to be in Salzburg. We have heard so much about it from our families.

Will check back in tomorrow! \240

Hotel Sacher Wien

Today was our travel day from Bolzano to Salzburg. The day started out with a good breakfast at the hotel. It was a great buffet and was free with the room which was really nice. After breakfast, we had a little time before heading to the bus station so we headed back into the town of Bolzano to walk around. Kirk and I both agree that we really liked Bolzano! It is a great stop after the Dolomites.

Finding our bus to Salzburg was very challenging, and there are not many people around to help. Because of this, I will definitely figure out where the bus gets picked up and other information surrounding the bus area ahead of time in the future. Luckily we made it to the bus on time! The bus took the majority of the afternoon and we arrived in Salzburg around 7pm.

That night we were in need of some good food, so we headed over the Hotel Sacher, a spot that my family recommended. It was a great escape from the pouring rain and I was extremely grateful for their Salzburger.

After this we headed next door to the cafe for a hot chocolate. The environment was really nice and the staff was kind to us.

While in Salzburg we are staying at the YoHo Youth Hostel. The hostel itself is very nice and it is much cooler in the rooms than in Venice. The hostel staff is super helpful with making plans for the next day, and the rooms are nice. I am in an all girls room and I have met some really cool women from all around the globe! It is a solid 15 minute walk from the fun area across the river, but this is not a big deal. One thing that we did notice was that the area is completely empty and dead while we were coming home from dinner, so if you are coming from far definitely take a taxi.

We are excited about our full day tomorrow!

The Restaurant At our hotel in Bolzano

Kirk at dinner at the casual Sacher Grill


hot chocolate at the cafe

The cafe at the Hotel Sacher


Today was our full day in Salzburg, and boy did we do a lot!!

We woke up very early this morning and started off with a good four euro breakfast at our hostel. Then we headed off on our adventure to the Mirabell palace and gardens. This is a very fun way to walk towards the fortress and is free. The flowers were beautiful and it was very fun to see the palace. We both really enjoyed that start to our morning.

After this we headed to the Salzburg cathedral. This is in a really awesome area of the town that we ended up spending our whole day around! It has lots of good restaurants, shopping, and museums. I wasn’t able to get any good photos of the cathedral since phones are not really allowed. Outside of the cathedral are lots of cute booths, an oversized chess board and musicians. It is a fun area to walk around and we had a lot of fun exploring.

One thing that we found really interesting is the presence of traditional Austrian clothing. There are many people, both woman and men, wearing traditional attire and many stores advertising all sorts of Austrian clothing.

After the cathedral we hiked up to the Fortress Hohensalzburg. It really is a hike, but very worth it because up top you are able to see the entire city!!! This was one of the highlights of my day. Since we already did all of that by noon (!!!) we headed to a fun restaurant in the same area I mentioned before for lunch. It was delicious and super slow paced. This was nice after our very busy morning.

For the afternoon we continued to walk around and explore the areas that we hadn’t gotten to yet. It was really fun to have a relaxed afternoon. For dinner we headed to a casual Italian restaurant on the same road as our hostel called Pasta Vino. \240The restaurant only had three options for dinner, but it was great. During the meal it started to pour, so we decided to just run back to the hostel after dinner and get ready for our travel day tomorrow.

At Mirabell Palace

Walking toward the fortress. The walk up was hard!!

Views from the fortress.

On the bridge crossing the river! Reminds me of the lock bridge in Paris!

Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar

Today was the travel day between Salzburg and Vienna and it was the easiest travel day so far. We woke up pretty early in order to get on the 8:50 train to Vienna. This was a super easy process and we got to the station early enough to grab a quick breakfast before boarding our train. The train to Vienna was quick and easy and we got to Vienna at around eleven AM. This was great, because we were able to spend a whole day in Vienna. After self-checking in at the hotel, we headed towards the museums that we had passed on the taxi ride to the hotel. We quickly discovered that Vienna had lime and bird scooters. These are small electric scooters 🛴 that you can pay for through an app on your phone. This was an amazing way to get to see Vienna in such a short amount of time. It was also really fun. We ended our rides at the Natural History Museum of Vienna, where we stopped for lunch and to explore. The museum was awesome for science lovers like myself, and we also enjoyed sitting in the main room and grabbing a snack.

After this we headed back towards the main area. This is a great place for shopping and small bites.

Before dinner, we headed to Roberto’s Bar for a drink before walking next door to Wein & Co for dinner. I loved our before dinner stop, because it has awesome outdoor seating!

Both Kirk and I agree that Vienna is our favorite place so far.

Museum of Applied Arts

This was our full day in Vienna!

We woke up this morning and had a good free buffet breakfast at the hotel. The hotel Ruby Lissi is super interesting because they do not have a reception or concierge. All of those resources can be found online. It was a bit complicated to use the online resource, so instead we used Trip Advisor and we still had a great time.

This morning we headed to Schönbrunn to check out the palace. We saved some money and took the public train system to Schönbrunn. After we arrived, we discovered that there was a very very long wait to go into the palace, so instead of going inside we looked at the beautiful gardens and the outside of the palace. At first we were disappointed that we hadn’t preplanned going to the palace, but we quickly realized that there are TONS of things to do around that area. The most exciting being— THE ZOO.

It was about a twenty minute walk to the zoo from the palace and the walk was super beautiful. It takes you through a forest of trees and you pass the transportation for many horses. It was great.

The Zoo in Vienna is the oldest zoo in the world and it’s awesome. We got the chance to see lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, all kinds of birds, monkeys, and so much more. Our favorite by far was the polar bear area. It was so fascinating and I had never seen a polar bear before. We stopped for a quick lunch within the zoo. If I were to go again I would have packed a snack and eaten somewhere away from the animals. Hah.

That afternoon we went to the Museum of Applied Arts. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Within the museum there was a fascinating exhibit about Artificial Intelligence called Uncanny. The exhibit begins by a television screen analysizing your body language and facial expression to make word appear on the screen. It will start off by doing small text blocks like happy, sad, surprised, and person. Then it puts a sentence that relates to your body language on the screen. Kirk and I both got that we were 18% happier in Vienna. Hah. The exhibit continues to show different examples of AI technology. One of the coolest examples is the program called Eliza. This computer is able to communicate with you and respond to your questions. It was a totally fascinating exhibit.

After this, it was around dinner time, so we headed next door for a drink before our dinner reservation down the street. The restaurant was called Salonplafond and it was very cool. The atmosphere was great and the service was very kind. Next time I would definitely go to dinner here, since the vibe matched the same unique vibe of the museum.

After this we went to dinner at Jamie’s Italian. It was good, but the environment is definitely better than the food, so maybe go there before dinner and then head to the place next to the museum.

After dinner we rode some bird scooters back into town and had a fun time riding around the area on our last night in Vienna. We then returned to a place we went on our first day and looked around the square. We had such a blast in Vienna and we are sad to go!


Today was our travel day from Vienna! The travel was easy, but we were so sad to leave our favorite place so far.

We arrived in Munich in time for a fun afternoon. After checking into the hostel, we walked toward the old town Munich. This is a fun area with lots of inexpensive shopping and food options. We had a good time stopping for a quick bite here and waiting for the clock to go off. It is famous in Munich and is called the glockenspiel. Within the building are life sized figurines that perform a small show (think a giant cuckoo clock). \240It runs about fifteen minutes and people were getting pretty competitive for a good view. We thought it was very cool!

After this, we went to the Hofbraühaus, a huge brewery that was suggested by Kirk’s dad! It is very centrally located and a lot of fun. The beers are giant and there is live music. I ordered a pretzel and it was the largest pretzel I have ever seen! Crazy!

After this we headed back towards our hostel, the Wombats City Hostel. The hostel is great and the people are very kind, however it’s location is pretty terrible and we felt like we needed to go home before dark for safety reasons. So far so good in Munich.

The glockenspiel!

Tried kirks beer — did not enjoy. Hah.

Munich Marriott Hotel

Today we had a fun full day in Munich.

This morning we switched over to the Marriott in Munich, and boy are we grateful! We had no idea Munich was this pretty and we feel so much safer here!!

After checking in and dropping off our bags, we headed to the BMW museum. It was an easy public transport ride from the underground stop nearby the hotel. I have been proud of us for utilizing the public transport. These cities have had awesome public transport systems and it’s been fun to explore this way.

The BMW museum was very cool— especially for a car lover like Kirk. There is still plenty to see for people like me who don’t know anything about cars!

After this we headed to the English Gardens. This was probably the highlight of our time in Munich. While at the park we rented some EBikes (bikes with batteries in them for an extra boost) and biked around the majority of the park. It was beautiful and we enjoyed stopping at a small fruit stand to buy the most delicious strawberries ever.

We also were able to see some surfing. The river’s current causes a huge wave that experienced surfers would go out on. Kirk’s talented surfer friend from school who has tried out the wave in the past says that it is very challenging. We were particularly impressed by some older men (probably 65) who were great at the wave.

After this we headed back to the hotel to cool off with a swim in the pool before dinner. We went to an area that has lots of restaurants on the street. We are now heading back early and getting SO excited about our trip to Croatia tomorrow.

Konoba Barkarola

This was our travel day between Munich and Croatia. We were SOOOO excited to go to croatia that we arrived to the airport far too early and hung out there for quite a bit. After our flight was delayed, we boarded and headed towards Split. After arriving to Split, I was immediately astounded by Split’s natural beauty. I took the picture down below while waiting in a line at the airport! Little did I know, but there was a much more beautiful view at the dinner spot!

After arriving at the apartment we headed to dinner at the apartment’s connected restaurant called Barkarola. The food and view was very good, but the wait staff was very short with us!

The apartment worked out fine, but some downsides were the neighborhood, no AC where I slept, and the hilariously loud helicopter less than 100 meters away. We soon found out that the helicopter landed up to seven times a day!

Here are some photos.

Blue Lagoon

Today was our AMAZING boat day. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

We set off at 9am to go to the 40ft sailboat that we would spend the day on. The weather was perfect and the captain, Matt, could not have been nicer. In the morning, we headed for two hours towards the Blue Lagoon. This was one of the best spots that I have seen in Croatia. It is complete with crystal clear water and lots of boat neighbors. We even saw a topless woman doing crunches on her yacht. So hilarious! So European!

The lagoon was great and we had so much swimming in this area. It was incredibly beautiful, and our captain even joined us for a swim.

After this we headed to a small island for lunch. The lunch was great, although we were eager to get back on the water after our very fun morning.

During the afternoon we spent more time on the sailboat, swimming, relaxing, and snacking on peaches from the local market. Yum.

What a fun treat and definitely a highlight of my trip. Pictures say more than words, so check it out in the photos below.

For dinner we headed into town and ate a quick dinner before heading to the Kapural’s ice creak recommendation, Luka. It was great and a good way to see a bit of the city.

Blue lagoon

Le Meridien

Today we moved hotels! Yay! We checked out of the apartment, and headed towards the beach and paradise! Now we are staying in Le Meridien, a hotel that my mom booked through the Marriott and we absolutely love it. It is so gorgeous here, and is definitely showing us a better side of Croatia.

After arriving, we headed to a delicious lunch by the beach. It was very casual and we both ate hamburgers. After this, I headed to the beach to swim and spend some time in the sun. The beach here is absolutely stunning. For the rest of the afternoon I rotated through the swimming pools and ocean.

After this I had an amazing massage at the Spa and it was such a treat. Definitely one of the best massages ever.

For dinner we headed to a restaurant called Seven Palms. It was beautiful and they even had a singer and guitarist to accompany the meal. It was very cool. The sunset was amazing and I will put some photos of it down below. We had a very successful first day at the Meridien and we are soooooooo happy to be here!

Gooshter Beach Club

Today we had an amazing day out on the water. We went on the Coastal Experiences Four Islands group tour and it was a blast. It began at 9am and ended at 7pm, and it was a great opportunity to see many islands! It was also so much fun to be with other people from the hotel. We made good friends with a family from Dallas, and ended up spending the whole day with them!

In the morning we went to Milna and Hvar. Both of these towns were beautiful, and Hvar was awesome. On Hvar, there are lots of street vendors selling beautiful jewelry and lavender. There were also many cute shops and restaurants. If I get the chance to come back to Croatia, I will definitely spend more time there!

After this we went to lunch on a small island and then went swimming! It was very private, but a lot of fun!

After this we headed to Devils Island for more swimming. I didn’t last long in the water here, seeing that there were big fish too close for comfort. Hah.

For dinner we went to a Thai place on the beach called Gooshters. I loved watching the sunset here. \240

The speed boat trip was definitely a highlight of our trip so far and our time in Croatia has been awesome. We are so excited for Paris, but very sad to leave!

Hvar side street

Lavender market

Kirk and the captain

Kirk and our new friend Gary. The dad of the family from Dallas!


Today was our full day in Paris. We started out the morning by going to the Atelier des Lumieres. This museum was truly incredible. I swear that my jaw dropped open when I entered the space. We had gotten our tickets weeks in advanced and it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend. See photos below.

After this, I headed for a fun day of shopping! It was great to walk around the city and look for some great clothes!

One of the most fun stops that I went into was Galaries Lafayette. This was a very fun department store in a great part of Paris.

For dinner, I headed onto a river cruise that left from the Port of the Eiffel Tower. This was a great way to see many beautiful views of Paris and a fun activity to do at night. By the time that the boat arrived back at the port at eleven, the lights on the Eiffel Tower were twinkling! It was very beautiful.

It was such a fun day exploring Paris. I always love visiting!!!


Day one in London was awesome. We started out by getting on the Chunnel at 8:45am from Paris. This was super easy and we were st the hotel by 11:30. After this we caught up with Kirk’s parents and walked to Harrods. In London we stayed at St. James Hotel and Club and it was incredibly beautiful. We had a great afternoon at the Tate’s exhibit of Van Hogh and a delicious dinner at Le Boudin Blanc. This is one of Mr. Holtons favorites! We were joined by another friend from Winston and that was very fun.

After dinner we headed to the Ritz (right around the corner from our hotel) and had a night cap. It was such a fun first day and we are really looking forward to the party!


Today was our travel day to Susan and Russel Cameron’s party. We drove about an hour away from London and arrived at “The Bear” in time to get ready for that nights barbecue with the Americans.

I felt so lucky to get to go to this with the Holton family. It really was a blast. The Seymour Place was absolutely stunning, and we even got a tour! Some of my favorite spots were the gardens and the movie room. We all joked that we could just sleep in the movie room that night (The Bear didn’t have AC).

I also got my hair done by Chloe at the hair dressing salon directly across from The Bear. She was sooooo good at it! I was so happy that I was able to get my hair done! It had been such a long time.

After the party that night we headed home to prepare for the next party. Tomorrow is the nicer cocktail party... this requires lots of preparation!

Views into the garden at sunset.


This morning we decided to head into the town of Hungerford. The town exceeded our expectations!

It was so cute and had plenty of nice restaurants, antique stores and shops. We had a great time just walking around. Even though there wasn’t much to do, we were still able to fill our day! My favorite was a home design shop with an outdoor area for tea in the back. It was so cute!

We ate lunch at a local pub and then headed back towards the Bear to get ready for the bus to take us to Seymour Place.

The party was again awesome and we sat inside a huge tent. We sat with the Blair Turk family, and I loved getting to know them. Their son Alex will also be a freshman at Wake next year and it is really nice to know him going in!

Later that night we danced to a DJ and stayed up far too late. Party Day 2 was a success!