Excitement and anxiety fill the house as we prepare to leave for a 77 days journey through the UK and Europe. The only one not buzzing with the strange anticipation is Kona who blissfully has no idea we are leaving him (with fantastic friends who will love and care for him) for almost 3 months.

Boston Logan International Airport

Delta cancelled our flight the night before we were to leave and after 3 hours on hold we are rebooked via Amsterdam.

First leg- made it to Boston. Next up Amsterdam

Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands

Glad to be on this side of the Atlantic. It’s snowing in Amsterdam. \240View is…

Old Church Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 4UH, UK

Just arrived at Thornemead Castle. It’s something out of another world. Almost makes me want to put away all electronics and pass the days playing croquette, taking long walks through the flowers and horses, and sipping cocktails. There will be lots of pictures coming.

Looking back at the house from the “play” yard

Learning to read a sundial

Back from a walk in the garden and checking out the horses.

Rich coming out of the conservatory

Welcome basket


Old Church Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 4UH, UK

Our host put an American Flag on the castle for our arrival.

It’s a cold but sunny morning. Slept 11 hours last night!

Our bedroom

The view from the French windows.

Weston Super Mare is the “city” we are staying in the first week. It’s similar to Newport but seems to be even more seasonal. My father in law calls it Weston Super Mud because the tides go out so far the sand is mud like. I’ve seen news stories that people get stuck in the mud and the tide comes in fast. Then we saw this sign. We will be sure to stay out of the muddy sand.

Old Church Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 4UH, UK

Playing giant pigs

15 points!

What a wonderful day with Rich’s family! So good to meet/ remeet extended family members. An instant connection and good time all around. Loved the stories of Rich as a young boy.

Uphill Wharf, Uphill, Weston-super-Mare BS23 4XR, UK

We went to the local pop up tea for the village of Uphill today. I had the best lemon cake and a conversation with a women who worked for childrens television at the BBC. She pointed out it is the 50th anniversary since Newsround was aired. John Cravon insisted that news media could and should be produced in a way children would want to view. \240Brilliant and right on. We often focus on preparing children for society when actually they are already contributing members who impact social, emotional, economic, and political outcomes. Media such as Newsround celebrate the importance of childhood and society.

Lots of dogs here. Missing Kona.

Beautiful hills. A little windy.

Hilltop beacon

A hike up the hill to the church that overlooks the village. It was windy but beautiful.

Fish and Chips and steak plans onion pie at Winston’s Fish

Fun at the Grand Pier arcade

Careful! \240No one got stuck in the sand.


Yesterday we visited Cheddar. Maybe one of the most fairytale looking towns ever. We went through caves, learned about the oldest people remains on the continent (and how the University partners with the informal education facility to keep info updated and make new discoveries). \240We climbed 279 steps to look down into the village and learned how cheddar cheese is made.

Today was a work day but we still managed to get lunch in at Thatchers Cidery.

So there are differences in the UK from USA driving. \240I’m still not sure on what I think about some of them. Others I can’t figure out why USA didn’t adopt.

1- no stop signs in the uk.

2-round abouts every few feet. I’ve driven through more roundabouts in the last few days then in my entire life.

3- the big L on cars with young drivers. It’s like the Scarlett letter. If you are in your first year of driving you place an L on top of your car. \240L for learner or for loser …doesn’t matter. \240I feel like it might be good for me to have one. Or maybe an F for foreigner.

4. Only Room for one car on a two way road. It’s like a game of Chicken.

5. Tractors really can go 70 on the highway. Don’t let them fool you!

Canonteign Falls

Yesterday was quite an adventure. We left the castle and Western Super Mare and drove toward our new house in Dartmouth, Devon. We decided it would be great to stop at canonteign falls. It is the tallest waterfall in England. Driving there though took about 5 years off my life. For 40 minutes we were on two way roads that barely fit our car. \240The road curved and twisted which made it hard to see the tractors that came barreling at you. \240When we arrived at the waterfall parking I had the steering wheel imprinted on my hand and 100 more gray hairs. The hike was amazing! \240Almost worth the journey.

The car survived with no scratches. Just a little dirty.

This is from the top of the waterfall

Dartmouth Castle

Today we had Sunday roast at The Dartmouth Arms and the walked to the Dartmouth Castle. Over 1500 steps mostly up stairs like this. Everyone’s legs are jelly but I’m refusing to drive in this town.

Rich and Roxy were ahead of Daizy and I. I think Daizy took pity on me.

Love all the please touch signs. This is how we learn.

Roof of the castle

Daizy loves the colored houses.

Family at Dartmouth Castle

This is actually where the mayflower left from.

Today Rich and my dad went kayaking while I got a little work done. Then the girls went to a proper Devon cream tea.

Paignton Pier

Today we took the ferry from Dartmouth to kingswear and the steam train from kingswear to paington. We hear the steam drain leave every hour. Tomorrow I’ll share a video.

The flowers are blooming here

Rich excited for a Cornish pasty. Even though they were fantastic Rich would let us finish our pasties. They were created for miners to be able to have a compact lunch in the mines and the miners would throw the last bite into the caves to keep the cave ghosts happy. So it’s back luvk to eat the whole pasty.

Good to see teens be big kids.

The piles of coal for steam train.

Here comes the train.

A Banksy piece of art? \240Maybe a copy but still cool.

Looking back toward Dartmouth. Find Jim and Shannon waving.

Oh those stairs.

Rubin cube refrigerator?

I love all the flowers growing on the walls.

Greenway House

Car squeezes by Daizy. Was a close call.

Sisters messing around. I love the laughter.

Waiting for the ferry in Dittisham

Ferry ride Greenway to Dittisham

View from gardens at Greenway house

Taking a rest with flowers blooming all around.

Signs of spring

1st editions

Agatha Christie’s family tree

Greenway House- last lived in my Agitha Christie and family.

Greenway house

Hiking paths at greenway house

Funny sign. The bell ringing brings the ferry from the other side of the river. They call the ramp a slipway😳

On the ferry from Dartmouth to Greenway House

Market Place, Sidmouth EX10 8AR, UK

Today we left our house in Dartmouth and headed to Sidmouth. Sidmouth is where my mergers family is from and we hope to uncover some of our family history. On the way we stopped at a Family Themepark. The girls were embarrassed because every family there had kids under 6. They reluctantly had fun. I like to pay attention the the signage. I ask myself : How do we educate kids and parents while kids are having fun? Theory is that fun experiential learning results in lasting learning. Silvia Aston Warner makes a well researched claim that love and fear are the best motivation of learning. I think I’d rather find ways to incorporate love/ fun.

My great grandfather was a Selley from Sidmouth. We asked in the tea shop but they only knew the place was once owned by Selleys.

The Elizabeth

Our day in Sidmouth was supported by amazing weather. A little foggy in the morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon. We went to the Sidmouth museum, walked the beach, looked for fossils, looked for our family house, searched for animals in the tide pool, and had ice cream. Not a bad day.

Maybe a fossil?

That’s daizy and rich. The cliffs were dropping rocks as we watched. It’s a little scary but fascinating too. The fossils can be found by breaking the clay/ rocks open after they fall.

Water in the tide pools was chilly but with the warm weather it felt nice to get my feet in the English Channel.

A lesson on sea anemones at the tide pools.

Good Friday maze on the beach. Sign encourages you to let out the bad and take in the good.

This is my families home in Sidmouth. Unfortunately we were not able to find it on this trip.


In the morning a donkey sanctuary and in the afternoon Stonehenge. Plus packing u Sidmouth and moving into Brockenhurst. Busy day!


The day started with an Easter egg hunt. A great Italian lunch a long walk with free roaming ponies and donkeys and ended with needing to relax and get some work done.

One of the local schools. They keep all the kids boots at school for mucking around in the rivers. So many more learning and language opportunities than sitting in a classroom!

Donkeys and horses everywhere! \240You’ve got to watch where you step.

Our house in Brockenhurst

Ciders tonight

Monorail at the motor museum

In the Topgear exhibit

Morning of archery

Winchester Cathedral Education Centre

Today I met up with Janice Griffiths in Winchester. She showed Rich and I around the beautiful cathedral city. Janice has a great history of support for STeM teaching in the UK, as Director of the maths and Scuemce partnership from the University of Southampton and Chair of the ASE.

Lymington Sea Water Swimming Baths

Dinner at the Commoners. The animals that roam free “belong” to the people of the town.

Walking to dinner about 9 horses were wondering through the Main Street.

Lymington Sea Bath- water comes in from the solvent. Burr.

Rich went fishing

Palm trees in south England.

Ferry to Isle of Wight

He catch a fish

New Forest National Park

Biking in the New Forest. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to sit again.

Sea Wall Car Park

Friday was a great day catching up with colleagues from the University of Southampton. There are so many similar challenges and adfordances in teacher professional development in the UK and USA. The question becomes how to move forward post pandemic- \240leveraging the best of technology without letting it get in the way of personal connection and trust building.

The Isle of Wight needles seen from Lymington.

Mary Rose Museum

Today we start our journey with no car…just the four of us and our backpacks. First day was a success.

Portsmouth Harbour

Mary Rose spent 425 years under the sea and still has so much to tell us about war ship life in the 1500s.

Brighton Fishing Museum


Find Roxy

Activities outside our airbnb.

35 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN, UK

Today we explored Brightons rocky beach and the British Airways i360

It sort of hurts to “relax” on the beach.

Like walking on marbles

Rock candy inside a gin and tonic. Best breakfast ever.

Stairs to the second floor lanes house. You need to hold on because they were more like a ladder. Also the ceilings were not high enough to stand in the shower. I think that’s common around here.

5 Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh EH1 2NA, UK

Our journey to Edinburgh was one of the longer ones we will make. I enjoyed the relaxing day on the train. The internet wouldn’t stream videos I needed to watch for work so instead I put on music and watched the country go by. Lots of tiny lambs and yellow fields of rapeseed. After another uphill walk to our house we were greeted by a suit of armor and a beautiful apartment in stones throw from Edinburgh castle (and the Whiskey experience).

I call him Tom. We’ve decided he is a knight who needed to use the rest room and couldn’t quite get his armor back on.

Chicken and Haggis for dinner

It’s 5oclock somewhere. Well at least in Edinburgh.

First sighting of the North Sea

Lunch on the train

First leg of a long train journey.

Edinburgh Castle

Early morning up to work before everyone else is ready to tour. The days activities was a great motivator to get work done early.

Edinburgh ghost bus tour. So rediculous it was fun.

Oldest grace yard.

Whiskey experience.

So happy we cultured the kids to learn the 5 steps to tasting whiskey.

To all my teacher friends out there. We know why they labeled this Scot whiskeys series “teachers”. \240

Obviously the whiskey industry has money to spend on education and they do “informal” education so well. We rode in a whiskey barrel and followed a hologram ghost through the process with sights, sounds, smells, and textures. This is definitely a way to make learning fun, draw people to it, and help the information stick! \240If all informal education sites had similar funds….

Edinburgh castle!

Holyrood Park

I hit a high on the number of steps I took today. I’m very reflective on how unhealthy my daily lifestyle is and that we train children from age 5 that learning is a sedentary thing. I know my colleagues understand that’s not true but our education system promotes ‘sit, have still bodies, and listening ears’. \240What if schools/ classrooms had field experiences that drove learning rather than testing? \240

Band playing folk music


Our people watching window from a nice restaurant. The owners came out and talked to us. Gave us names of restaurants in Venice we must visit too.

We got the couch seat. Not quite as comfortable as Arturo Joes on a snowy night but still better than the hard seats after our day of walking.

My walking average more than doubled from last month to this one.

This is Tom Riddles grave. JK Rowling got names for her stories from this grave yard.

Random plack between two restaurants

The blooms are following us north

What we thought would be an easy walk to King Authors seat turned into a challenging hike with some rock climbing/ sliding down loose gravel on our behinds.

Daizy at the parliament

Many of those steps were straight up a mountain! Edinburgh is another vertical city.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

We started our morning in Camera Obscura & World of Illusions museum. Really cool. Then we hopped on a train for York. After moving into our new house Rich’s Uncle and Aunt came with a

fantastic lasagna and shared old pictures with us. I included a few of my favorites.

This tunnel really made you feel like you were going upside down. I don’t think I liked it.

From the top of the museum

Great view of Edinburgh castle

Who is hot and who is cold?

Rich’s aunt making the pudding

Rich’s mom at Christmas time. She loved to gather people together and have an over abundance of food and laughter.

Rich’s grand parents.

Family on the Rum Runner. Not thee most flattering picture of me but that boat was my second home for quite a few summers.

27 St John St, York YO31 7QR, UK

Today was a beautiful day. We explored York with Rich’s Uncle and Aunt.

This is the view from our Airbnb. It’s just outside the city walls but only a 6 minute walk to York Minster.

This is where we had to go to get into the city through the wall. I think there are 5 entrances total.

1st stop Yorkminster

The windows were beautiful on this sunny day. \240

Maybe a relative? His most precious possession was his pup so it makes sense.

The shambles…strolled the skinny street and marketplace booths. We can’t buy anything (other than cinder toffee) because we have no room to carry it.

After the shambles we walked the city wall. Over 4 miles in all this morning.

Back at the house for teatime

JORVIK Viking Centre

The Viking museum. Did it twice because the first time our audio didn’t work.

Fun street performer.

The train museum

The underside of a train

York Castle Museum

Today we went to the castle museum and did a boat ride/ tour. We ended with a fantastic diner in the Royal Oak pub. \240It was a fun day!

Lighted up stairs to yorks wall.

Yorkshire pudding in York

Lunch? \240

Fun boat tour

Nice use of holograms in the old York prisons.

Today we left York and traveled to Birmingham. The train was busy and people had to stand but we got seats.

Roman noodles

Our new abode is very different from the last. We are staying on the 16 floor of the circular building.

Trudging through York with our packs on.

Leaving our York house.

The Association For Science Education

Today I visited the Association for Science Education on the University of Hertfordshire campus. Thank you to Hannah and Kamice for your valuable time and insight. I look forward to our partnership work.

The Shakespeare Centre

Today we went the Stratford Upon Avon and saw Shakespeare birthplace and the site of his final home. This was partly an English requirement for the girls. It was more interesting and beautiful than I feared.

Roxy has this memorized. I could convince her to stand on the stage and pelt it out though.

Rubbing the tree is suppose to give off some Shakespeare brilliance.


Our last full day in Birmingham. It was a strange experience with new foods and diversity of human life at our doorstep. Outside independent singers ranged from John Denver’s to religious chants in unknown languages. The highlight of today was breakfast at the cat caffès and a trip to the Cadbury factory.

Love the signs we’ve been seeing

Sister love

I want to try one

London s up next

Hard not to share.

Wants my latte

Kittens were playful


Our journey from Birmingham to London was full of ups and downs. Our first leg went off without a hitch then we were told our next train wasn’t running and our next stop was closed completely. After multiple train rides on the overground standing with our packs on our backs we had to get on a bus replacement and ended up going the wrong way. Luckily my brother was able to get in the car and collect us. We had a fun “lunch” with my brother and family (high part of the day) then took a cab (thank you Jim) to the hotel. About an hour drive to go 7 miles through London on a warm spring day. When we got to the hotel at 7pm we found out I never completed the reservation and they had no rooms😳 (maybe lowest part of the day). Luckily we found rooms a 10 minute walk away and grabbed some pizza and crashed. The hotel, called point a was not very high class but it was a clean private bed so we were complaining. We did need to ride to our rooms on the seventh floor individually because our bag and body took up the whole elevator. So 4 individual trips up and we were happy to take the bags off our sweaty backs!

Pic of Richmond. Hoping to catch Ted lasso filming.

SΓ©quoia Lodge, 77700 Coupvray, France

Today we took the Eurostar from London to France. We arrived an hour early and got into lines for bag checks and passport checks and ticket checks. It sounded like it would be a crowded train but when we got on we were one of two families on our train car. The train was very comfortable. \240We were in standard premier and had chocolate croissants and yogurt for breakfast. We were only under the Chunnel for about 40 minutes and it was a smooth ride.

Really great drinks at Disney

My Mother’s Day present.

Loving the weather!

Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Busy day at the park!

We were upgraded to a corner suite with two rooms. It was fantastic to spread out a little.

We were here during the 30 aniversary.

Daizy’s license might be revoked.

One of the kids favorite rides. Not mine!

The dragon under the castle.

Flowers everywhere.

It’s 80. Degrees and we are having a cocktail before heading back to the park.

We took a 20 minute animation instruction on drawing Goofy. I think I’ll stay in the education portion of childrens programming.

Roxy Rich and Daizy on their favorite ride.

Daizy’s hair cracks me up. Roxy actually tried to push it out of her eyes.

Eiffel Tower

We arrived in Paris. Waited for our Airbnb to be ready.

Had a fantastic late lunch.

Then headed to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We see lots of places getting ready for 2024 Olympics

We took a boat tour that might have been two hours too long. It went through the tunnels and a whole bunch of Locks.

Louvre Museum

This morning we visited the Louvre. It’s enourmous and easy to get lost. We were in my 9:00. First tickets on the morning and had hallways to ourselves. By the time we left just before 12 it was crowded. The art is intense and all of us felt our cup run th over before we even stepped into the museum.


Trying our Mona faces. I don’t got it.

The ceilings were my favorite part! \240I spent the whole time looking up.

French Crown Jewels.

He’s strong! But…

She’s magic.

We took the batobus down the siene and explored some more.

Crepes for dinner

Last night in our paris apartment.

5X7W+75 Narbonne, France

The train from Paris to Barcelona took 6 hours and 45 minutes but the seats were comfortable and we were glad to have a day off our feet. A personal bottle of red wine to watch the French vineyards go by.

We arrived in Barcelona in the evening. Our apartment is cool, clean, and spacious. On the 8th floor with beautiful views.

We went out for Paella. Rich’s is seafood. Mine chicken. It was yummy.


We started our first full day in Barcelona with breakfast in the shade because it was already hot outside!

We figured out the metro which was much easier than in Paris. In both places masks are worn on the underground trains.

This is a funicular that took us halfway up Montjuic

Then a gondola took us the rest of the way.

Views of the city the mountains and the sea were all around.

We saw snakes, parrots, wild house cats, and these cute baby seagulls.

The Yuka plants were enormous. There were palm trees and cactus too.

We looked for the 1992 Olympic pool but found the diving center first.

This structure has something to do with the 1992 Olympics?

Here is the pool but they built around it. Could look in windows but Daizy was not impressed.

We walked in the hot sun to see the magic fountains but I guess they are only magic on certain days at certain times of the day. Sort of disappointing.

Our Airbnb on the left.

Since we were so hot during the day we booked a spot in the ice bar. It was cold! \240The drinks were good and other than the short panick of thinking we were locked in the ice room for an unknown amount of time all was fun!

Then we had a nice walk down the beach to warm up.

And dinner in a more local hamburger joint. That’s a needle to add extra cheese inside your burger!

Walking back to the metro we couldn’t resist this market stall.

Needed a cold drink when we got home. Our fridge cracked me up.

Ignore Richwho was probably confused as to why I was taking the picture and check out the metro stop communication graphic above the door. I love this simple educative piece of technology. The stations the train has been too already are lit up the next station it is arriving at is blinking. This lets us know for sure we are going in the right direction on the right train. Super helpful!

Mercat del Ninot

Today was mostly a work day but we took lunch to have a market tour with 5 food samplings. It was great for Rich who loved it all. Daizy Roxy and I had a little more trouble! \240No Olives and definitely no octopus. Desert was good though!

Monistrol de Montserrat

This was a super busy day! \240It was also super hot. I think it reached about 90 degrees. Everyone is talking about the heat wave we are in.

We had to check out of our very nice Barcelona Airbnb. \240We left at 9:00 am and walked 15 minutes to the bus station Barcelona Nord. We took a bus tour to Montserrat, then to a vineyard for lunch and a tasting, then back to the bus station in Barcelona. We hightailed it to pick up our bags from our apartment and we’re lucky enough the taxi strike ended at 2 so we grabbed a taxi and headed to the port. Checked in to our ferry where we would sleep that night.

Bus ride to Montserrat. All public transport in Spain required face masks. \240

Waiting for our funicular to take us up the mountain.

On the nice cool funicular.

There were steep drops off the side of the train and off the side of the road on our bus ride back down.

There is a handful of building at the top. Only the monks live here full time. Boys in the choir ages 6-13 stay during the week.

Our tour guide Pol. Explaining the arch is from 1100 something.

Different trees represent beauty, honor, devotion and peace.

Circle of reported energy. Decided I could use some.

The Black Madonna

At the winery.

Drinking age is 16

But she didn’t like it.

Montserrat means suratted mountain

We did like the wine!

We made it to the ferry. We were the second people to board. It’s 8 pm and the ferry was suppose to leave at 10. It didn’t leave until 11.

Pool was not open for summer season yet.

Dinner consisted of first course spaghetti second course chicken and potatoes. This was the standard meal. It only got more from there.

It’s been a long day. Everyone is tuckered out. Cabin not so bad.

Sella & Mosca S.r.l

We woke up, packed up and headed out to explore the ship. I had read that you needed to be out of your room an hour before arrival. We thought we’d arrive at 10:30 but ended up arriving at 1:30. Luckily the boat had comfortable places to sit. \240I bought the standard breakfast ahead of time for $3:50 a person. It consisted of two breadroles jelly one butter and a juice.

It was really windy on the top of the boat.

After a taxi ride to aleghro airport and some confusion f indignant our rental car company we picked up the car and \240We finally arrived at our argoturismo at 2:45 and had a 3:00 wine tour. A little travel disheveled we joined two other nicely dressed couples on a tour of the winery we would stay at for the night.

The largest producer of wine around the Mediterranean

Vintages stacked with no racks

Dinner in Aleghero.

I thought I ordered a pizza. It was a huge calzone. Super light and tasty though.

Sunset on the 10 minute drive back to the winery.

Sitting outside with a bottle of wine listening to strange animals.

This is the building we are staying in. The rooms were beautiful and elegant. Same experience in the US would cost at least 3 times as much.

The winery is called Sella & Mosca.

Tenuta Sella Mosca

We woke up in the vineyard and went for a walk. It’s warm already at 7:30. The workers are arriving for the day. Up until 1960 they would have lived, gone to school and church on the farm.


Then we drove two hours on twisty mountain roads and arrived at Santa Theresa. We were stunned by the beauty of the beach!

The water was still chilly. It was in the 60s.

Back at the pool we got the salt off.

Hotel Corallaro

The girls and I had a lazy day at the beach and pool. We got a little homework done too. Rich walked to another beach and snorkeled/ swam his way back.

A walk in the evening.

A quiet drink with views that are unreal. That Corsica behind us.

Stairs in our hotel.

These frogs came out at night and made a lot of noise.

Very cool fountains that turned on when you walked into the room.

La Maddalena

Best day!

Leaving Santa Theresa

Boat excursion taking us to small islands of the north east coast of Sardinia.

Climbed to rocks.

Rich right before a wild boar became curious about him.

Rich swimming into a breathing cave.

Moving fast. Two 200 horse engines on a 30 ft inflatable.

Refreshing 19 degrees Celsius.

An orange whale? \240

Ride back.

We loved our day with Kevin out on the water. We are all a little burnt but would do again in an instant.

La Genziana Guestfarm

Happy Birthday Roxy! \240Today is a travel day. We started our day with ice cream cake at the Agriturismo (or farm stay) and then made pasta with the mother of the house. We returned our rental car and headed for Porto Torres. After an expensive nap/ shower/ eating of our home made pasta (we rented a very beautiful and inexpensive apartment for the night but only used it for 5 hours) we hopped on the overnight ferry for Genoa. We were all sad to leave Sardinia behind. I’m excited for the next adventures though.

We found a banner that said happy birthday in English but her cards were in Italian.

She had two presents and international cash. She got a messenger bag fromParc \240Guidi and paragliding excursion in Switzerland.

This turtle was at our farm stay. It’s international turtle day!

A really cute puppy too.

3 other small dogs

A few donkeys

And lots of sheep.

Not sure what this says.

Ice cream cake for breakfast.

It’s got a fluff like frosting.

Pasta making is serious work.

Our teacher didn’t speak any English. I think we did ok.

Time to return the rental car.

At the Aeroport.

Our 5 hour home.

We can see our ferry from our house. It was still a long walk with our bags.

Picnic for Roxys birthday. Eating the pasta we made.

Leaving Porto Torres and Sardinia.


We arrived in Genoa two hours late. It seems to be a thing with the ferries.

We walked a mile in the hot sun to the train station. The waterfront area of Genoa was not anything to write home about. We missed our seat reservations and had to buy more.

Can see us in the mirror above my head.

We finally made it to riomaggorie very Hungary. Daizy’s pizza shows her hunger.

Pretty area but more Americans than anywhere we’ve been. The towns thrive on tourists but lose a little quaintness from that.

Hanging out on the rocks.

Our apartment had a 1st floor balcony. It was interesting to watch the tourists go by.

Lemon trees.

First failed sunset. The clouds were low in the sky.

Daixy stopped to pet every cat and there were lots of them.

Daizy and rich are on the bench to the right.


The start of the day was a little rough but it ended beautifully.

Rich said my “ice coffee” tasted like farts. Should have warned me off the day. Although “coffee” is touch and go in taste but always able to put hair on your chest.

There was a fire in la spezia train station so our plans of seeing all 5 towns by train got thwarted. He decided to walk the “18 minutes” to the next town. Well three hours hot and sweaty time later Roxy and I headed back. I counted over 400 steps down (we did go up them first but I couldn’t count as I was scrabbling up the rocks like an old women spider monkey).

Rich and daizy were able to take the train back. Rich needed a swim to cool down.

Girls bunk beds.

Doing homework. Daizy is writing for a Spanish test and Roxy is writing an essay on the start of WWI.

The street below.

The peeling paint and laud art make this place.

Loved the women in the window.

Family sunset pic.


Today we traveled from Cinque terra to Venice with a quick stop at Pisa. We learned that not only Italian ferries are late but trains too. After running from platform two to eight with our packs on (I might have taken out a women on the way and feel really bad about it) we have arrived in Venice slightly sweaty but more or less composed. We were greeted by the properties owners daughter-in-law who grew up in jersey and shown to an amazing apartment right off St Marks square.

Yup doing the tourist thing. Roxy was better at taking pictures. She could do the angle right.

We took the boat bus to pailto and waited for our host.

We had an amazing dinner.

Then Rich and I walked around. Venice is beautiful! \240Lovely music and lights, no crowds just amazing.

I guess getting the reflection in a puddle is a thing.

P.za San Marco, 91, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

Started today early with a solitary walk through Venice. At 7 am I was one of a dozen milling around St. Marks square. The sun was just rising and while warm it wasn’t yet hot.