Day 1 in NYC

After waking jet lagged and exhausted we began our exploration of the Big Apple, a dream come true for both of us.

Starting the day with a bagel and cream cheese we quickly became over awed with our surrounds and heading for Central Park, safe to say we only became more stunned with awe as we took in sights long seen in movies and tv shows such as the Gapstow Bridge, horse and carts and the city skyline.

We then visited the Central Park Zoo, which was fascinating to see animals in the middle of a park, in the middle of a huge city...

After a while at the Zoo we wandered down 5th Avenue for some shopping! Sites here were incredible, as you can imagine on 23rd of December with everyone buying last minute gifts.

We visited Tiffany’s amongst other famous New York brands and before we knew it found ourselves at the Rockefeller Building, where the Christmas festivities were on steroids!

It was jam packed and we could barely move but it was well worth it! An incredible experience to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!

We then continued walking right down 5th Avenue until we got to the Eately (a highly recommended Italian restaurant and indoor fresh food market). After booking a table at their special Christmas Market Serra (with amazing decorations) we went for cocktails at the Union Square Cafe 🍸 while waiting for our table. Dinner was spectacular, atmosphere phenomenal but the food although delicious was not a big serving.

Christmas Eve

Wow what a day/night

The day started with another bagel breakfast from Zuckers and another wander through Central Park. This time we crossed from West to East, stopping at attractions such as the Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christen Anderson monuments, the model boat lake, Bethesta Fountain and the famous Boat House.

After enjoying some Christmas cocktails at the atmospheric Boat House we walked back to the Rockefeller Building for another look at the amazing Christmas decorations.

It was so busy at the Rockefeller that we almost couldn’t breath, so left there in a hurry and headed to Grand Central Terminal. Walking down the steps of Grand Central we felt like we were in a movie, it was stunning, the huge painted ceiling was a highlight.

We then walked down famous Madison Ave taking in views of the Chrysler Building while on our way to Gramercy Park for the Christmas Carols. The Carols were packed but it was very special being in this park which only opens once a year on Christmas Eve!

Feeling on a Christmas high from the Carols we went to the Bryant Park winter festival and enjoyed some incredibly sickly s’mores wrapped in donuts 😋

Feeling sick after eating too much sugar we went for a walk down 6th ave to the Strand Rooftop Bar which boasted amazing views of the Empire State Building. There we had some drinks with Penny’s friends from Melbourne, Luke and Siobohan, it was great hearing some Australian accents!

We then made our way home via Times Square which was still complete buzzing at 1am as if it was 1pm. The lights were insane and no photos ever can do it justice.

New York

Christmas Day in NYC

It’s been an amazing day. We began by taking a stroll through Central Park to the Ice Rink. We spent a good hour and a bit on the Ice, where Penny was a bit shaky at first but picked it up pretty quick.

After, we took a walk through the upper east side admiring the amazing acitecture of the fancy apartments. On the look out for a place to have Christmas lunch we stumbled upon David Burke’s Tavern, which was your classic NYC style tavern with a warm feeling to it. We settled for the $85 a head three course specacular, which boasted some amazing dishes.

For entree

For mains

And dessert

The service was excellent and the food delicious. Pricey but value for money when you’re dining on the Upper East Side at Christmas!