Finally in our main plane about to leave for our honey moon ! We are quite sleepy ! Very long day of travelling ! But we are excited !

Welcome to BANGKOK! We have made it officially today ! And it is amazingly hot! Garrett and I both got phone plans (easier to communicate, luggage did not take long anddd we got our fingers scanned! No goin wild for us!!! Hahah! We got ourself a grab and our making our way to the SO hotel ! We are going to try and make it until 9pm to get adjusted quickly! Happy honeymooners here! ❤️❤️❤️🎊✈️😁

Finally got to our hotel! Resting at the pool area till we check into our room ! Upgraded to a water element room, Highest room with a view !

Cool welcome drink!

Both Garrett and I decided to get our hair done in Thailand! He got a hair cut and I got a color ! My hair only took 2 HOURS! Compared to being at a salon for 4! I felt like “Miss Congeniality” with 4 ladies working on my hair!! They gave me ear protectors to not dye my ears an eye viser to protect my eyes from being splashed, the service was great ! Colour turned out beautiful, I could have went darker but was a tad afraid. Garrett and I had adventures we were out and about all day! Took the sky train, a bit of confusion but we got it ! Got to go on a tuck tuck ride for my first time, had Chang beers. Then got back to the hotel showered up and went to the sky bar at our hotel for a couple of refreshing drinks and an appie, still quite tired from our journey here.

What I felt like during the hair appt

What i felt like after 😉

Finished product !

Adventures at the sky train in Bangkok

Sky bar in our hotel, view of the city. Refreshing drinks and an appy.

Whoaaaa what a day today was 😕

Today was the day that we were to leave Bangkok, our flight did not leave until 740pm, so we decided to explore the city. We were walking to the sky train to go to the biggest mall in Asia and see what that was all about. On our journey there, we got stopped by a gentleman and chatted us up and was super friendly, he claimed to be police, showed us a badge and told us where we should go for cheaper things instead of the mall. He said that the mall was closed until the afternoon. Seeing how this gentleman was so friendly to us, and the recommendations given of where to site see, we believed him. He called us a Tuk tuk, and said that we should not pay higher than 50 baht to take us to our places. So the first place we got taken to, was a tailor, bit confused of why we came there, the man also friendly and spoke amazing English, said he could make suits shirts, pants, dresses custom. Garrett and I never had this done before, and the man was quite honest (of what we thought) that he could not make a suit for us or a dress in time before we were to leave tonight but for sure a shirt and pants. I won’t lie I did feel a bit worried in how we were to get out of this situation, so as Garrett was getting fitted I looked up the place we were at to see if it was legit, it was. So Garrett got a shirt and pants made for him and nothing for me (luckily). Then the tuk tuk driver waited for us to take us to the next stop where it was confirmed we were being scammed. The price of the name brand purses, bags and shirts were definitely not a steal, I didn’t even care to get any of that. Then the tuk tuk driver took us to where we were suppose to go for a tour of the temples… by this time we were just trying to get out and just leave so we finally were able to do that, say no to temples (as we definitely were not dressed for it but it did not seem to phase them as this was all apart of being driven around) so we were able to grab a “grab” and peace out ✌️. This definitely left a sour taste in our mouth with the people. We did begin to worry about if the shirt and pants that Garrett had ordered to be made for him would even be made/ come on time before we left the Bangkok hotel. We found a place to sit down and just take a breather and googled, the scam… it happens. We’re grateful we noticed pretty quick, just not quick enough, and we did not waste a lot of our day.

We then went to Khoasan Road, viewed the shops and the street food there. We did buy a few clothing pieces there, had a beer…or two lol. Then we began to make our way to the hotel to check out and make our way to the airport to leave for Krabi.

Just an FYI guys Bangkok can get super super busy from 3pm to 7pm… more then the regular busy. So we were able to order a Grab, and we’re making perfect time for our flight to Krabi. Ahhh relief to have made it to the airport. 😌

Ps: Garrett’s shirt and pants did come at the last second before we left the Bangkok hotel. 😌😊

We go to check in for our flight… we went to the WRONG airport 🤦🏻‍♀️. \240We looked at our booking itinerary wrong AND no flights from this airport to Krabi…. What do we do now?

Well… we hummed and thawd what to do, do we stay another night in Bangkok and grab another flight in the am, do we stay at the airport, or do we book a last minute flight to Phuket, and from there take a Ferry to Krabi the next day? Well we decided with the latter… we booked a flight to Phuket, got a boutique hotel to stay the night. At this time we still have not assessed Garrett’s clothes that he got made …as trip advisor said the stuff may be made but shity quality.

So we got on our plane to Phuket, landed and searched for a Grab, a bit of a walk to get to the driver but we made it. Got driven to our boutique hotel… looks like no one is home 😦 OH MY GOD!

We got out of the grab, looked around and found a sign that says after 6pm (it was I think 1030pm at this time) to go check in at the gym. So we got checked in by the janitor 🤔 and had to pay cash … luckily we had some on us lol. What a night. So we get into our room… supppppppper hot and humid and smelt a bit bad lol, immediately put the AC on and we’re just so tired and crashed quite quickly. More to come for the 8th adventures !

Garbage boat!

Welcome to Khaosan road !

Selfie at Khaosan Road!

Cool map of Bangkok !

Garrett at the coffee shop, showing off his new hat and shirt 😎

Using up last bit of roof top pool in Bangkok before leaving for Krabi!

Helloooooo December 8th! New day ! So we get up today from our boutique hotel at 6 and booked a grab to come get us to take us to the ferry for 830am (we still have to buy tickets for the ferry) AND judging how we saw traffic lately we did not want to chance not getting to the ferry on time. So the grab came and it took about 30 minutes, he also stopped to take us to buy tickets for the ferry. We did try to book tickets the night before online and did not have success therefore we thought it will be easier in person. So when we get to the ferry ticket shop, we had to wait a couple minutes for the shop lady to open and Garrett went to do the booking.

After a few minutes Garrett comes back to tell me no straight Ferry to Krabi …. 🤦🏻‍♀️😦 oh my god lol. Can we not just get to Krabi! Why is it so difficult 😣

Garrett found a way to get us there, bit pricier but by now we are tired and just want to relax for a bit without travelling every two seconds to a new place. So our adventure was to take a one hour ferry ride to Ko Phi Phi get out for an hour and take pictures (as our check in lady told us lol) and get back on a boat to travel to Krabi. Haha 🛥️ 🚤

So this is what we did ! Took the hour ferry ride to Ko phi phi …. BUT as we are starting to drive we see one of the men that work on this transport boat is working on ONE \240of the boat motors 🤔 (there are 3 in total on this boat) ummm lol we are starting to think we aren’t going to make it to Krabi.

BUT, the man prevailed and we had the power of three motors going again and made it to Ko Phi Phi and had half hour to spare. So we took a quick walk tour and we really liked the vibe here, hippy, beachy. I of course had to take a look at the clothes. 😋

We had time for one quick drink and we’re \240off again in our connecting boat. There was a total of three passengers, Garrett and I and another tourist and the boat transport workers (3).

An our to travel to Krabi by ferry and we have FINALLY arrived to our destination city !! Whooooo

So getting off the boat and of course getting harassed by all the taxi drivers we got a grab and made our way to the hotel. Ahhhhh finally time to just chill!

Our room had nice welcoming swans 🦢 on the bed. 😍

We quickly showered up and went down to get something to eat! We were starving ! Pretty rainy day unfortunately but we will find something to do !

Got to the ferry launch a tad early… waiting for it to open up!

Keepin’ busy

Boat maintenance 👩‍🔧 🛥️ during the ferry ride to Ko Phi Phi!😟

A moment at Ko Phi Phi for a drink!

Back on the road … I mean water… to KRABI! Empty boat !

A nice welcoming room at our hotel !

Pouring rain! View from our room!

Until next time !

Today we got up had some breakfast at the hotel and went back to decide what we want to do. We ended up going to the main strip as per usual, then we took a boat to get across to Railay Beach and explored. We walked around and saw some monkeys and some pretty neat caves. During the walk there, you get to see some monkeys and I almost walked right into one !!!! I didn’t see it and was trying to grab a selfie with Garrett!! 🙊 yikes ! Monkey did seem pretty calm though like he’s used to seeing many people.

We wanted to go to the viewport, however in order to access it you need to climb up with a rope that is hanging down… we were not dress accordingly…. Need better foot wear. So it will have to be till next Time we make it there during our stay here. We layed at the beach for awhile had a beer and swam in the beautiful waters. Soooo warm, refreshing and salty haha.

When we decided to \240mowsie back, we went through the shops and restaurants. Definitely some interesting ones that looked pretty relaxing. 😉

We picked a spot to eat that overlooked the beach and those huge limestone towers that come out of the water that are pretty sweet!

I had the papaya salad 😋 (which I forgot to take a picture of, so one is yet to come) and Garrett had some fish and chips. Our appie was spring rolls all yummy. We ordered two Long Island ice teas ! Yeah very strong haha. 😵‍💫

Then we got back on the boat to get back to Krabi. I walked on the strip to grab a couple things and Garrett was parked at a shop and had tried a brownie. Then we both got Thai massages 😌 definitely felt all the areas that need a good massage. ! I will be returning tomorrow ! When in Rome 😋

Then got back to the room! I got worried I was getting sick so dosed up with Tylenol and Advil and a muscle relaxor and an anti emetic and went to bed! Turns out it was a false alarm of being sick but all the massaging. Still worth it !

Tomorrow we move places and will be located directly on the strip! Closer to the action !

Today was not as eventful as our last days haha BUT a bit more tame 😉

Had some breaky, I of course had to try a little bit of everything… since I can hehe

We moved hotels and now we are located on the main strip and closer to everything😁. When we checked out of our old hotel and into our new one we did have to wait a little bit so we hung out by the pool and the sun actually came out for a bit !!

So once we were checked in we had to do some researching on where we will go next ! We have to chase the sun since the sun decided to hide in some original places we chose 😕 That took some time and once we were done we walked down the strip and a bit along the beach strip of course for a Thai massage…this time we got one with oil. They feel so good and I didn’t realize how much my back needed cracking. After we found a different place to eat. We got a double stuffed baked lobster with cheese ! Yummm 😋 and then I got a fish stir fry and Garrett got pad Thai and had a couple drinks.

We then made our way to the Krabi night market which was a half an hour away. They had some street food (to bad we ate so much at the other place 🙁) and some shops ANDDDD the performance was a fire dancer !!

We then after a bit made our way back to the hotel.

Little bit of everything for breaky

At the pool, Garrett having a Red eye. Cool now it didn’t mix right away

Fire dancer !

Krabi night market

We needed lots of room and space for all the shopping ! Hahaha 🤣

Today we got up had breakfast and Loaded up! Running shoes, towels, sun screen and headed to railay beach to do that hike up to go see the view ! So off we head to the main strip down to the beach to buy our tickets to go by long boat and march to the “view point and/or Lagoon”. Ps It had rained earlier that day 😕

So that’s the view from the sidewalk. You have to climb up and there’s more to climb then what you see there, it keeps going !

We think this adventure took an hour for us to do. We got to see the viewpoint look out 👀

Slightly tired here already and drenching in sweat lol. But a nice view.

Then we decided to attempt the lagoon hike, and we did so pretty good, had to hike a bit more up before we climbed down. We got pretty far but we did not go all the way, we valued our lives and it was much muddier here, shoes were starting to slide, we did see some people start to climb down but we don’t know if they made it all the way or turned back as well.

The lagoon is just down there, where the guy is standing goes straight down. We saw a rock climber there with gear belaying himself.

Quite happy we made it this far !

Trying to show the small gap where the lagoon is, just below.

So much mud.

Definitely get \240quite dirty with this hike. Don’t wear anything nice!

Making our way back to home base. This was the easy flat part

Sticky sticky.

Made it back down safely and ready to now jump into the water and wash off !

After washing off at the beach and relaxing for an hour ish. We got hungry and so we decided to pick up and find a spot to eat.

Thank god we did, it down poured right when we finally found shelter ! It lasted 20 minutes atleast! Saw many people running and the road/side walk becoming a river. We were safe 😉

Today we got up headed to the gym then showered and Went for breakfast. Buffett style breaky. Then it was a relaxo pool day. I got to read some of my book as Garrett fell asleep :) ahhhh quiet.

After spending quite a bit of time at the pool, we headed back to the room and just in the nick of time as it started to pour and we didn’t even plan it ! We waited out the rain a bit, then headed out around the town.

Got some new sunnies for Garrett and then a Thai massage, get those muscles a-healing’ :) got some nice sunset pictures, then went to Koko’s hostel/restaurant. I ordered a chicken kebab, Garrett a cheese burger 🍔 and for our appie we got chicken satay, as well as a couple drinks.

Garrett’s new sunnies

I slept for 12 hours ! Musta been tired. Woke up and headed for a run. Garrett and I then headed for breakfast and had to start packing as today we check out from the hotel and leave Krabi and head to Chang Mai for a few days. We are chasing the sun ☀️! So checked out and lying by the pool for a bit before we take an Uber like to the airport. Garrett got some amazing pictures from our hotel of Krabi!

A little bit of a dance in the pool: Dance like no one’s watching 😉❤️

Until Chang Mai!

At the Krabi airport we had a bit of a stressful time….Garrett and I wanted to take out money to have for spending whilst in Thailand, we thought that taking money by the airport would be safest. When we tried to take money out it said that it is not allowing us or that we requested to much to be withdrawn. So we tried again in Chang Mai, still it was not letting us, we then called the bank to see what was going on to which they told is they did put a hold on the card after they noticed how much money was being withdrawn. We said we haven’t gotten any money from the machines that we tried to withdraw from so from there an investigation has been started and may take 2 months before we see the money returned … 👎🏻😓.

We checked into our Chang Mai hotel, very beautiful hotel, the Duangtawan Hotel! Huge! When we booked here, it did not show this lol! We are on the 22 floor, pretty big room. Vintage yet new style ?

We then tried not to let what mishap had happen to us from enjoying our vakay, we explored the hotel, looked where breakfast, pool and gym were. Then went to the Night Bazaar, all the little shops and food on the streets, got an idea of what it’s like and will definitely be coming back tomorrow night for more exploring and shopping 🛍️ 😉 😉 😉. For tonight we were a bit to tired to batter with people and tomorrow we get to see TIGERS 🐅 🐯!!!

Today was TIGER KINGDOM DAY!!! Boy was it more then I thought it would be! I thought we would just be looking at the tigers through cages which did not seem fun at all. BUTTTT we got to interact with the TIGERS!!!! 🐅 🐯.

We got there pretty early around 9 in the morning and we were the only ones there so the tigers were pretty active and so were the guides very very helpful! They got great pictures of us and stimulated the tigers for us to have these great memories.

No biggie… just laying on a tight !

We then decided to lounge by the pool. I read some of my book and Garrett listened to music. We then had to spend some time finding a way to get to Ko Phi Phi which took quite a bit of time as prices decided to go up 👎🏻. Taking a flight from Chang Mai to Phuket and then a ferry from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi and spending 5 days there. After playing around with that for many hours we went to the night market, first for a late dinner YUMMY sushi 🍣. Started with a miso soup each, gyoza, ahi steak then a dynamite roll and a California roll. We were in ahh in how good it was.

Out for sushi and hearing the live singing, smells and dancing going on!

Had to get a selfie with the starbucks !!

Miso soup …. Deeeeelicious!

Gyoza 🥟 🤤

California roll (orange) dynamite roll (almost all gone) winner roll

Okie dokie ! So today both Garrett and I slept in !!!! Till 9 😯. \240We have been getting up earlier prior to that so that was a shock for us. We headed down for some breakfast and then to walk off breakfast we went exploring Chang Mai, walking around the streets and site seeing. We then stopped at the Golden bee 🐝 for a refreshing drink. Yum yum !

We then took a “grab” back to the hotel, went for a run and then hung by the pool until we headed for our cooking class!

The cooking class was absolutely, positively so much fun and so worth it!!! Makes you appreciate the food that much more as you know what’s used. The cooking class had picked us up at the hotel, and then they took us to a food market where there were many little shops that sold different things kind of like our farmers market at home ! The cooking instructor explained a few things to us and made us learn that alot of veggies that are used at different stages of their growth for different dishes ! Like egg plant !!! Who knew you can use it from a seed size right to full grown like we know! I really hope I can find alot of these ingredients when we return! These 6 different meals we got to learn to make tonight we’re so fast to prep (mind you they did have some things ready do us and it was portion sized but regardless…not much time at all!

Video of the Farmers market !


The pink eggs are fermented eggs!!! Our instructor said that the yolk inside is black (kind of a turn off lol) BUT it is used for actual dishes !

Early egg plant, seed size to pea size. Cool!

Cooking lessons !

Pro chefs right here

Cashew chicken 🤤 - Ally

Tom Yum soup! - both of us made this

Cucumber Salad - Ally

SPRING ROLLS!!!! - Garrett

Khao soi paste curry paste - Ally

Sticky Rice with Mango 🥭

Khao Soi curry - Ally

Green curry - Garrett

I had so much fun !

Today we decided to go to a coffee place That we were told about by one of the people from the cooking class the night before, they make a latte for your picture on the actual foam!!!! How neat is that !?!?!?

We then decided to go take a walk to the mall: 1) we wanted to see how they looked here and 2) Garrett was looking for a snorkel mask, I was browsing for a jewelry store.

The mall decorates for Christmas! Making it feel a bit like it !! Thought it’s quite hot, no snow and not many places decorate… so sometimes it really does not feel like it. The first mall had a movie theatre on the top floor and an arcade so I tried my “foot” at a dancing game … I failed.

Since we didn’t really find what we were looking at this mall, we decided to try out another one that was bigger. It reminded me of a mall in Vancouver with many more floors.

The second mall had these fun massaging chairs that looked like space pods and a fun body jiggler.

We then got malled out and grabbed a grab home to hang by the pool for a little bit. Got a snack too. We had a mission tonight at the Night Bazaar to grab some bulk stuff before heading to the “Lady Boy Show”. So after the pool I headed to the gym for a work out, then came back rested for a bit, showered etc. Night bazaar starts getting more lively at 830 or later. We went and grabbed some scarves, a snorkel for Garrett, a tank for me because I thought it looked comfy and went to the room to drop it all off and headed to the show.

I was amazed at the show! The performance was amazing! The costumes fabulous! And wow can they definitely load on make up to make them look like LADIES!! The performances they did were so good ! I’m still in awww! 😮 I got some videos but I really just wanted to enjoy the show so just quickies ! We did have to have some drinks (how they make most of their money we think) but well worth it to see them.

The night finished at midnight for us, we were QUITE tipsy and everything was already closing with the Night Bazaar! So no street food unfortunately, which I was disappointed ☹️. Had to resort to Thai MCSDs 🙄🤢, BUT glad we did since we will feel it tomorrow for our flight! And we do need to get on the plane. We needed some food to soak up the alcohol.

Nighty night ! 💃

Today was a long travel day. We woke up at 7 am with big heads haha. Bit hungover from the night before. Took some Tylenol and Advil, drank some water and had to pack our stuff up. Bags are getting heavier and heavier 😬. Checked out from the hotel and caught a grab to take us to the airport. Once checked in, went through security and there was so many people, thank goodness for Garrett having lounge access. Much quieter 😌. Flight was two hours.

Arrived in Phuket, had to grab our bags and then got another grab to take us to the Ferry. One hour long drive. Arrived at the ferry terminal with one hour to spare :). Ferry took us 2 hours.

Finally in Ko Phi Phi (or as I have started to call it “Ko Shiu Shiu” 😂) most May know Shiu Shiu as when I ask our dogs if they have to pee pee.

We looked for the shuttle with our hotel and didn’t see one so we found the directions on our own. Said it would take us 13 minutes by foot, so we went for it, about five minutes in, the guys finally showed up to bring us there but it meant we would have to go back to the terminal. We already walked all this way, we said we’d walk the rest of the way. We got a bit of a work out in with our heavy bags 🥵 but made it! Checked in at reception the receptionist gave us our key and then hiked up the hill some more, literally up hill with our bags 🥵. FINALLY in our room, which is quite private, small little houses. Our view is so pretty ☺️

Our view from the room

Having a stroll on the beach!

Unpacked a bit, cooled off and then went to check things out…. The pool is a bit away from us as we followed the path, BEAUTIFUL beach.

Walked around town for a bit, I bought a new pair of shorts because the ones I was wearing, which I bought in Bangkok were annoying the hell out of me. I also bought some passion fruits and a dragon fruit to have in the morning. Yum yum 😋

Then looked for a place to eat. Garrett found a nice one that overlooked the beach and water. (Mosquitos are much more present here than in Chang Mai!)

We ordered: cooked Mussles with cheese and garlic, spicy crispy Thailand salad (that’s what it’s called), papaya salad (spicy) and chicken cordon blue. I got a passion fruit smoothie mmm (I was alcoholed out), Garrett a long island.

As we were still finishing up the meal, it started to spit a Little bit and then a bit more, and then a downpour. We got rushed with our meal under a roof, as we finished up and waited for the rain to settle before walked back to our room. Nice hike to burn off some food! We were beat from the day so showered and bed time!🥱

What an extremely rainy day today! It rained ALLLLLL day.

In the picture you can’t really tell, but just a wet wet day.

We decided to FaceTime today, I started with my mom when I woke up, then Garrett got up and FT everyone: mom, dad, gram, Jenna, Sam, Ayla. Of course needed to hear updates from Puppies.

Then some friend FaceTiming. I indulged in the passion fruit we bought mmmm 😋 then we decided to head to the main strip. Got soaked on the way, but atleast still warm! We had some breakfast, I had salmon with avocado 🥑 toast and Garrett had eggs Benny.

Pouring off balconies 🌧️

After a few hours, we decided to go shopping. Garrett got some good finds this time. A supreme hat, Fanny pack, phone case for water protection. And I got a cute beach dress of course 😊

Garrett blending in with the locals 😂.

We got some lunch as it was that time and Garrett got a “bucket”.

What is a bucket you ask ? Let me show you:

A bucket includes: a bucket, straws, red bull, Coca Cola and rum and ice.

FYI you are able to make the bucket to your liking with the liquor of your choice 😉

And that was our night !

Today we woke up, hung out for a bit, inspected the weather. Windy but no rain and periods of sun coming out. We went for breakfast as usual, but we did order a bigger one because we were going on a BOOZE cruise today! We wanted to make sure that we didn’t get wasted. The booze cruise didn’t start until 2pm so we did have some time. Garrett has gone on this trip he said about 10 years ago!

We did not get any photos on the actual booze cruise ourselves (we were worried of potentially losing our phone) BUT we will have some sent to us !

There was about 13 people on the cruise of customers and 5 employees. Unlimited drinks, they did give you a sandwich 🥪 and watermelon 🍉 and pineapple 🍍.

We were slightly disappointed because we were suppose to go to 5 places with the cruise, they said because of the waves/weather we could not. So we went to monkey beach, it speaks for itself the beach is full of monkeys 🙉, did not stay long everyone got a picture with the monkeys in the background. There were lotsss of people there on different cruise boats. Then headed to do some snorkeling 🤿 in our life jackets. We mainly floated, we had to be careful not to step on sea urchin, I heard the story of Garrett’s friend stepping on one, definitely did not want that happening !

Then back on the boat and headed in the direction of Maya beach (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio) however we did not get actually go on the beach, they said it was closed… which looked true as there was no one there. So, we floated in front of it, “diaper floated” meaning we put the life jackets upside down to sit and had drinks. \240Chilled for an hour, water super warm and beautiful backgrounds. We were then suppose to just cruise back watching the sunset, we were under the impression that the cruise was to end at 8pm with a BBQ on the beach, it ended at 630 pm with no BBQ. It was a fun experience.

Then we went to grab something to eat, headed back to the room. I was done drinking, body could not take any more sweet drinks or beer. They had no gin and soda 👎🏻.

View of the beach ☺️

Waiting for the cruise, and showing off my new sunnies 😁

Today I started my day with eating half of the dragon fruit with some cold coffee (in a can). Yum 😋

We then mosied to the beach, it was more of a beach relaxo day, where we didn’t have to do anything, be anywhere it was nice 😌. We ordered some food, I ordered green curry and Garrett a chicken burger… he was not impressed with it.

I got to read alot of my book 📖 while Garrett went exploring.

Around the corner from our resort.

Beautiful waters

Viking beach

We’re making lots of friends with the locals…:. Local cats and dogs since we miss ours.

Puppy laying with me :)

There’s a few cat names I have, Bellagio, Versace and Lady Gaga. You give them a bit of love and they want to come home with you ! It’s the cats city here.

This is Versace, who somehow made his way up to our back porch!

We made our way back to the room, showered up and Garrett got some nice drone photos of Ko Phi Phi.

Then we headed out for dinner. We decided sea food tonight so had a nice walk to “October Reso”, we did order to much but we were sharing everything to try.

Tanks of lobsters 🦞 and crabs 🦀 and they weigh them.

We ordered squid tempura, two crabs 🦀, one made with garlic and the other with herbs and vegetables. (I liked the herb one the best)

Sea food on display. All very yummy !

We needed to work off the food, so we walked around for a bit,

Cut out of Captain Jack Sparrow.

We saw a fire show 🔥, it looked like every resort had a fire show happening !

The water came up so high, they are dancing on a table that’s IN the water !

I do want to try to ride this bull, but it was not tonight that, that was going to happen.

We decided to take two shots each ! Just kidding lol. No shots were taken of this. Just shocked 😯.

We did pass the bucket stand and saw what they had to offer:

Then headed back in the direction of the room, Garrett tried to find a shirt, no luck 🤷‍♀️maybe tomorrow.

We do have a bit of Christmas feelings here:

We are substituting the cold -30 plus weather 🥶 for sandy beaches.

Today started off with sipping a cold brew coffee on the deck and eating the rest of my dragon fruit.

Garrett then inquired how much it would cost to rent a long boat for a private tour for some snorkeling!!! (Pictures still \240to come!). It was reasonable so he booked it for 3:30 (last available time) and for 2 hours!

We then went on a hunt to buy a shirt that Garrett has been eyeing. Unfortunately the initial shirt Garrett was out of stock in the size he needed, so he got the next best choice for him. I grabbed a shirt as well. Then we had to head to the bank to take out some more money, we made sure to take extra precautions, since we have already been screwed, successful attempt, should last us to the end of our trip. Then we hunted for some breakfast, I have been craving eggs Benny with smoked salmon 🍣. We found our spot, ordered up and enjoyed:

Then we just wandered, on our yellow brick road journey we met a dragon…. A bearded dragon:

Continues to wander and found a snorkeling mask for me 🤿, not even trying hard.

Got back to the hotel and went to try out the mask in the pool. The ocean was a bit murky and took a long walk to get deep enough (low tide) to even try and snorkel.

We then went to try and find a less crowded beach and just relaxed before going out snorkeling.

At 3pm we went back to the room to drop off unnecessary things and grab the Go Pro to take photos under water… we can’t find the Go Pro…. WTF, we turned the room upside down to try and find it and no luck. We thought it was lost or stolen, we were bummed, especially Garrett. We had to go for our tour was just about to start, so I went to reception to exchange our towels and ask by chance if they had found a GoPro. THEY DID! THEY HAD OUR GOPRO!!!! What a relief 😅. Okay we are off to do some snorkeling. The tour guide took us tp two spots and we got to try our masks, noticed they fogged up pretty quick 👎🏻. We ended up borrowing the guides and got to see pretty coral and fish 🐠 🐟 🪸.

Time to go back, had a quick shower and headed for dinner. We got mussles with garlic 🧄, garlic bread, Garrett got tomatoe soup 🍜 and I got a spicy seafood salad with glasaa noodles. All good.

Then took a nice walk to burn off some food, got some Thai Pancakes as dessert my topping was with Nuttela, Garrett got 1) with Jam 2) with Banana with Nutella.

We packed our bags up so we are ready to go for tomorrow to head to Ko Tao. !

Today was definitely a LOOOONNNGG travel day. Today we left for doe Ko Tao from Koh Phi Phi. We first took a “taxi” boat (aka long boat) from our resort to the pier. Then checked in for our Ferry to Krabi. We had some time to get a quick bite to eat, so grabbed breakfast at MCDS, I don’t really trust the meat there so I grabbed an egg McMuffin sandwich and a hash brown, Garrett got pancakes and a hash brown. We then loaded onto the ferry to take us to Krabi, this took an hour boat ride. We got to the Krabi pier and we’re looking for our ride to take us to the bus station, waited and waited did not see anyone and finally called the company to which they told us they were by a 7/11…. We didn’t know where the 7/11 was so we just started to walk in a direction hoping it’s the right way… luckily it was. It was just the two of us that they were picking up from the pier to the bus Depot.

At the bus depot we had to check in too, I got us checked in at 10:00 and the bus did not leave until 11:00, we had some time to spare, Garrett got some snacks for the road, we met some Canadians from Edmonton chatted with them for a bit and finally time to load the bus. The bus from the Krabi bus depot to the Lompraya Pier took us 3 hours. So we got to the pier at 2pm unloaded and then waited to be able to board the next ferry. Just before 3 they let us board, but, because there was two other destinations we were stopping at (Koh Samui and Ko Phagnan) we were allowed to board the ferry first (got good seats) but this take some time for everyone to board, we finally departed at around 330ish. Then made our first stop in Koh Samui, unloaded passengers and loaded, again on the water, next stop Koh Phagnan, unloaded passengers and loaded them … we were suppose to arrive in Koh Tao at 5pm that did not happen as we were departing Koh Phagnan at 4:50…

Finally at 6pm arrived at Koh Tao, waited to be able to leave the ferry, we luckily had someone from the resort to pick us up and drive us there. Checked in got into our room, unpacked a bit and went searching for FOOD. We found an Italian pizzeria quick so we settled there since we were just hungry and would explore more tomorrow. Ordered a meat feast pizza (cheese, salami, ham, bacon 🥓) and a 4 cheese pizza (blue cheese was for sure on it, not sure the other 3) devoured it and had two drinks each. Went back to the hotel and for myself, passed out QUICKLY. 😴

Today was a day of exploring a bit more of this place. Garrett secretly rented out a moped 🏍️ to drive around.

We hopped on and went to find a place to eat some breakfast. We ate at the Factory Club, our coffees were delicious 😋 I got the cold latte and Garrett got the cold mocha. For breakfast I had a sandwich with cold cuts and sun dried tomatoes and Garrett got eggs Benny with bacon. Later did we realize when we went in the place has so many pastries ! Maybe tomorrow we’ll have to go back and eat some !

After breakfast I got a manicure and pedicure 💅🏻 so searched for a spot for me so I can get them fixed up and Garrett laid on the beach in front of me.

What a view when getting pampered !

Garrett laid just below the window

We then went back to the room for a bit to hand out and closer to sunset we went to the viewpoint. To watch the sunset.

Everybody that was there, sat so quietly as if we were in a church… odd. We had our drinks and watched the sun go down. Beautiful 😍

Time for dinner! On our way down we searched for a spot called the taco 🌮 place so we sat down… we looked at the menu and weren’t feeling any of it so we just grabbed a drink… passion fruit mojitos and chips and salsa and some cheesy fries 🍟 weren’t the greatest so we kept on going, dropped off the “hog” and just walked. We found a roof top bar, but there was no view but still grabbed something to eat.

Today we got ourselves some breakfast, and hopped on the moped 🏍️ and went in search of a less busy beach. We first stopped at shark beach, the waves were pretty big, and not really a place to lie down or snorkel 🤿 so we continued our search.

We found ourselves at Freedom Beach, we spent the majority of the day there, reading my books, swimming, hanging out on the hammock and drinking some buckets.

We decided to head home after a bit of sunshine, dropped our stuff off and went for a walk to get a snack before the Christmas Eve party in the Jungle.

I got a tofu salad, Garrett got spring rolls and hot wings. We watched the sunset while we ate 😌

We strolled around the town for a bit just browsing. We got ready for the jungle party 🎉 and left around 9:40 pm. We got there it was pretty quiet, but we got in quicker.

We explored there. There were two DJs, one playing a mix of rap pop music and the other DJ was playing house music. There was a fire performer and there was bull riding ! Garrett and I both tried our chances at it! Was pretty fun! After an hour or so it got way busier!

It was really neat having a party in the Jungle! You don’t see that in Kamloops.

When we finally did leave, I needed food, as always after a night downtown so I got street meat, a hot dog 🌭 and it was delicious 😋, grilled bun, sautéed onions and garlic, and hot dog, sauces, cucumber, tomatoes 🍅 cheese 🧀 and cabbage 🥬 🤤

I also for dessert Oreo pancakes 🥞!!!!!


Making it from scatch! I was not a good video taper at this time hahah.

But it was all sooo good! 👍🏼

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Thailand!

Today we woke up with a bit of a hangover but we pushed through since we had a snorkeling tour booked at 945 that went until 5pm. We got some coffee and got picked up from our hotel to be taken to the pier.

The boat was huge! It had a water slide on it and a rock climbing wall and a diving board! The tour was pretty awesome.

They first took us to a “park” hike and it had a beautiful view at the end of the hike. We got some pictures taken of us and then we hiked down and had some free time until 1230 to do whatever. Garrett and I got a couple of mango shakes.

Enjoying some mango shakes 🥭

We enjoyed the beautiful warm water and sunshine ☀️. You could snorkel around to find some reef sharks but because of all the tourists it was packed after we arrived so we did not see any.

They then served us some lunch m, sandwiches, fruit and Thai food. We devoured a sandwich and Thai food lol. Then we got to go sit on the sun deck on beanie cushions until we reached the destination for snorkeling.

While the other people on our tour went snorkeling Garrett and I stayed on the boat and enjoyed the water slide and tried rock climbing and swam around the boat, water slide was quite fun. One of the crew members pointed out a turtle to us that was surfacing a couple times before it went under! So while the other were searching for turtles (didn’t find any) we got to see it from the boat !

Then everybody back on the boat and headed for our next snorkeling destination. What a beautiful day it was today and our heads were not to big! We did see another turtle surface from the boat and he was a big one! No time to take a picture unfortunately.

Then went to our third snorkeling spot and Garrett and I did swim around, saw pretty fishies and coral, I dove down a bit to see them closer but they swam away LOL. We enjoyed the slide a few more times and then headed back to the hotel. What a fun day! Glad we went and the tour and crew were amazing !

Woke up today and had a new friend living on our balcony, and he spent all day and most of the afternoon with us. He just chilled on this chair.

We spent the day on a more relaxed basis. Went for a late breakfast and then got Thai massages right by the water so you got to hear the waves crashing on shore.

We walked to the beach 🏝️, found some chairs to sit in and just enjoyed the scenery and I got to read my book. It started to get a bit darker so we headed back to the room and decided what we wanted for dinner.

Nothing crazy happened today just a more of a relaxing day.

What did we do today?

Garrett found a spot to go for breakfast, it was closer to lunch though so we’ll make it brunch. It was called the Coconut Monkey 🥥 🙊. It was a bit away, so we had to take the bike there. When we sat down and looked at the menu, it was definitely more for people who are vegan with very few options for regular meals, BUT, we were hungry so made too. Garrett had ordered the Coconut Monkey smoothie bowl, it had bananas coconut, peanut butter. I got the falafel wrap, which was amazing it had hummus olives 🫒 lettuce and I added FETA (oh I have missed feta cheese) it was like a Mediterranean wrap, I was pleased. Iced coffee for me and a latte for Garrett.

Since this place was a little ways away we explored the area a bit and also wanted to burn off the meal we just ate, quite filling! We explored and then walked on the beach and found a spot that was quiet compared to all the places on the beach near our place, so we settled down here and there was a HUGGGGE turtle!

We didn’t have our towels or anything, so I claimed the spot while Garrett drove to grab some things for us. When he came back we laid on the beach, I read my book and Garrett flew his drone….. it was not a happy ending for this drone…. It flew into a tree and then fell straight down ☹️ Garrett was sad.

Garrett went to the store, and I stayed behind and while he was away, where I parked our towels (which was a safe distance from the water) a boat had pulled in and caused bigger waves to which the bigger waves came right for me and soaked our stuff!!! Ahhh luckily towels can dry and nothing important was damaged.

We then headed back to our room, Garrett really wanted to try “The Whitening” so we headed there.

On our journey there, Garrett wanted to get a shave done, so we made a pit stop, and for a clean shave done.

When we got to “Tbe Whitening”, there were no free spots so we put our name down and went for a drink to a different place. I ordered a kiwi 🥝 with soda yum, and we ordered an appie, chicken with slivered vegetables attached to it, it was called the “no name” had chilli sauce with it… pretty good. We finished up and headed back to the other place.

Garrett really wanted bubbles… champagne 🥂 🍾 that is…. So we had that and, I wanted sea food, since they catch things daily here! I initially wanted the king Mackeral crab… unfortunately they didn’t have it so I went with the “tiger prawn linguini” was pretty good, no flavour though . Garrett got “Duck”. I think we’re starting to miss home a bit, with more familiar meals.

I was definitely full from dinner, glad we could walk it off, there was no room even for dessert !

We packed our bags up since we leave tomorrow by ferry to Chumphon… we are making our way back home slowly.

Today was travel day for us, so we set our alarm for 9 just in case we didn’t naturally wake up. Our taxi was picking us up at 930 and taking us to the pier. We got to the pier and had to first check in, as we went searching for the check in line, we found it and it was LONGGGG, BUT… it actually went pretty smoothly, so as soon as we got checked in and got our tickets for the boat they were saying it was time to board ! Perfect timing for us. The boat was scheduled to leave at 10:15, and we left a tad bit after that. We decided to sit at the very top, it was windy but nice sunshine.

Bye Bye Koh Tao! Been a slice !

Handsome boy!

Arriving at Chumphon!

This was at about noon and had to find our way to the hotel. 🤷‍♀️ No grabs available to pick us, uh oh. We ended up having to take a taxi but made sure to establish a price initially.

The hotel is pretty nice, as we waited we went to the pool and jumped in and sat in the sun. Our room was ready in 20 minutes! They did a BEAAAAUTIFUL job trying hard for us being on our honeymoon.

Flowers everywhere !!! On the bed, in between the towels and put an incent of a rose scent in the room. Felt nice that they tried so hard.

We did try to look around the town a bit for a place to go, realized without a moped or being driven anywhere, everything is further for walking distance, so we ate at the hotel. Then enjoyed some more sunshine 😌.

Early morning for us tomorrow to make it for the plane back to Bangkok!

Today was another day of travelling, we woke up early (at 6am) and put the remainder of our into our bags. As we were doing a final room check and walking out the door, the power to the hotel went out! Glad we weren’t in the elevator when that happened !!! We realized that our day is starting off like in the movie “The hangover 2”, where the power has gone out !!!

We get downstairs to the hotel, to check out, and call a grab. Unfortunately no grabs we’re picking up! We’re wondering if it is just limited grabs in the city of Chumphon🤷‍♀️. The hotel also was very nice and packed us a breakfast to go for us, knowing we were leaving early. Like I said they did try quite hard to make it nice for us (ps they also took our picture yesterday for their website for the honeymoon part, we may make it onto their website 😁).

So no grabs picking up my request, kinda worried, we ask the front desk if they can call us a taxi, since we don’t want to miss our flight (taxis ask way to much here in Thailand, we try to avoid when possible), luckily there was a gentleman who also was travelling to the airport and told us about the shuttle he was waiting for, so the hotel called to check a different company if there was room for us, there was so we made it to the airport at the perfect time 🙂. The airport is smaller then Kamloops, lol.

We made it to Bangkok at 1045am, grabbed our luggage and called a grab (so much easier here to get one). Arrived at our hotel “Lebua State Sky Tower” 😮, the place where one of the scenes from the Hangover 2 was filmed!!!! Whoaaa pretty fancy in this hotel is my thought… Garrett really wanted to go, and I don’t mind it haha it is pretty fancy though like I said.

Our room was not ready yet, as we did get there around noon, so we waited by the pool till 2, which is when they said it would be ready, put our belongings inside and went to get something to eat.

A video of our room, the balcony door was locked though 👎🏻

When we headed out, we took a different exit to get to the city part. We then realized that when we were in Bangkok initially (when we arrived to Thailand) that this was the place we were trying to come for a drink, (we wanted a rooftop) but it was closed at that time, didn’t open until 5. Funny how it worked out.

Anyways, Garrett really wanted to go to “Fats and Angry”, cute name. It was walking distance, we get in and it looks like a 50s diner hehe, love it! ❤️

I didn’t care for the food as much, burgers… I think Garrett is missing home food (I won’t lie, I am too, but not that kind) we also got us a couple of milkshakes, me cookies and cream and Garrett strawberry 🍓.

After we were done eating, we decided to finally go see THE BIGGEST MALL, “Central World”, and not be lied to (like we were last in Bangkok) that it’s closed. So we took the sky train (we are pros now)

8 floors, 9 if you count the very top top, which has nothing there.

So many people

I bought a dress at the mall, since we were going to the sky tower for a drink tonight, and there’s a dress code. We were also looking for dressier shoes for Garrett and a duffel bag. No luck there. Walking around the mall with that many floors is exhausting so we stopped at Krispy Kreme… Garrett never ate there he said, so he tried a donut and a caramel macchiato and I got a Thai iced coffee. Then our journey was to leave and get back to the hotel.

I took a nice loooooong bath in the tub… just relaxed. Felt so nice.

Around 930 ish we decided to make our way up for a drink. Garrett read some reviews that they like to try and get you to go to different bars first and buy a drink (40$$drinks!!) Luckily he read that and we just kept pushing to get to the sky bar, a total of 4 times they tried to steer us differently. BUT WE MADE IT! Got to see the view of the city !

The view when you first entered the sky tower. Live music

View when you are just about to walk onto the sky bar

View of us and the city behind us.

View at the sky bar

After we had enough of push and shoving from other people and staff we decided to leave and head somewhere else. Garrett had the idea of going to a different hotel for some drinks (unfortunately it was closed). So as we were leaving we asked the concierge where we should go, he said “The Palace”, very close so headed there for a couple of drinks and an appie. We got chicken satay and I got a mixed berry Italian soda and Garrett got a beer.

What we could See from where we sat.

Today started off with a breakfast buffet that was filled with so many things! What do I choose !? We filled up on breakfast and then went to the pool to lounge in the sun while it was still shining in the area. Got some model shots in.

Once the sun left that area, we decided to hit up shopping for a final time. We booked ourself a grab and headed to China town!!! We walked and walked and walked, wonder how many steps we got in ?? 🤔

Soo crowded !

China town felt like a warehouse, so many things just being sold in bulk. To our surprise, we actually did not buy much, a pair of shoes for Garrett and an extra bag to put our stuff in, as we thought we would buy more! After we had enough of China town, we went to Khao San Road. Here we bought a couple shirts as well, not a lot either ! I think we are just shopped out. 😪

Headed back to the hotel, and just hung out for a bit before we headed to a “speak easy”. We finally got there and where heading up and got stopped…. Garrett needed to be wearing pants in order to be let in 😧, unfortunately did not get to experience the speak easy.

We headed to the “red district”, to see what that is all about.

It did not take us long to go from one end to the other, so we decided to actually go into one of the bars… the first couple were very dead, next was super busy you couldn’t get in and then we found one that wasnt to busy or to dead… had to buy a drink (as cover basically) to get in. All you saw was a bunch of women some that looked very young on the dance floor moving their feet side to side and eventually took their tops off. I did get hit on by one of them lol.

We finished the drinks and left, and noticed that we were close to the sky train so decided to take that home. It was a bit of a scavenger hunt to find it as the signs were not the best but we got it! Pretty good at this sky train thing now and finding out way around !

Today is our leaving Thailand day. Woke up went for a run, since we’ll be sitting for quite some time, breakfast and laid by the pool till we had to go pack up. We got ourselves an extra bag (since we are allowed two carry ons each) made packing much easier. Check out from the hotel was at 1200, so we waited for the bell boy to pick our bags up from the room at 1230… asked for our bags to be put in storage while we just killed some time. We walked a few blocks got some more shirts and got a final Thai massage of the year in our time in Thailand, great stretching for our journey ahead.

Once our Thai massages were done , was just after 2 so we headed back to the hotel to grab our bags and get a Grab, to take us to the airport. Garrett needed to ride in style so he ordered us an SUV. He said it was to make sure our bags fit…. Uh huh. Lol

We got to the airport right at 3pm, dropped our bags off and just went to a lounge, did duty free \240looking for a bit, just weren’t feeling it. Our flight is delayed by half hour, no biggie, less time to wait in Taipei.

Garrett had a shower at the lounge since he was oiled up from the Thai massage. Looked for a Victoria Secret and didn’t find once so we went back to a different lounge while we waited for our flight.

Time to head for our first flight ✈️

Bangkok to Taipei

Beautiful sunset, as we are about to take off from Bangkok.

Our flight from Bangkok to Taipei was quite empty, Garrett and I had no one sitting between us, we got lucky. I wonder what our chances will be for the longer flight 🤞.

Made it to Taipei at 10 pm their time. We walked back from one VIP lounge to the other that were on other ends of each other, 4 times. At first when we went to the one it looked very packed so we decided to try the other one. Noticed that one was quite busy too so since we had not tried the original one we walked back to it. They told us that food is no longer being served. So we walked back to the second one, they told us they were closing 🫤. So we walked back to the initial one, and they then told us no food, no sleeping rooms and that they close at 11pm… it was 1045pm when we finally sat down in the lounge, just to charge up our devices and grab a drink. We did get the chance to stretch our legs a bit though, so that was nice.

We don’t have to spend to much time here as boarding for the next flight is at 1125.

Gate entrance… very Hello Kitty… I checked our plane is not hello kitty

Happy New Years in Taipei!! 🎉 🎊❤️

The flight from Taipei to Vancouver was indeed a packed flight, we didn’t get lucky having the whole row to ourselves. We took sleep time medications, and for myself it knocked me out for more then half the flight. Lucky me, finished watching the movie Pacific Rim. Landed in Vancouver, one more flight and we are homeeee! Layover for two hours.

On our final flight ! Vancouver to Kamloops. We look just as rested as we did on our first flight…. Right ?

Our flight from Vancouver to Kamloops was delayed …. Surprise surprise Air Canada an hour delay.

We are HOMEEEEEE yeeeey!!!! And got picked up by Pam and Frank! Puppies were home ! And we got some groceries ! Thanks guys.

Air Canada did forget our bags in Vancouver…. After picking up our bags in Vancouver to drop them off again and the hour delay they couldn’t get that right either.

We are sooo happy to be home !!

Celebrated another New Years 🍾 Happy New Years! ❤️❤️❤️

My babies !!’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️