Hi my name is Brielle Audrey Hansen and I’m in Middle school I’m currently in 8th grade. I am writing this book because I want you to learn a little bit about my life experience in middle school.

6th grade: First day

Its the first day of middle school and I’m kinda nervous but I’m also so happy to meet new friends meet new teachers and even switch classes for the first time. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. I’ve planned it all out I’m going to hang out with the popular kids and get the cutest boyfriend and even get good grades. I’m even planning to be on honor roll. I’m going to be the #1 student at this school.

The school I go to is called Sheboygan Leadership Academy (SLA). The first class I go to is my home room teacher her name is Mrs. Weinberg. She is going to help me find my locker and she is going to explain to my homeroom class and I about how the schedules work.

(1 hr.) ”Ding! Ding! Ding!” Looks like it’s time to go to my first class. My first class is English so I stay with my homeroom teacher Mrs. Weinberg. (3 min.) “Ding! Ding! Ding!” (Announcements and Pledge). Since it’s only the first day of school we don’t talk about much.

(1 hr.)”Ding! Ding! Ding!” Finally, I get to go to my next class it says on my schedule I have math with Mr. Thomas at room 112 so I’m going to get my math supplies from my locker then go to room 112 for math. (2nd bell) we start off class introducing ourselves and saying one thing we did fun over the summer. The whole class period we mostly helped get orginized and ready to start a new school year.

(1st bell rings) My next class is science with Mrs. Kaufman she seems like a fun teacher I think I’m going to have a good year with her. (Bell rings) I can already imaging all my plans coming true. As we get settled in class we start with a quiz to test where we are now and what we need to learn this year. I feel like I aced it but I also think I failed and got almost all the answers wrong. We ended science class with a piece of candy from the teacher.

(Bell rings) It’s finally lunch time I’m starving and I need to eat so I grab my things and walk out the—. Oh my golly is that a lot of kids pushing and shoving trying to get to lunch. I said “ I’m going to wait this one out” well I didn’t because I am starving and I need to be able to sit by my friends I made today. So I go to my locker drop my things off and head to the lunch line. I get my food and—. “Ugh, oh” I said. “The tables full I don’t want to sit by myself or with people I don’t know”. Well I sat by myself and 2 girls that seemed to be friends that day.

Finally the bell rings and lunch is over and I feel so embarrassed because I sat by myself and 2 girls I didn’t know at lunch. Know it’s 4th period and I have gym class with Mr. Parks he seems strict. In my head I’m screaming “yay, yay, yay” with sarcasm because I don’t like gym class and he seems strict. Well he said to us “by next week you have to have a black shirt and shorts to change into for gym class. What we have to change in a locker room in front of girls at school for gym class”. Well that’s new to me. Gym class was over shortly after his speech.

My last class of the day is history with Mr. Thomas and I can’t wait to go home. I’m so tired and bored and humiliated too. After the bell rings Mr. Thomas start talking about how history is yesterday and anytime before that even what you just did is history now. It was kinda entertaining in that class but it got old after a while.

Exactly 2 minutes before the bell rings and I can’t wait to go home. I’m so happy but not happy to tell my mom and dad how my day went. Finally, the bell rang I grabbed my backpack and went outside found my ride and went home.

6th grade: Middle of school year