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Travel Days— On Friday night I started my long journey to South Africa. Who knew that I would take over twenty hours on a plane. After a long day of travel we checked into the back hostel- where I was greeted by a couple of student from cu Boulder. More to come!

Cape Town

Up the mountain!

Today was a day of adventure. We hiked table mountain. After 3 up hill miles we reached a lift! The views at the top where amazing! We ate a delicious lunch in cape and are now resting for the next adventure

Another great day in the Cape!

Today we started out our morning by visiting district 6 and talking with a wonderful lady- Ruth- who told us her story. In the afternoon we visited the Maximum security prison— Robben island where Nelson Mandela was a prisoner for over 10 years. Our class day was a great first true day of learning in Cape Town. Till tomorrow!


Today was a insightful day in the cape. We walked around Langa- a poor community in Cape Town flats. I was shocked to see some of the conditions that they are living in. The children are all so cute and run up to you at every chance. Today was one of those days that I was reminded how lucky and fortunate I am. This after noon we eat delicious tacos and played cards in our group. Tonight we are off too a dinner with a local. Today was an inspiring day.


From Rags to Riches!

While yesterday was a very inspirational day today was our day of luxury. We said good bye to the back pack hostel and off we went to Stellenbosch!

Today we had a small hike and got to see where the two oceans meet. After a relaxing hike we had a rainy penguin walk. Good bye Cape Town DU is on the move!

What a fun and educational day. Today we drove to Frankfort and learned about the French huguenots. After a great morning I the museum we traveled to the Waterford for a wine tasting. We truelly had the behind the scene special treatment. What a great day.

Where did all the water go. Today was another great day of learning. We learned more about Day Zero- the day when Cape Town would would simply run out. We discussed and went to one of the 6 reservoirs. Even today the lake is only 40% full. Who gets water first what is the solution? Why has the government not done more?

Anyways where do you go if you don’t have access to water- a resource you can’t live with out.

Travel and Gardens

The last two days have been a blur- we talked with botonists, lawyers and other people in townships. We tasted more wine as well as learned about succulents! Today we took a short flight to Durban. Today was a great but long day in South Africa!


Out of Durban and into the rural Africa. Tonight we drove through towns with nothing but fields and farms and a golf course. It is colder in the mountains. Anyways tomorrow is our big day of service we are putting up fences and digging. Till tomorrow!

Helpful Joy!

Today we a service project where we helped dig the foundation for a preschool. Let me just say that I am out of shape compared to the locals- I struggled digging and axing. We meet some women from the local community who treated us like rural queens and kings. They prepared us a delisious meal of rice and corn grits and chicken. We then walked with them to the local steam to fetch water. These women can carry 60+ pounds of water on their heads. What an inspiring day.


Hiking and Barbecue-

Today was a beautiful day of light hiking and home cooked meals. Today we hiked down to a beautiful waterfall and I jumped in! It was freezing but a wonderful day.

Good bye in Drakensburg. Hello Safari!!

Animals galore. Today we are finishing our wonderful trip in Africa! We went on our first game drive and saw a bunch of really cool animals.

I guess it is time to go! Thank you Africa!!