We woke around six, which was much better than I had hoped for!

Felicity was very sweet. I love snuggling and nursing my warm soft smiley girl!!!

We played at the apartment for a bit then headed out for a soggy walk through Kensington Gardens. We found the Winter Wonderland which looked like a large amusement park. We found a very nice little cafe for breakfast.

Then we took a double decker bus one stop toward Buckingham Palace (it was very important to Gabriel to take a red bus). Then we walked to the palace as they were about to change guards. We stayed around to watch. It was a little anticlimactic, but fun. Then we continued on to the National Gallery. I really liked Trafalgar Square and all of the artists and musicians. The gallery was nice but I’m a little overloaded on art museums. We had some yummy sweets at the cafe.

We caught the underground back to our apartment because sweet Felicity really needed a nap.

We rested for a bit. Then Gabriel and I headed out for Evensong at Saint Paul’s (recommended by Monica). I was astounded at how similar it was to Catholic Mass. even the responses were the same!

After Evensong we stopped at a Paul to get Gabriel a macaroon then headed to the underground to meet Felicity and Andrew at the Queensway station so that we could all walk to tea at the Milestone Hotel together. Afternoon tea was a real treat! Gabriel really liked the fanciness and Felicity just liked the snacks :)

Then back and off to bed (after reading Harry Potter :) ).

Gabriel wanted to wake up at five. Yikes!

Then Felicity woke around 6:30. We nursed and played in the apartment, tons of fun toys! We ate a few candies out of the Cadbury advent calendars :)

We went to a nice little bakery by where we walked last night (near Kensington Palace). Gabriel gobbled his gingerbread man so quickly Andrew didn’t even notice we bought it!

We took the tube to Westminster Abbey then walked about and saw some sights. Felicity and I have pretty bad colds, so this wasn’t that much fun for us. Then we went to the coin shop that Andrew has been working with. We bought Gabriel a true Roman coin from 350ish AD. Then we went to a book shop - HEAVEN!!!

We got back to our apartment late for check out. The cleaning lady was waiting for us. I felt bad!

We made our way to Kings Cross station. Poor Felicity was suffering. But once we got on the train she was happy. I let her open as many doors in the Cadbury advent calendar as she wanted to.

Our Cambridge home is so warm and cozy and snug. It’s the perfect place to feel sick. Felicity and Gabriel went down for naps. Then we headed out for a very early dinner at the Clarendon Arms. It was a very cozy pub dinner. The fish was AMAZING. And I loved the atmosphere. I took Felicity home early to nurse her to sleep while Gabriel and Andrew finished their meals.

Such a lovely start to the day. I woke up around six and was just being cozy in bed until Gabriel woke up at 6:30. We snuggled in bed and read Harry Potter :) Then Felicity woke up in a very sweet and sleepy mood. Nursing time was very cozy.

We got dressed. I made sure to be fancy for my poster session today - grey wool pants and the sweater that we got me yesterday.

We walked along the charming downtown to get breakfast. We found Fitzbillies and had a very very delicious breakfast with scones and clotted cream and Chelsea buns. Yumm.

Then we said a teary goodbye (poor Felicity!) and I waited for the bus.

Harry Potter World Day!!! We woke up, as usual about two hours before dawn. I’m so glad that I got scones and sweets yesterday since I knew that mother would be open this morning. We ate our snacks and danced to some riverboat music (our hosts have a CD player with very few CDs).

Then at 9:30 Andrew and Felicity walked with Gabriel and me to the bus. Then we took the train to London and read Harry Potter along the way :) We caught the underground to the meeting spot. We found our driver and asked to go to Chipotle quickly. Yummy!!!

Harry Potter World was fun. There was a lot to see. I was surprised at how quickly the almost four hours that we were there flew! It was a very fun time with Gabriel. I really liked the broom ride and model castle. Gabriel liked buying a wand. Hermione’s wand “chose” Gabriel :) We had butterbeer (very sweet!) and sherbet lemons that Gabriel had gotten in his Harry Potter candy bag in Cambridge. \240

Now we are very sleepy on our way to meet Felicity and Andrew at the airport hotel.

I’m very very sad to leave England early tomorrow.